What Pakistani Celebrities Are Doing In Quarantine

Pakistani celebrities are enjoying their quarantine time at their homes. Punjab and many other cities of Pakistan are locked down to control the coronavirus. More people are becoming coronavirus patients with each passing day and the situation is getting awful. More than six patients have lost their lives and many others are in serious condition. 

The government and the prime minister have requested everyone to stay inside their homes and avoid socialization. Punjab has been locked down for fourteen days. Every shop will remain close except for general stores and pharmacies. No one is allowed to come on roads without any genuine reason. 

Pakistani celebrities are uploading their videos on social media about how they are spending their time staying inside homes. Saba Faisal seems to be busy cooking for her kids and husband. She said that we can overcome this virus either by crying over it or by staying at home and doing some productive tasks. So, go and cook delicious dishes for your loved ones. 

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Stay Safe! Stay Home! Together we Fight!

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Mansha Pasha was challenged by her friends to make her video on washing hands properly and upload it on Instagram. She played her favorite song by Nazia Hassan and washed her hands with soap for twenty-seconds while enjoying and dancing on the song. 


Uroosa Bilal uploaded a cute video of her husband and son washing the dishes to pass the time. Bilal said that because of the locked-down they will spend quality time doing home chores. Look how cute Sohaan looks while washing the dishes. 

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What Are Pakistani Celebrities Doing While In Lockdown