Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 04 Review – Great Developments!

Ohkay so, it was quite an interesting & meaningful episode of Yakeen Ka Safar. I am glad that the story is making a good progress in every other episode & this time around, the focus was shifted on the rape victim Noori. I must say I like how the director has maintained a balance between all the tracks & uses them to shift & play with the mood of the viewers in a perfect manner. Just when things get too heavy, we are taken to Gaiti & Daniyal’s track where things are pretty smooth & easy, it shows that the director was conscious of maintaining a balance between the situations & didn’t want to make it too intense & heavy.

So, Noori, the victim herself was turned into an outcast & was treated like one, not only by her family but everyone around. Sadly, Noori knew that her family will be facing the pressure because no one was educated enough to understand how they should be treating a rape victim. I find it admiring that despite being the one who was harassed & despite being mentally shattered, Noori still held her ground & kept herself composed because she was well aware of the fact that she has a long battle ahead of her to fight, that too on her own. Just when Noori’s father started telling SHO Ayaaz to behave himself, I assumed that this will push him to take a stand for his daughter but he chose to turn himself into a bigger victim, even though he has a lot of reasons to react that way but it definitely would’ve been such a refreshing change to see a father standing up for his daughter at least once. Noori’s father knew that he won’t be able to fight Rab Nawaz Shah, nor he will be able to deal with the policemen who will keep on pestering & harassing him, that is why he decided to give in, not that he was thinking of supporting his daughter in the first place, but just a single threat from the police officer was enough for him to surrender.

Everything that they have shown through Noori’s track is a real depiction of bitter reality because this is exactly how rape victims are mistreated, where no one understands them or their pain & tries to silence them even if they want to stand up for themselves. The only ray of light in Noori’s life was her young supporter Bilal, it warmed my heart how he was trying to make Noori feel better, like even though he is quite young but he still had more courtesy than their parents combined. I think it was quite brave of Noori to decide to leave her house because she knew that if she’d stay with her family, they will continue to weaken her motive of getting Jahangir Rab Nawaz punished. The visit from her in-laws was another push that she got which drove her to take such a huge step, but definitely in the right direction. I so wish Noori had taken Bilal with her because to see his forlorn face when he couldn’t find his sister broke my heart.

It was quite interesting how in the beginning of the episode, Rab Nawaz spoke about sentencing rape victims to death, only time will tell if he will stay true to his word or not, which obviously we all know the answer of. Rab Nawaz has already brushed his son’s crime & sin under the carpet, so now he will do everything to keep it that way. I liked how Rab Nawaz & Daniyal were introduced to each other. Rab Nawaz in his wildest dreams wouldn’t have thought that Daniyal would be the one who’ll bring him down. Anyways, Noori by chance met the activist who works really hard for women’s rights & now she will be the one who will take Noori to Daniyal.

The entire focus on Gaiti’s conversation with Asfand & then her birthday was quite nice, like it definitely made things easy after seeing such dire situation of Noori. Daniyal is a loving husband & Gaiti is just as much of a loving wife to him. I like how Gaiti always tries to cover up for her husband, it’s like she has accepted him with all of his weaknesses & strengths, that is why she stays unaffected with such small matters because she understands & respects the fact that Daniyal is so focused when it comes to his work.

So, nothing much happened in Zubiya’s track but yes, it was good that she got the support of her friends to participate in the play. I liked how Zubiya all of a sudden felt this rush of confidence when she got a round of applause for her perfect performance. However, I am not too sure what the guy was doing in an all-girls’ college during an all-girl’s stage play? Like usually when it comes to these colleges, guys are not allowed to attend these sort of plays, so his placement in this situation did seem a little forced but looks like they didn’t have any other choice to use this scenario to open up a new chapter in Zubiya’s life. I think it was good that they showed how Zubiya was moving on in her life, she obviously misses her mother every step of the way but she has also come to terms with her mother’s death, that is why she was seen discussing it with her friends normally.

Mahjabeen was still seen crying over the demise of her sister & the sad life that she lived. I liked how the writer shed a light on the fact that wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness, like Mahjabeen’s mother married her daughter off to a wealthy man thinking she will lead a happy & peaceful life but that same man turned out to be the reason behind her death. One more time they drew our attention to Khalil’s insecure personality. It was quite amusing how Khalil was judging Sheema’s younger sister because she was now getting married to the guy she was in love with & this too came after they showed how a guy was now trying to get Zubiya’s attention. Khalil will definitely end up getting a good reality check because even he has a daughter but is too thick-headed to even assume that he can be faced with the similar kind of situation in his life too.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting. The preview of the next episode looked promising & I am definitely looking forward to Daniyal & Noori’s first meeting. I am not sure if this is a mistake on their part or this is how the story has been laid out in the novel, because when I look at Rab Nawaz Village & its residents, I always get a feeling that it’s a small village in the province of Sindh & then Daniyal resides in Islamabad, so somehow I am not sure if they paid attention to this detail or not. If they’ll show that the women activist (ZQ) brought Noori all the way to Islamabad to meet Daniyal, then it would make sense but if they are suggesting that Rab Nawaz Village is located in the outskirts of Islamabad then it doesn’t make much sense because they have given it a completely different feel which doesn’t do justice to the geographical location. Also, Rab Nawaz & Daniyal attended this function together, so I think it has been suggested that they both reside in the same territory, just different areas, so I do have a feeling this was a little mistake on the director’s part. I think if they had shown that Daniyal was situated in Karachi & that Rab Nawaz Village was located in inner-Sindh, it would’ve made far more sense because it is a done deal that no villages near Islamabad have people who speak like Noori’s family does or wear Chunari dresses or Ajraks like they have shown in this drama because if not Chunari, Ajrak definitely is exclusive to the province of Sindh. I think they should’ve shown that Asfand went to Islamabad to pursue his education whereas his family was settled in Karachi. This was just a little thought that crossed my mind when I watched this episode, but other than that I don’t have any issues with the way the drama has been directed & how the story is unfolding. All the actors have done a brilliant job, especially the actors playing Noori’s parents & younger brother. Suhaee has done a good job too as a victim who is strong enough to face her fears. Hira Mani does well in the scenes that are allotted to her & so does everyone else. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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