War Of Words Between Sangeeta And Meera

Sangeeta has been attached to the Pakistani film industry for a very long time. She is known for being blunt. Sangeeta in a statement said that actresses like Meera should play the role of the older sister in films because they were not in the age in which they should wish to play the heroines. Sangeeta also said that new girls should be seen in the movies that are being made now instead of these old actresses.

Everyone knows that Meera is very touchy when it comes to her age. So, she could not tolerate what Sangeeta said. Meera in return said that Sangeeta should grow up because she was like a grandmother now, she should stop resorting to such cheap tactics to gain attention.

Meera also said that Sangeeta had destroyed the film industry, it will be good for everyone if she left the industry and started praying and asking God for repentance for her sins.