Waseem Abbas Talks About His Bond With Late Umer Sharif

Waseem Abbas is a Pakistani television, film actor and director. He is known for his roles in television dramas for PTV and other networks too.

A few days back, Nida Yasir hosted a special show in the memory of Umer Sharif. Nida Yasir took Waseem Abbas on call during the live show. Waseem Abbas while talking about his bond with legend Umer Sharif, mentioned that “Me and Umer have been friends since 1981. We have shared a strong a friendship bond. The thing which I like about him the most was his humour. There is no one like him and neither could be.”

“I haven’t met anyone like him in industry since last 40 years. I have witnessed the immense love he got from the audience. I used to stay at his place whenever I used to go to Karachi. I used to wear his clothes in my recordings. We were just like brothers. I still can’t believe that he’s no more with us”, added Waseem Abbas.

Sara Imran

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