Worst Dressed Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

In Pakistani dramas, for female actors, it is of utmost importance to give their characters a perfect treatment in terms of doing justice to their emotions and acting them out brilliantly. However, another aspect that also holds a lot of importance is that of how they perceive their characters and their overall look.

The outer look of any character also helps a great deal in making the visual impact and contributes a lot in conveying the dynamics of the character. This is the reason, Pakistani actresses are quite conscious about their wardrobe, hair, makeup, and overall styling that they opt for in their dramas because they know it is going to help them make an impact that they are after.

A lot of times, viewers get to see some of the most well-dressed characters, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the actors have chosen formal outfits or expensive branded lawns. Usually, the way they carry themselves ends up giving completeness to the look that they have created. Pakistani drama viewers are now keen than ever and they are very quick to tell which actor looks good in terms of styling in different dramas. It is also a fact that a lot of times, the outfits that the actresses choose to wear are purely based on their personal styling preferences and choices and this is why a lot of times they end up wearing such dresses which are not too appealing or look good on screen.

Here’s the list of poorly dresses characters from current Pakistani dramas:

Zunaira (Tarap)

Hiba Bukhari is a very talented actress. She knows how to act and convey the emotions of the characters that she picks to portray, however, Hiba Bukhari is in dire need of an overhaul because the choice of her professional, rather drama-related wardrobe is poor. Hiba Bukhari firstly needs to get rid of all the net dupattas that are in her collection.

Zunaira is seen wearing a lot of bright colors and then the contrasting embroidered net dupattas give her a very old-fashioned look. Zunaira is shown to belong to a decent family background with her brother earning a decent amount for living, therefore to see her wearing outdated styled clothes doesn’t really make much sense. In order to look trendy and up-to-date, Zunaira has also worn tulip shalwars but everything looks too loud and clashing. Hiba Bukhari needs to simplify her choices for sure.

Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 1 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 2 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 3 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 4 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 6 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 7 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 8 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 9 Hiba Bukhari Zunaira 10

Hania (Tarap)

Closely following the footsteps of her bari baji in drama serial Tarap, Laiba Khan who plays the role of Hania isn’t too far behind in being poorly dressed. She is the rebellious youngest sibling of the family, she goes to the university, has a few good friends and is very much in touch with the current fashion trends. However, her own choice of clothing is awful. Hania is usually seen wearing brighter colors and bold patterns, trying to show through her personality but the overall look is tacky if put in simple words.

Laiba Khan is one of the good actors from the younger lot but she definitely needs to be mindful of her clothing choices for her characters. Her dressing in Mera Dil Mera Dushman isn’t too impressive either.

Laiba Khan 1 1 Laiba Khan 2 1 Laiba Khan 3 1 Laiba Khan 4 Laiba Khan 5 Laiba Khan 6 1 Laiba Khan 7

Maira (Mera Dil Mera Dushman)

When you look at Maira, you get the feeling that the producers ran out of money, that is why they told her to pick up some plain lawn material and get it loosely stitched and she was strictly prohibited to spend on a variety of dupattas, hence staying within the budget, she wears that one unwashed white dupatta over every other outfit.

Maira does have a few 3 piece lawn suits, but it seems they are probably the first few purchases that she made after her marriage to Zafar because after that, seeing her forlorn face, Zafar stopped investing in her because when they got married, initially Zafar did tell her that he expected Maira to dress up nicely. Maira’s personality is boring, seeing her face evokes boredom in the viewers and to add to the woes, her wardrobe is the worst. Definitely, one of the poorly dressed characters from the currently on-air dramas.

Alizeh Shah 1 1 Alizeh Shah 2 Alizeh Shah 3 Alizeh Shah 4 Alizeh Shah 7 Alizeh Shah 8 Alizeh Shah 9 Alizeh Shah 10

Miraal (Sabaat)

This definitely will come as a surprise but yes, Miraal too is poorly dressed. Sarah Khan on her own looks absolutely gorgeous but because she is used to wearing eastern outfits in her dramas, she makes it very very obvious in a lot of shots that she is a little conscious of the western outfits that she is wearing. Sarah Khan did her best to recreate the look of the Islamabadi girls and follow their fashion trends but it seems she didn’t know where to stop.

