Whatsapp, Viber, Tango Shut in Karachi-Sindh, for 3 Months-Sources!

The month of September has had been a controversial one in terms of political instability within Sindh where the disturbance was all felt, thanks to the concealed story which exists in between the political parties and the law enforcement forces. While Pakistan is still busy, finding its current position internationally due to the sudden raised Pak-India L.O.C issues, the most important province of the country is again in the hit list of people who are not ready to accept its solidity.

It was only few hours’ back when the social media was all bombarded with fake news that Facebook will be shutting down in Pakistan, but a serious blow has been given to the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services just today, that is, October 3rd, 2013.

It is time to give all your smartphone fun a pause for a while as there will be no more Whatsapp, Viber, Tango and Skype services available on your smartphones/tablets/laptops because they are under a ban of 3 months, as stated by Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah.

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Making his point clear while talking to media about the news, Information minister Sharjeel Memon stated that as per the reports revealed by the intelligence agencies, Terrorists and criminal elements are using these networks to communicate after the targeted operation was launched. It is highly difficult to trace the communication channels been established by the VoIP softwares; hence, the service will now be blocked in Sindh for a period of 3 months.

It is to be remembered that this is nothing new for the countrymen here as it is almost more than a year that YouTube was banned in Pakistan which is, still giving a tough time to the students, technicians, workers, in general, people of different niches, differently.

It is challenging to comment about the positivity to be expected out of the decision just taken but there is one thing for sure, Pakistanis who previously found themselves connected to their loved-ones abroad will now have to spend a great deal of money in establishing communications.

Share your views please; is it a right strategy to isolate the people of this land by banning all tools and services which are utilized by users like you and me?


Nida Zaidi


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  • i seriously can’t digest this fact.. These aren’t just tool for contact.. We students share resources, information in seconds due to these softwares.. And now that they are getting banned, i don’t know what would we be left with.. They are just taking us back to the stone age

    • cmon its not such a disaster …use gmail on your smartphone…it wont hurt u n gmail offers all the services in one package in a better quality too.

  • I remember during the karachi operation of 1995, under then interior minister general(r) naseerullah babar, mobile phone was banned in karachi for more than six months. But that decision proved fruitful and the operation resulted in better situation of law and order in karachi, where ‘bori band’ dead bodies in sacks was routine at that time. In 1995 mobile was mostly used by stoke brokers, traders and businessmen it was considered a luxury not made for commoners.

    If this ban is implemented with right intentions like in 1995, then for long term benefits perhaps people of sindh have tolerate it for short term of three months. But if it so to benefit mobile companies who are losing revenue due to VoiP then it is condemn able. Also it not 1995, now mobile is no more a luxury it is now a commoners necessity. So this ban will effect students, blue collared job workers, persons who normally call to dubai and middle east as direct call is too expensive,

    • As per the reports, the ban is for now limited to Sindh but the authorities are in contact with the federal government to make it as a federally approved ban. For now, it is only Sindh

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