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Worst Celebrity Insta Accounts

I did the best celebrity insta accounts article a few days ago and it’s only fair I do the worst ones too because I gotts to. So just like the previous article this one is totally based on my preferences so if any of your favorite artists are in this list honey I am not apologizing for that, to each his own opinion random internet people no hard feelings. My list is mostly based on celebrities who I believe lack personality, are utterly boring, narcissistic or just too busy to handle their own insta accounts and need to upgrade their PR team.

When you are a good looking person plus rich people usually accept you as who you are from the very beginning. Life rarely drags you into situations that demand growth both personal and spiritual the end result is a lack of substance in your personality and the lack of individuality for it is only through pressure that coal turns into a diamond. Exclude pressure from the equation and what we have is good ol’ coal only and an artist has to be a diamond and nothing less.

All great artists of this world have one thing in common, they thrive for perfection and that has a price which is usually A LOT OF SUFFERING. Without suffering a true artist can not be born. In his first feature film ‘The Following’ Nolan writes that every person has a box. A box of random things which say a lot about who the person is. In today’s world your social media is kind of that box, from your most personal thoughts to your favorite picture, favorite artist, favorite book, favorite places, favorite food everything is there and for those who know how to look can tell a lot about you from there.

So here’s what we can tell about these artists from their Instagrams and mostly it is “uh ya boring”.


8: Sanam Baloch

Sanam is one of the celebrities who have an Instagram because well that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days other than that she never really posts anything of interest and I do believe her account is actually run by a PR team and not herself. So here’s a tip you PR dudes don’t make 90% of her posts about “Hey thank you for this jora” for heaven’s sake be a wee bit more creative and if it’s Sanam herself she will have to agree with me that this is one BORING account which is okay you prove yourself through your talent. Still ‘ya account bores meeeee’.


7: Hareem Farooq

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So Hareem is pretty much from the internet generation knows how the social media works and is usually very active on Instagram except all she does is “here’s a picture of me with an emoji for a caption”. Can’t even accuse her of narcissism since she never really says anything about how great she is but we can accuse of her of being lazy tho. She is actually on both ends of the spectrum once in a while you’ll see her post a picture with an entire ‘essay’ for a caption either way SO BORING.


6: Momina Mustehsan

This is her latest Insta post and do I have to say more? Who does your styling seriously? Just fire your stylist. And fire everyone who forces you to make scripted videos on feminism and depression because you are a terrible actor Anyone can tell everything you say in those videos is SCRIPTED. Momina’s Instagram isn’t boring it’s downright infuriating, the woman has turned issues like mental illness and women empowerment into a joke. I don’t know who gives her these PR ideas to stay relevant, honey they are only doing you more harm than good. Woman up form your own political views.


5: Shahzad Sheikh

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Red… #shahzadsheikh

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Shahzad Sheikh is from the internet generation but for some reason his social media game is the weakest. His Insta is all about his pictures with an emoji and a hashtag shahzadsheikh when we all know it is Shahzad Sheikh. There’s nothing else, promotional posts once in a while and that’s that. No hobbies, no political views, no interest in anything else. May be there’s a good possibility he doesn’t manage his own Insta which is only worse because damn that PR team sucks.


4: Feroze Khan

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Making love ✨ #THEVIBE #FK

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Feroze Khan or the way he likes to call himself FK is a major narcissist. The man gets married and his sister’s instas have more pictures of his wife than he has. He probably loves this bike more than his wife because there’s plenty of bike pictures on his insta meanwhile just look at the caption dude is gay for this bike. Other than that good news for his fangirls is that his insta is full of his pictures he never gets tired of that. I have never seen anything interesting on his account ever tho so too bad if you’re looking for something of substance.


3: Humaima Malick

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When Feroze is here can Humaima be far behind. You don’t have to follow Feroze if you follow Humaima because her insta is mostly more about Feroze Khan than herself, looks like a joint account. Actually her account is so much about her family if it wasn’t for her magazine cover posts you’d forget Humaima is a celebrity. As much as a sneak peak of a celebrity’s personal life is important to keep the connection with their fans there’s also a limit, excess of everything is bad including too much family drama tone it down a bit queen.


2: Danish Taimoor

Danish is another patient of narcissism like dude how is your picture related to me having a nice weekend? How? what sorcery is this? Ayza has a perfectly good social media presence take notes from her or just may be let her manage yours. All he ever does is wish good morning and promote his projects which is good since he is minding his own business but boring so welcome to the list.


1: Sana Bucha

Sana Bucha has an insta so she can wish people birthdays and post her yoga pictures. How extra do you have to be to have a person photograph you while you meditate and post those photographs on social media afterwards? Doesn’t that kind of kill the whole point of meditating and self reflecting and inner peace and the whole ideology of reaching a higher understanding of being. When she isn’t doing that she is sharing the kind of emo posts we used to post in our emo teenage phase when we all got our social media accounts back in mid 2000s so basically boring and cringy.


This pretty much sums up my list and again these are my preferences you can add yours or subtract yours as you please. Peace.