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Where Is Sara Razi’s Husband On Her Honeymoon?

Sara Razi Khan is a young actress and she got recently married to her cousin. Her marriage was a huge social media affair and both the sisters, actresses Sara Razi and Arisha Razi did not shy away from sharing all their special moments with their fans on their Instagrams.

The girls posted pictures from the trip to the northern areas recently. Both the sisters were seen enjoying a lot on the vacation but one thing that made people curious was the disappearance of Sara Razi’s husband. He was not seen in any pictures of a trip that was meant to be Sara’ honeymoon. People started asking where he was while some are assuming that it was a family trip, not the honeymoon. Fans were curious that why did Sara go on a family trip immediately after marriage as people usually go for their honeymoons. These are some bizarre reactions of the fans:


Here are some pictures of the Razi sisters on their trip:

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