Yaar e Bewafa Last Episode Review – Sweet!

Ohkay so, Yaar e Bewafa came to an end & if I look back at the entire journey, the best description that comes to my mind for it is ‘sweet & simple’.

Yaar e Bewafa had such a story which didn’t promise fireworks or too much drama & even though it was predictable right from the beginning, the simple execution made the viewers look forward to the upcoming episodes because everyone could relate to the characters & felt a lot for them when they were struggling. What I liked the most about this writing was that the writer didn’t make the characters completely black & white & every single time he justified & explained why they would behave a certain way.

So, Zaid made it very clear to Fizza that she could not make him happy like she used to & she lost the place in his heart. Fizza tried really hard to earn her position back but Zaid told her clearly that his heart belonged to Amna & not Fizza. Amna introduced Zaid to a new meaning of love because in Zaid Fizza relationship, Zaid was the selfless one so he never really knew what it was like to be loved selflessly which Amna introduced him to, that is why he understood that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Amna decided to go abroad because she earned herself a job there but thankfully before she could leave, Fizza realized that she had to make amends & she had to accept the reality that Zaid was happy with Amna, therefore she had to bring her back in his life.

The note at which the episode ended was quite sweet because Ahmed also found his father’s love & got to be with him as before he was the one who suffered due to Fizza’s irrational decision. It was good to see that all of them found a way towards their happiness & things worked out for everyone.

Overall, it was a very good drama totally fit for binge watching because I am sure if watched that way,  the slow pace of the drama wouldn’t be noticeable, which we felt while watching it on a weekly basis. The story was simple & straight forward. The way the director executed everything was brilliant. Yaar e Bewafa showed that simple stories can still work if they are executed properly. Imran Abbas & Sarah Khan were the stars of the show & Arij Fatyma acted brilliantly as well. I must commend the writer for making us fond of the characters of Zaid & Amna. Imran Abbas & Sarah Khan deserve a special mention for such a perfect chemistry & yes, the writer deserves a special mention for showing us a healthy marital relationship, which indeed was not only sweet but quite refreshing as well. Please share your thoughts about the final episode & the entire journey of Yaar e Bewafa.

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