Yaar e Bewafa Episode 16 Review – Good But…

Ohkay so, it was a pretty decent episode of Yaar e Bewafa because there was some sort of development to its credit but I am getting irked by how black & white the characters are. The negative ones are too negative & the good ones are too good to be true. Even though what the writer has shown has a lot of reality to it but I think he could’ve balanced out the characters by adding more shades to their personality.

In last week’s review I said I would want to see Amna stand up for her son but in stead she stood up from the ground to grab Iodex for herself after she got a beating from Saleem? Seriously? They introduced Amna as someone who is loyal to a fault, without showing us her background or giving us their back story as to how Saleem & Amna met & what did Saleem do for her that she has become such an obedient wife? I think in order to balance things out, the writer should’ve shown that Saleem was a good father to Omar if not a good husband, that is why Amna keeps on forgiving him for the way he mistreats her, like some positivity from such a man? I know he is shown as a terminally ill patient but still, that is no excuse for his misconduct towards his wife & his innocent son. I know Amna feels for Saleem but to see her allowing him to even torture their son is a bit too much. I like Amna’s character but I think she is too good to be true because there’s a limit & any woman, under any circumstances would definitely put a stop to such abuse at some point in her life, that too when she is the one doing the heavylifting! Even if Amna can not stop Saleem from directing such abuse towards her, realistically she wouldn’t be sooo patient with him, like I think if they had shown Amna losing her cool at least once, that would’ve made her character realistic. I am not saying she should stop being loyal & sincere to him but giving back to him once wouldn’t make her look like some alien species!

Zaid can’t stop sympathizing with Amna, even though he knows that his interference in her life is causing troubles for her but he still can’t ignore Amna & her circumstances. Zaid not only feels for Amna but also for Omar because he knows that there’s a man like Saleem in their lives who is only torturing them. Even though Zaid’s friend keeps on reminding him that he is causing more problems for Amna but Zaid can’t ignore her.

Where we have Amna who is too good & Saleem who is too evil, we also have Fizza who is too weird & selfish, another example of extremely black character. We saw how Fizza was upset when she was leaving for Australia because deep down in her heart, even though she wanted to chase after her dreams, she still had some feelings for Zaid in her heart. Fizza choosing not to divorce Zaid was evidence enough that she still loved him, so not sure why some unseen character Ali has been introduced in their lives & not only that, Fizza is spending time with him too? I think the writer should’ve left things like that, where Fizza chose to part ways because she wanted a better life for herself & her son, because to show her moving on that too with another man is a bit too much. It is like they are deliberately showing it to make the good Zaid look even better that he wasn’t the first one to move on & since he saw that Fizza chose another life partner, he then started seeing Amna as his prospect wife? Even if they had shown that Zaid decided to start a new life with Amna first, it wouldn’t have changed anything because it is quite obvious that whatever Zaid & Fizza had is a water under the bridge now, so not sure why they writer once again made Fizza look a bit more selfish that while still being in Zaid’s Nikkah & being married to him legally, she chose to date someone!?!

The last scene of this episode was good. I liked how Zaid decided to give a reality check to Saleem & forced him to see the mirror where he was the culprit & not Amna. I don’t know why I have a feeling that Saleem might’ve died with sharmindagi but just because Zaid’s colleague saw him leaving from Amna’s place, Amna will think it is Zaid who is responsible for Saleem’s death? I think this is how may be the story will progress, let’s see. Anyways, I liked Imran Abbas’s acting in this episode a lot, especially in the last scene where he confronted Saleem. Can’t wait to see his & Amna’s story now. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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