Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 14 Review – Fairly Decent!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was interesting but honestly speaking, I wouldn’t say it was as impressive as the last few episodes were because for the first time, I found the flashbacks & the repetition of previously spoken dialogues a bit overbearing. Even though this episode had a lot of development to its credit & we got to see some anxiousness & nervousness in the actions of some characters, which surely was a good addition, but somehow for me, I am not sure why this episode on the whole didn’t leave an impact. For the first time I found the direction to be all over the place, like in the beginning there were three scenarios that were being shown simultaneously, which wasn’t necessary I believe. I think the director should have kept this sort of coverage limited to some very very important scenarios because to see it being overused & overdone is sort of killing the charm of it, which actually at first used to look like a very strong & impactful way of narrating a story. Also, I really think that they should’ve wrapped the events of the first season by this episode because as we all have seen it previously, we know that 14 episodes were enough to cover the first half of the novel. There’s definitely no doubt about the fact that the acting was top-notch like always & there was not even a single actor that didn’t perform well but its just that the overall editing, direction & the overpowering background music didn’t let me enjoy this episode as much as I wanted to.

So, Abdullah eventually learned the truth that Imaan went to Purani Haveli & grew curious because he actually assumed that Imaan & Haya, along with their mother must’ve went to do some last minute shopping. Abdullah’s reaction was believable because he couldn’t even imagine that Imaan would step outside the vicinity of her home & go to some place which actually might be associated with Hammad. Abdullah’s curiosity got the better of him & that is why upon probing he got to know that even Hammad visited Purani Haveli yesterday. All of a sudden, the entire puzzle got solved itself & Abdullah realized that Imaan & Hammad met each other. To be honest, I always felt that Abdullah felt guilty for coming in Hammad’s way but the way he decided to speak to Hammad & warn him elaborated the jealousy that he was harboring in his heart. Abdullah has loved Imaan all his life, but for Abdullah, the thought that his love couldn’t touch Imaan, couldn’t affect Imaan the way Hammad’s love did was intolerable. Abdullah’s warning was basically a depiction of how helpless he was feeling at that time that he decided to tell Hammad that he should leave him & his family alone. This was probably the first time when Abdullah became agitated seeing the power of Hammad’s love & his emotions for Imaan because despite loving Imaan all his life, Abdullah was unable to win her heart over. Even though Hammad put Abdullah’s speculations to rest that Imaan only came to request him to return to where he belongs & to not expect anything because for her, her father’s dignity & pride meant everything, but still just the thought that Imaan went to meet Hammad was enough for Abdullah to know that she must’ve some feelings for Hammad as well that she grew so concerned for him.

So, it looks like Amjad Raza is getting affected by what Hammad has done & what he is trying to achieve. The way he tried to look at the guy crossing the road in curiosity showed what he as a father of Hammad must’ve been going through. Yes, for Amjad Raza it might be difficult to admit but it still remains a fact that Hammad is his son & he loves him a lot, that is why hearing such harsh words from Abrina’s father about Hammad shook Amjad Raza & he definitely felt hurt that Hammad was being insulted like that. To be honest, even though I want the story to move forward & I want to see the events that took place in the second half of the novel, I so am not in a mood to see Abrina & her antics. I think Abrina has played her part & she has already destroyed Hammad’s relationship with his parents, so she should put a lid on everything because her announcement of not forgiving Hammad was distasteful & disturbing. No more negative character please!

Kamran & Ebaad want Najma to put things in perspective for Hammad because they know that out of all the people, Hammad actually listens to her & can’t say no to her. Najma has already been thinking about Hammad’s future because she knows that his love for Imaan has no future, so she most certainly doesn’t want Hammad to waste his life by thinking about what didn’t happen & what wasn’t meant to be, that is why, Najma immediately understood what Kamran & Ebaad were trying to say. It was good to see Hammad’s family getting involved & coming back into the picture because eventually Hammad will return to his home & his family.

Imaan is feeling guilty for going out of the way to see Hammad because she knows that this is something that wouldn’t sit well with her father. Imaan is under depression & it’s like she is now punishing herself but even though she loves Hammad, her reasons of punishing herself are different. Imaan knows that her father will never ever forgive her if he’ll find out that she met Hammad & had a conversation with him & that guilt is huge in itself for Imaan. Haya’s letter to Hammad, informing him about what Imaan was going through was heart-touching. It is good to see that there’s at least someone who understands Imaan & feels for her. The scene where both Abdullah & Hammad pray for Imaan was meaningful, beautiful & probably my favorite scene of this episode. They both feel for Imaan, they both love Imaan but they aren’t competing with each other because their main concern is Imaan & her safety. I felt nothing when I saw Molvi Aleemuddin crying out loud for his daughter, sorry, I just didn’t.

It is hard to see Hammad in pain. It is sad to see that even though Hammad has promised Molvi Aleemuddin that he wouldn’t do anything that might put a dent on his family or his image, Hammad is questioned time & again, he is doubted repeatedly & is told to not do anything that might hurt Imaan. Hammad has proved his love for Imaan & he has done more than anyone would ever do in order to prove the purity of his intentions, but it is heart-breaking that Hammad is misunderstood every single time. They all have conveniently held Hammad responsible for all the mishaps but none of them, apart from Haya, feels that they might have played a part in this destruction too. Even though Abdullah did feel guilty & told Haya that he is afraid to even confess that they all might be wronging Imaan, but then again, it’s of no use because Abdullah is not doing anything to help the situation either!

Overall, this episode was decent but it definitely could’ve been better. To be honest, even though I never had any issues with the flashbacks, I have now started dreading the thought of when the story will progress & Hammad will try to move on, how many flashbacks will we have to see then. At this stage, I don’t even feel the need to listen to those repeated dialogues because the drama-makers have helped me in memorizing them. I will commend the uploaders for a good quality video but I am not sure what was wrong with the audio quality, where at one moment the volume was too low that the dialogues were inaudible & in the next, it was too high that I’d feel I was being deafened by the sound. I really wish they had picked some other background music for serious scenarios & situations because this one is cringe-worthy & sadly, it was used way too much in this episode. Rambo, Imran Abbas, Humayun Ashraf, the actors playing the roles of Najma, Shakir & Haya, they all performed beautifully. Once again, in quite a few scenes, Imran Abbas’s perfect & realistic portrayal made me emotional. This journey has been special because of Imran Abbas for sure. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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