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“When I cry on screen, people cry with me” – Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane is known for speaking her mind no matter how harsh the criticism against her might be. She has never let the criticism curtail her efforts but she has always used it in her favour by focusing on her goals even more. In a recent interview Mawra Hocane was asked why she choose to do roles in which she always played a character which was not strong and she was always seen crying she said,

“Shah Rukh Khan still opens his arms in his signature pose; that’s his USP. So why shouldn’t I continue to play characters people praise me for?”


Mawra’s confidence has always been something that she has used to get where she is today. And in this statement too her confidence is showing. She also said that what she did was not easy to do.

“It’s really hard to churn out the kind of heart-wrenching performances I have delivered in the past. When I cry on screen, people cry with me.”


In an exclusive interview with Express Tribune, Harshvardhan Rane, who is playing the lead along side Mawra Hocane in her debut film said,

“While I agree with everything Mawra said, I just want to add that bohat kum larkiyan rotay huay itni sundar lagti hain (not every girl looks as beautiful while crying as Mawra does).”


Harshvardhan Rane just like Mawra Hocane is extremely happy with the feedback their film is getting after people watched the trailers. He is glad that their hard work paid off. Talking about what kind of a story the film revolved around Mawra said,

“It’s a pure, clean love story. People won’t get what they’re expecting; the movie just got a U certificate.”


Mawra Hocane also kissed her hero in one of the trailers for which she was severely criticized. How does she feel about this criticism? Mawra said,

“Of course [I received flak for that scene]. Some people thrive on negativity so they would only pick on that. If I took all the criticism to heart, I would have stopped working and then I would have never been able to prove my point: this is a great love story.”


Talking about support from her fans and criticism from other people Mawra said,

“I am very very thankful to them for giving me a response that I have never received before. But I also want to thank even those who criticized me. It gave me the motivation to work harder. And in spite of all the negativity, the number of my fans kept on increasing. I have made this film for them. And I am coming home to promote it. So, I will see them soon.”


In another interview Mawra said that she had the ideal role in her debut film because she got a play a character that was both nerdy and glamorous.