Why did Hamza Ali Abbasi Leave Civil Services

We have people from all walks of lives in our showbiz industry now, people with very high qualifications. Hamza is one of the most highly qualified artist that we have in our industry. He did CSS and was appointed in police service of Pakistan. Civil Services basically is the key wheels on which the entire engine of the state has to move. The officers with their intelligence, intellect, team-spirit, leadership qualities, commonsense, originality, communication skills and a dynamic personality hold the highest offices of the country.

In the interview with Sanam Baloch, Hamza was asked why he has left Civil services and joined showbiz. He replied that he had entered CSS just to qualify it without any ulterior motive. He had entered just to pass the exam, get qualified and then  leave it because he told that in his family it is thought to be a big deal if you can clear the civil services exam.

He said that he was appointed in the police group, and he knew that he could never manage to salute people like “Wazeer e Qanoon” Rana SanaUllah. Hamza said even he would have joined his post, he would have been thrown out very soon.



He further added that he never had it as an ideal that he would do a government job. It was never an ambition for Hamza to do a civil service.