She is not entirely a poorly dressed character because, in those scenes where she is seen in office-attire, she has carried that look well. Other than that, it seems Sarah Khan decided to wear all the colors available in the spectrum, therefore she went for different colored jackets and coveralls; some of them are good but the rest are a bit too distracting. Her hair and makeup is definitely on-fleek in the drama but clothing choice is a little too much.

Sarah Khan 1 Sarah Khan 2 Sarah Khan 3 Sarah Khan 4 Sarah Khan 5 Sarah Khan 6 Sarah Khan 7

Anaya (Sabaat)

Anaya’s character is definitely more about the substance in her personality than in her looks but who says you can not follow the current fashion trends and incorporate them in your wardrobe decently? Going for frills and bows, ribbons and all sorts of extra accessories to add a glamorous look to her dressing was definitely a poor choice.

Anaya is shown to be coming from a simple and humble background, but that does not necessarily mean that those who do have to be poorly dressed. Since Anaya’s character takes heavy inspiration from the character of Kashaf from Zindagi Gulzar Hai, everyone till date remembers how decently and elegantly Sanam Saeed was dressed. Mawra Hocane obviously didn’t want to copy her styling but at least she should’ve picked some better dresses.

Mawra Hocane 1 Mawra Hocane 2 Mawra Hocane 3 Mawra Hocane 4 Mawra Hocane 5 Mawra Hocane 6

Nirma (Jhooti)

Iqra Aziz really wanted her character to have that kind of over the top vibe, this is why she decided to reflect that in her choice of clothes too but that completely clashes with her perfect makeup and glossy layered hairstyle which she has sported in the entire drama. Needless to say, the lawn prints that Nirma has worn throughout the story are hideous and harsh on the eyes.

The stylists of Iqra Aziz should also have incorporated that in her makeup and hairstyling too because when you look at her face during the close-ups, she seems like a modern girl who is very much up to date with the current fashion trends but when it comes to her dressing, it tells a completely different story. These kinds of outfits do go with Nirma’s character but they do clash with hair and makeup which make Nirma actually look like Iqra Aziz during any other photoshoot of hers.

Iqra Aziz 1 1 Iqra Aziz 2 2 Iqra Aziz 3 1 Iqra Aziz 4 1 Iqra Aziz 5 1 Iqra Aziz 6 Iqra Aziz 7 1 Iqra Aziz 10 1

Nageen (Deewangi)

In this drama as well, Hiba Bukhari’s choice of clothing has been bad. She has worn some nice dresses, that can’t be denied, especially the formal ones but the majority of her dresses, as well as silhouettes she has chosen for her character make her look old-fashioned. The saving grace of this character is Hiba Bukhari’s acting but the overall styling and outfits have been poor.

Hiba Bukhari Nageen 1 Hiba Bukhari Nageen 2 Hiba Bukhari Nageen 3 Hiba Bukhari Nageen 5 Hiba Bukhari Nageen 6 Hiba Bukhari Nageen 7 Hiba Bukhari Nageen 8

Raina (Dushman e Jaan)

Raina is shown to be a modern girl belonging to high-class society. She is friends with Hatim and her friend circle too consists of the people who fall in the category of her social class. However, as beautiful as Mahrosh Rana looks in this drama, her dressing sense has not been up to the mark. Pairing the thai-themed skirt with a floral shirt and wrapping a scarf around her neck shows Raina’s poor dressing sense.

It seems she took out out-of-style articles of clothing from her wardrobe that were hanged somewhere and were not in use for years, so she decided it was a good idea to use them now. Although Dushman e Jaan was shot 2 years ago but still the clothes she has worn are outdated even for that time. It was good to see Mahrosh Rana back in dramas after a long gap and she has looked beautiful throughout but that can not be said about the outfits that she has chosen to wear in Dushman e Jaan.

Mahrosh Rana 1 Mahrosh Rana 2 Mahrosh Rana 3 Mahrosh Rana 4 Mahrosh Rana 5 Mahrosh Rana 6

This completes the list of poorly dressed characters in current Pakistani dramas. What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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