Watch Ali Sethi And Ali Hamza Recreating Punjabi Tappay

Ali Sethi and Ali Hamza have very recently impressed us with the lovely Tinak Dhin. The two have powerful vocals and an amazing coordination. What else do you need for a long lasting song by two singers? Absolutely nothing and that is why they are fast becoming the music sensation of today.

In a recent musical video shot informally, they show us that their talent is not dependent on elaborate musical instruments and sound effects and studio setting. They can infact create magic with a just friends, drum, guitar and their voices while lounging around casually. In a candid session with Patari, they have shown their wonderful Punjabi colours by recreating the famous wedding tappay.

Ali Hamza And Ali Sethi Sing Dholki Songs

Ali Hamza and Ali Sethi sing Dholki Songs! We got the two heartthrobs together for a candid session, and they did what they do best – make shadeed magix!

Публикувахте от Patari в Понеделник, 18 септември 2017 г.

Mehwish Mansoor