Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 14 Review – Boring!

Ohkay so, I will be completely honest I won’t call this episode slow & without sugarcoating it, I’d straight away call it boring. This episode of Yakeen Ka Safar was so boring that I was finding it hard to sit through it & while I was at it, I was whatsapping throughout because it failed to grab my interest. I am not exaggerating but I am actually feeling relieved that the episode finished just now & I am done with it. Yes, I do understand that after every other happening episode, the makers of this drama tend to tone things down a bit so that the viewers get the crux of the situation but then again, we moved past Noori’s track so I didn’t see the need to be making things so slow that it would fail to keep the viewers engaged!

This episode was all over the place, like it covered so many non-issues & gave coverage to so many things but despite that, it didn’t give me anything to talk about. It was one of those episodes where you hardly get to discuss anything & just end up summarizing it in your review as the situations are so one-dimensional. I feel a lot for Gaiti, like every time I see her, I feel the pain that she is going through. Gaiti finally gave birth to her & Daniyal’s son & it was good that after the birth of her child, she was relieved & was being calm. Yes, she misses her husband till date but now it seemed like she found a purpose to live her life & she was happy with it.

Asfand was trying to find some evidences but the possibility of him finding anything is next to zero because now with Rab Nawaz’s death, everything has been dismissed & there’s no chance that he’d get to Dilawar or even Urooj to prove Daniyal’s innocence. In my opinion, Usman has to be the most pathetic character ever, like he fits the proverb ‘once a coward, always a coward’ perfectly. I don’t feel a thing for him & I don’t even feel like relating to his pain, in fact I find myself relating more to his wife when she cries while missing Daniyal because she being a mother always wanted her child to stay safe but Usman, despite knowing what Rab Nawaz was capable of didn’t do anything, so to see him cutting himself off from the entire world doesn’t really make any difference. His indifference at the birth of his grandson was another thing that made me detest his character. Now when he saw that Asfand was doing some work on his own to get to the culprits, in stead of encouraging him, Usman decided to scurry away from this entire situation!?!?!

Ohkay, we get it, Rehan & Sheema are sick of Zubiya & they can’t stand her but can we PLEASE move forward? Even in the scenes where they showed Zubiya in her college, she was seen sitting there aimlessly thinking about all the things that her brother & his wife said about her? Seriously? How many times are we going to hear the same things? WE GET IT, seriously we do, we do get it that Rehan hates Zubiya & Sheema is only bothered about gathering everything that Abbi has, so what else? At this point, I really feel that they have nothing to show in Zubiya’s track, like even now when the new phase of her life has begun, they had nothing to show that is why they kept on bringing up her past to add some drama in her track which seemed so unnecessary because now we know that with Abbi’s support & encouragement she is working hard to fulfill her mother’s dream, so can we please keep the focus on that? When Abbi has forgiven Zubiya & when he has announced that he trusts her, then Rehan, Sheema & their hatred shouldn’t be getting this much coverage, again & again!

Faryal got married, Asfand was heartbroken because of which he decided to go to America to complete his specialization. Usman & Co. moved to the northern areas. Gaiti’s parents didn’t see the good in the birth of Gaiti’s son & they spoke about bringing her back because they want her to get married again, like seriously!?!?! Also, Zubiya didn’t get married because her in laws to be found out about her past & Abbi had an accident, so this is what the entire episode was all about!

Overall, I found this episode boring & way too slow. I am not sure if there’s much left in the story because with Asfand moving to America, the hope that we had that he’d be able to get to the truth behind Daniyal’s death has been crushed. I don’t see it happening where Daniyal’s innocence will be proved ever, so that thing is out of the window. Also, I think all there’s left in the story is Zubiya & Asfand crossing paths & falling for each other? I hope they reach to that point of the story quickly & wrap it up decently because even though we’re through 14 episodes only, I don’t think the story even has that much of a content for it to cross the 20th episode mark that too without dragging, so let’s hope they end it decently & quickly! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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