Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 02 Review – Phenomenal Performances!

Ohkay so, what an episode it was, packed with such phenomenal performances. While watching this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar, I don’t think I looked away from the TV screen even for a second, because the director & all the actors gave their 100% & created magic on screen. Yes, the theme of the drama is based on social issues but it is good to see our drama-makers exploring that dimension & bringing such stories which give something to the viewers to take with them when the episode ends. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode & a few actors surely made it a treat to watch.

So, Zubiya confessed to her Aunt Mehjabeen that it was her father Khalil who killed his wife. They gave us a detailed insight into Khalil’s mentality as this time around where it was made clear that he was not only in denial but tried using fate & destiny as a shield to cover his crime. Even Khalil knew that he committed a mistake & he was responsible for the death of his wife but he chose to erect a wall so strong that no one could imagine trespassing. The way Khalil told his his children to not utter a word against him showed his insecurities & shed a light on the fact that even he knew he was guilty of murdering his wife, otherwise a rigid man like him wouldn’t have showed his weak side to his family & wouldn’t have cared but he did. Zubiya considered herself responsible for her mother’s death because she was the one who tagged her mother along & that riled her father up, that is why she had to vent out. Somehow, I felt it was good that Mehjabeen was by Zubiya’s side, even though she couldn’t do much for Zubiya but at least, she put her aching heart to ease & comforted her which she needed the most by listening to what she had to say.

The conversation between Mehjabeen & Khalil was so intense because it brought out the weak side of Khalil once again the moment he heard that Mehjabeen found out the truth behind her sister’s death. It was interesting to see that at first, Khalil tried to cover up saying that his wife died because she was bound to die that day & it was Allah’s Decree, but later when he saw that Mehjabeen wasn’t buying what he said & still held him responsible, he tried to malign his wife’s character & badmouthed her thinking it will work. Khalil knew that the family secret wasn’t safe anymore & despite saying that he wasn’t afraid of the police, he showed all the signs that suggested that even he was scared of facing the brunt for what he has done. It was also interesting that even after committing such a huge crime & a sin, he was still relying on his limited knowledge of the religion to clear his image. Khalil believed that he hit his wife because he was trying to correct & discipline her, so if she died while that was happening, it wasn’t his fault!

Obviously, Mehjabeen had to leave & she apologized to Zubiya for being so helpless & powerless to do anything to help her situation but she did leave after making Khalil realize that he will face the consequences. Khalil was rattled & it was only because of the conversation he had with Mehjabeen, otherwise the way he got back to his normal life where he was more concerned about parathas being khasta, if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have paid attention to what he has done. I think Zubiya will be left alone now because seeing how Rehna was being manipulated by Sheema showed that he won’t be able to do much. Rehan only has emotions to offer but Sheema was the one who showed him the practical side of the picture. Even though what Sheema said showcased her selfishness but somehow I didn’t find her wrong because before anything else, she is a mother who only wants comfort for her child & just because she is practical enough, she is well aware of the fact that her husband is financially dependent on her father in law. I think in the later stages when Zubiya will probably take the matter in her hands if she will ever decided to get her father punished, Rehan will be the first obstacle that will come in her way because he almost seemed convinced to stay quiet after getting a lecture from his wife!

So, we got to know a little more about Faryal & looks like Asfand was taken aback by her behavior. Faryal is not only spoiled but is quite impulsive & immature, which obviously put Asfand off a little when he saw this side of her nature. I think after this incident, Asfand will be forced to do some thinking. Daniyal & Gaiti were enjoying their marital bliss which has started off on a very positive note. It was nice to see Gaiti being so understanding of her husband’s nature of work & more than that, the respect that she has for what Daniyal does. Usman got a little introduction too & it was explained how well-reputed he was in the field of law. I am interested to see what role Usman & then Daniyal will play as lawyers in the future episodes!

Even though Noori didn’t get much coverage but the preview of the next episode suggested that she is not going to sit quietly & she will make sure to see her offender paying for his crime. Just like Rehan will try to stop Zubiya, in this case, it will be Noori’s parents who will tell her to stay silent. Even though Noori’s father was shocked to learn the truth but I am interested to see what role he will play in helping his daughter recover from the mental trauma that she has been through. I really hope out of all the people, Noori’s father supports her because she’ll be needing him the most at this stage. I believe Noori will emerge as a fighter & she will fight her own battle against those who offended her in the worst way possible.

Overall, this episode was power-packed & was directed brilliantly. I must say, for me the actors that took the crown in this episode were Ehtashamuddin, Huma Nawab & Sajal Ali. Oh boy! I was spellbound while watching their performances. It takes a lot to portray such characters & elaborate their emotions in such a phenomenal & convincing manner & all these actors definitely delivered. Ehtashamuddin has owned the character of Khalil & has given him such a face that he will be remembered for a long long time. Just 2 episodes in & I am sure all the viewers who have tuned to this drama will be feeling a lot of hatred for Khalil’s character, which is Ehtashamuddin’s success as an actor. Huma Nawab supported extremely well too, like she made it so evident that Mehjabeen’s heart was breaking after learning the truth about her sister but she also knew her limitations & despite wanting to, she knew she was helpless & she won’t be able to do much. Sajal Ali really has polished her skills when it comes to such portrayals, like she really knows how to convey the emotions. She made it so realistic that Zubiya was not only shattered or guilty, but she was scared to see her father being the one who killed her mother. This episode was like a roller-coaster ride of emotions & once again Usman’s family & all those characters were used to make things less heavy & less intense, which was a good change. I can’t wait to see more. Please share your thoughts about this phenomenal episode of Yakeen Ka Safar!

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