Worst Dressed Celebrities At LSA 2015

While some celebrities nailed looks that made their fans fall in love with them all over again there were others who were total fashion disasters. The sad part is that some of these celebrities are considered fashion icons and others have a very good reputation of dressing up well but guess what you can’t always have the perfect look you want especially when you decide to go overboard.

Here is the list of the celebrities who did not look their best at the Lux Style Awards:

Nadia Hussein

Nadia Hussein deserves to be on top of this list because her dress is not only revealing but the color and the style does not look elegant or pretty. This look is not a step forward in fashion but a big step backwards!


Momal Sheikh

Momal Sheikh’s dress and her overall look did not suit her. The make up and dress both are overdone.


Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat Gillani has more or less the same look as Momal Sheikh and it looks equally bad on her. Sarwat looks great in light colors and light make up. This look is not for her.


Ali Xeeshan

I am not a fashion expert like one of our leading designers but even Ali Xeeshan cannot justify this look and that too in summers!!



We didn’t expect Meera to carry the perfect look but the worst thing about Meera’s look is her make-up which makes her look much older than many of the other actresses who started working with her and the color and the cut doesn’t suit Meera too.


Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka’s outfit speaks for itself, one doesn’t need to stay much to prove why he should be in this list!


What do you think about the dressing of all these celebrities?


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