Yaar e Bewafa Episode 19 Review – Heart-wrenching!

This episode of Yaar e Bewafa was heart-wrenching, especially because they covered the factors that lead to child labour. It was so hard to see it all & with this they covered another aspect of the reality where the toughest of circumstances push people to resort to the extremes. As heart-wrenching as it was, it was definitely done well!

So, Amna was having a hard time making the ends meet & the best Saleem’s friend could suggest was that she should allow Omar to work for the time being. I must say seeing that young boy working with his little hands was so heart-rending, it was just too much for me to handle. That little boy knew that his mother had no other option so he just surrendered & decided to help her. Everything that he did, from assisting the owner of the place to pouring tea & then returning home with stained clothes was a true but harsh depiction of a reality of all such people who are defeated by the circumstances & who resort to this extreme & it was portrayed flawlessly.

I literally sighed with relief when I saw Zaid spotting Omar. Zaid immediately understood what Amna must be going through & how helpless she must have been to send Omar for work. Zaid’s eagerness to help Amna & support her is appreciable. It was so obvious that Amna wouldn’t believe Zaid but the plot twist was the cassette that Saleem left behind in which he told her what he told Zaid that he should take her responsibility after he dies.

Fizza is moving on & even though Humera told Zaid that he should go to his wife & son, Zaid knew that it was too late as firstly, he was never going to leave his mother & secondly, he knew that there was nothing left in their relationship.

Overall, this episode was nice. The pace of the drama is quite slow but even after so many weeks they have succeeded in keeping the interest of the viewers alive. All the actors have done a great job too but the crown goes to the child actor playing the role of Omar, he is absolutely adorable, Masha Allah. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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