Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 05 Review – Good Developments!

Ohkay so, that was a bit slow but interesting episode of Yakeen Ka Safar. They obviously had to take this much of time to bring in some new developments in Zubiya’s track especially. What I actually appreciated more was how Noori got coverage & how she & Daniyal got to have a conversation with each other. The direction of the drama is spot-on & everything is being revealed in an appropriate manner.

So, Khalil insulted Sheema’s parents because according to him, any girl who gets married to a guy she loves & any such parents who are supportive of their daughter’s decisions are ‘beghairat’. In just a couple of seconds, Khalil showed them who he was where he not only insulted them but also made sure to let them know that he was noticing what was served in front of them. It is amusing how he being such a wealthy businessman acts like a small-hearted miser. Well, even though it can be classified as a cliché especially when that development came after showing us Khalil’s opinion on this matter, but still the treatment that they have given to Zubiya & Rameez’s track seems realistic

So, Zubiya finally gave a chance to Rameez, she obviously had no reason not to because she is living quite a lonely life & with her mother not being around her, she needed someone to confide in & for that Rameez seems like a perfect option. Even though all of this is basically karma’s spin on Khalil’s words where he dissed the idea of love affair & marriage & even though I have a feeling that it won’t bring any happiness to Zubiya, but seeing her at a happy place was nice for a change. It obviously can seem a little unrealistic that a girl who comes from such a conservative family with so many restrictions easily ended up giving in to the temptation of being associated with someone but considering her state of mind, everything falls in its place as Zubiya discussed, she has no one to talk to & then there’s this guy who can’t stop thinking about ways to speak to her, so she easily accepted this change as she was finding comfort in him. Zubiya’s association with Rameez also brought a few little changes in her attitude where at first they showed how she was scared but later she eased a bit & effortlessly lied to Sheema to save herself & in the end, she was having night-long conversations with him. Rameez seems nice but I am sure that’s all there’s to his character where he will only be bringing troubles into Zubiya’s life. Surprisingly Asfand & Rameez know each other so this was another detail that the director took care of & decided to get out of the way because in the future Asfand & Zubiya will be coming across each other.

Ohkay, my confusion was cleared in this episode. Noori being Sidhi was spotted by Romana in her village & then Romana brought her to Karachi with her. Romana then contacted Daniyal who was in Islamabad & he discussed how he will be travelling to Karachi to see Noori, so the issues that I had with the locations & their setting were dealt with in this episode. I loved the introduction that Romana gave to Daniyal about Noori, how she was considerate enough to let Daniyal know about her mental condition. Noori obviously has been through a lot so it was good to see at least two people feeling her pain & wanting to do everything to bring justice to her. Daniyal’s assurance to Noori was much needed & it was good that as soon as he heard about the details, Daniyal didn’t even hesitate & decided to get on board with this case. I think this is quite an admirable trait of Daniyal that despite knowing Rab Nawaz Shah, his political background & his power, he didn’t think twice before taking Noori’s case. Being comparatively new in this field, Daniyal surely is quite brave.

Noori’s conversation with Daniyal about how she educated herself & how supportive her father was of her was quite heart-warming. It was good to know that Lateef used to support Noori & was proud of his daughter but then again Noori also shed a light on the fact that he took others’ opinions into consideration as well & being a father of an ambitious girl, he would always second guess himself. Noori’s concerns about her siblings were portrayed beautifully too. Even though Noori has gone through so much & even though she knows she has been alienated by her parents, she still was thinking about them & her siblings, it shows how mature & considerate she was as a person.

Overall, this episode was a little detailed that is why it seemed a bit slow but I am glad a lot of progress was made in both Noori & Zubiya’s tracks. I really wish Suhaee hadn’t relied so much on makeup because it got a bit too hard to feel for her when she showed up right after Romana told that she tried to attempt suicide twice, like those who go through a mental & physical trauma don’t really look so well put-together. I feel that was Suhaee’s responsibility as an actor to give Noori’s character a realistic treatment, having said that, her strong performance did compensate a great deal but it would’ve taken it to another level if she had looked a bit more natural like Sajjal does as Zubiya, even though her situation isn’t as dire as Noori’s. Both Sajjal & Suhaee have done a great job in terms of acting. I will say I was surprisingly impressed with Shaz Khan’s acting because I was a bit concerned that when his character will come to a point where he will have to deliver a lot of Urdu dialogues, he will falter but he didn’t & it definitely was good to see. As much as I enjoy Hira Mani’s acting, I so wish there was more to her character than a wife clad in night gowns, waking up from one bout of sleep only to prepare herself for another. May be if they had shown her as Daniyal’s assistant it would’ve been better because seeing her as a supportive but aimless wife actually makes me feel it isn’t doing any justice to her talent as an actor. Anyways, I am looking forward to the next episode already because looks like Sheema will stumble upon Zubiya’s mobile phone & Daniyal will take his case forward. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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