Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 16 – A Decent Episode!

Ohkay so, I am glad that things moved forward in this episode especially in Zubiya’s life, but I really am looking forward to how & when she will independently get to shape up her life where there will be no one bringing up her past again & again, but then I am not sure if that is ever going to happen considering when she will meet Asfand, as even he will be a reminiscent of the darkness that once came in her life & the fact that he was a witness himself might make things difficult for Zubiya, but I have a feeling he might not judge her, now when he will see that Zubiya has become a doctor & carries herself with dignity & decency!

Abbi finally got a chance to apologize to Zubiya & voice his concerns. All this while Abbi actually did show that he was worried for his only daughter because he could see how Rehan mistreated her all this while, so just the thought of him not being around terrified him. Abbi did want Zubiya to settle down so that he could feel at peace knowing that someone was going to take care of her but sadly before that could happen, he passed away. The way Zubiya looked at Abbi’s things after his death was one of the most heart-touching & emotional scenes of this entire drama, it’s like you are trying to connect to the one you just lost through the things that they left behind. Touching his tasbeeh & then his shawl made Zubiya feel that he was still around!

As usual, Sheema tried to steer Rehan’s thoughts in the direction that he didn’t even consider – getting Zubiya’s jewelery for her husband’s business was the best Sheema could think of & not only that, her tone suddenly changed. Well, the entire scene where she badmouthed about Zubiya in front of her cousin was in line with her character since she isn’t tired of speaking about Zubiya’s past & it was amusing how her cousin thought harassing Zubiya was a good idea that too when her brother was around. As always, Rehan chose not to believe his sister because all these years, Sheema has really maligned his heart & mind against her that’s why he thought Zubiya must’ve been at fault. Sajal Ali deserves an award for this particular scene as she was exceptional. Zubiya finally voiced the truth & that too in such a way that left Rehan speechless because Rehan didn’t have any answers to her questions. Rehan finally got a reality-check that he wasn’t allowed to display his ghiarat in the matters concerning Zubiya because he didn’t take a stand for his mother against his father when he killed her as he knew he will lose everything! Sheema sent Zubiya away & then blamed it all on Zubiya. Even though I was sad for Zubiya & I actually thought where’s she going to go, I was relieved that we won’t be getting to see Sheema & Rehan anymore!

I actually didn’t think that Zubiya will go to Mahjabeen’s house & that came as a pleasant surprise. It is good that Zubiya finally decided to move on & is now going to take care of herself on her own. So, Asfand is back & he has partnered with Dr. Shehroz to open up the hospital in his father’s hometown. They have started working & are now looking for a team of doctors to run the hospital. I am sure that’s where Zubiya will show up because as the preview suggested, she will be judged by Mohsin’s wife too & she will have to leave. I actually rolled my eyes really hard when I saw this scene in the precap, like it’s given that Zubiya will leave & pursue the job in Asfand’s hospital, so I am not sure if this entire blame game was necessary where Mohsin’s wife will accuse her of being involved with him? Seriously, they have shown us enough of how Zubiya’s past has haunted her all this while, so I feel there is no need of showing it in this phase of her life as she has left everything behind. Zubiya is going to go anyways so they could’ve shown that she left her Khala’s house on a positive note, not because of some insecure woman who couldn’t stop herself from making assumptions & then accusing Zubiya for something so pathetic!

I wish they had given some proper dialogues to Shamil Khan when he was talking to the Police Commissioner, his stuttering actually showed that he was struggling really hard. Also, I am not sure who has told the female actors that they need hair extensions in every other scene, like Beenish Raja’s extension selection was worse but what’s worst was them being all over the place during those fight scenes! Also, yes, even though after that scene, a wife was trying to calm her cry-baby husband down, there was too much physical contact that happened for my liking! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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