“We must come together and fight for the rights of abused children,” Shares Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan is a name that is synonymous with versatile acting and unique projects. He fits into every role assigned, and his performance in Udaari won him 3 accolades this year. The actor who continues towards making a difference in the world took up a challenging role in Udaari and nailed it.

He recently won Hum Award for his performance in the high rated drama. However, Yasir Hussain’s child molestation joke at the ceremony caused an uproar in the media.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, the Udaari actor said, “I urge people to channel their emotions towards addressing the problem of child abuse in Pakistan. The real tragedy is not a few flippant jokes; it is the sad fact that every day, more than 11 children in Pakistan report sexual abuse. The number of reports made is unacceptably high but, sadly, the actual number of children abused each day is much higher. “We must come together and fight for the rights of abused children not just in Pakistan but also all over the world.”

As the crowd stood up to give us a standing ovation, I was very happy, supremely grateful and incredibly emotional; yet I knew the accolades were not for me. People were celebrating an era in which Pakistan has built up the courage needed to bring unpleasant, troublesome and inconvenient issues to the forefront. Thanks to Udaari, a topic heretofore hidden and taboo, was discussed in homes all across Pakistan and all over the world. The team of Udaari took a risk and acted with tremendous courage when they undertook the project. As I accept the accolades and awards, I salute each and every person associated with Udaari. These are brave, courageous and daring people. I love them. I respect them. And I believe in them. These awards – and I am immensely grateful for them – are prizes not for Ahsan Khan but a veritable recognition of the tremendous courage that made Udaari possible. #uddari#saynotochildabuse#humtv#humawsrds#bestactor#bestactorinanegativerole#paaimtiaz#zebo#respect

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“It takes a lot of courage to address problems that have, heretofore, been conveniently swept under the rug. I salute Hum TV for having had the courage to bring the subject of child abuse to mainstream television and each and every member of the cast and crew of Udaari for being part of a truly monumental project that was Pakistani media’s first significant step towards addressing the evil of child abuse,” he added.

“Performing such intense scenes was the most difficult part, I had always known and felt about child abuse facts, but only after reading the script and getting into the character I realized how disturbing the whole process was. There were times when I had sleepless nights just thinking about the abused children,” he stated. “In the beginning I didn’t realise the agony and pain until I actually met the victims and abused children whom gave me the shivers, thinking it would be nightmare if my own kids ever go through this turmoil”.

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“I could feel the agony and vengeance then,” he said. “People would stop me in markets and ask ‘Aap ney kyun itna gandaaa role kya, ayenda mat karna’ and the worst would be

‘Nafrat hogai hai aap say, dil karta hai aap ko maaaren’. I would ask myself whether I had made a mistake in my career by choosing this character but as they say intentions matter and my intention was that even if I could change one life, the purpose would be served and I will be able to live in contentment and satisfaction.”

“Some of my co-actors called me child abuser, not realising how it could affect my personality. But, I wanted to send the message across, and today when I have won three awards in a row, I feel proud as this was not about me. It was about the taboo which we have to break and spread child abuse awareness,” he said.

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