Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 11 Review – Intense!!!

Ohkay so, what an intense episode of Yakeen Ka Safar, I appreciate the idea of extended episodes that the channel resorted to during Eid, it really has taken the story forward & made things quite interesting & fast paced. A lot happened in this episode as well & the note at which it ended had me biting my nails. Even though the episode has just ended a few minutes ago, I am already looking forward to the next one.

So, this episode was all about Daniyal, his struggles & the obstacles that he was facing one after another. Usman did bail Daniyal out but he was so not happy with what he had to face because of the son that he loves so much. Yes, we do understand that Usman was furious because this entire controversy put a dent on his image but then, if we think rationally, it does make us question what’s important for Usman, his ego, his reputation or his son & his well-being? Ever since Daniyal has taken Noori’s case, Usman has only spoken against it, in stead of supporting, encouraging or even guiding Daniyal in approaching this case properly. Usman did speak about his ‘experience’ citing it as a reason why he always told Daniyal not to get involved in Noori’s case, but then again, where was his ‘experience’ when he received Rab Nawaz’s call where he clearly threatened him? Why didn’t Usman’s ‘experience’ tell him that he should be keen on Daniyal’s safety first before anything else as he was dealing with politicians and probably his paid goons too?

Gaiti’s concerns were convincing & understandable, her fear of anything happening to Daniyal was conveyed perfectly. Yes, it was Gaiti who supported Daniyal when everyone was against his decision of standing by Noori’s side but seeing how things went out of control, even she found it hard to support her husband because for her, his safety meant everything & she didn’t want him to go through anything because he means the world to her. I found Faryal’s father’s reaction realistic & convincing as well, there’s always someone in the family who loves to blow things out of proportion & in stead of supporting those who are faced with a difficulty, that particular person chooses to listen to others in stead of giving their own family members a chance to explain themselves. Even Faryal seemed a little put off by the entire incident as if she also was finding it hard to see Daniyal the way she used to before this controversy happened.

It was interesting to see how Daniyal picked himself up & decided to look for more evidences to bring make Rab Nawaz & Jahangir pay for their crimes. Majid was a true friend of Daniyal who not only believed in him but actually knew everything about Urooj. The way Daniyal & Majid approached Urooj’s ex-husband’s family was quite interesting & not only that, they actually found quite a lot of evidences. They both were after Dilawar too but then again, being an experienced player of this game, Dilawar was hard to approach. Sadly, Majid also faced the brunt of being Daniyal’s supporter, he never would’ve imagined that he’d have to pay such a heavy price for standing up for the right & supporting someone who was trying to do the right thing.

Daniyal & Asfand’s conversation was nice, like Asfand was actually realizing the gravity of the situation but more than that, even he was scared for his brother. I so wish Asfand had decided to accompany his brother to the office because Daniyal did suggest that it was a holiday, meaning no one would’ve been in his office anyways. Daniyal was shot but I am still not thinking much about it because I am hoping he will be safe? Let’s see!

Zubiya’s track has become stagnant for now but I don’t mind because there’s so much happening in Daniyal’s track that they obviously had to maintain a balance by making one track a little slow. I find it amusing how Rehan keeps on blabbing about leaving the house because of Zubiya, whereas even he knows that he ain’t going anywhere, that too when he has Sheema in his life who believes her son is entitled to everything that Khalil has. I wish Khalil stands up for Zubiya once again & shows Rehan his right place but he is too engulfed in his own guilt that he really is not in a position to say anything, the fact that Khalil has allowed Zubiya to pursue her studies was enough of a support from his side. So, Zubiya has become a persona non grata & her friends made sure to let her know that they don’t want to be associated with her. It is actually quite sad that every step of the way, every single day Zubiya is reminded of the grave mistake that she committed but what they are showing is the reality because this is exactly how girls like Zubiya are treated. I really want to see Zubiya moving on from this dark patch of her life & doing something good for herself.

Overall, this episode was quite intense & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. There were some amazing performances in tonight’s episode. Shaz Khan definitely takes the crown for portraying Daniyal’s character to perfection. I really can’t wait to see Ahad Raza Mir in short hair, the fact that his hair not only were all over the place but looked greasy really gave Asfand’s character a very weird look, so much so that I was finding it hard to take his character seriously because his concerns for his brother were spot on. Hira Mani was convincing as Gaiti too & Sajal Ali has been performing well as well. The preview of the next episode seemed interesting, I really hope Daniyal is safe. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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