Tabeer Episode 11 Review – Depressing!

Ohkay so, this was yet another depressing episode of Tabeer. I watched this entire episode with one question on my mind – why & one expression – what if! Things shouldn’t have turned out to be like this, they shouldn’t have, it is just too depressing.

Tabeer’s life already turned upside down when she lost her loving husband & now when she had to face another hardship which she never ever imagined, she just lost her sanity. I felt for Tabeer just so much, props to the entire team for portraying the emotions in such a convincing manner because while watching that entire scenario, I was actually feeling very low & depressed.

Tabeer I feel wasn’t truly wrong when she in that emotional & mental state blamed Fawad for whatever happened because she actually was taking care of his baby because of which she had to neglect her own baby. But then again, while all this was happening, I was still finding a reason justified enough to accept that why did Tabeer had to send her child away & when Daadi & Asma took his responsibility, why did they falter? Daadi seemed a bit too relaxed ever since she came back whereas she should have been extra cautious & over attentive towards Tabeer’s child knowing that he is without his mother so he needs extra love, care & attention.

Saniya’s scene seemed baseless. Fawad returned heart broken because he was actually hurt with what Tabeer said but I guess he should have understood that she was not in her right state of mind. The doctor seems to be on the loop pretty much. Just one call & he starts repeating the tape he has memorized about Fawad’s child.

Iqra Aziz did act really well in this episode, it was very realistic & very emotional. I so wish all these pests; Ajju, Rafaqat & Asma pay for what they did or intend to do. So don’t want them to get away with anything – like I want the writer to punish them & not just forget about them in the course of giving Tabeer a happy ending. The precap suggested an entry of another character, looks like things will get slow & dragged a bit from now on, let’s see. Please share your thoughts.

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