Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 15 Review – Slow But Decent!

Ohkay so, this episode was a bit better than the previous one. I am glad that the story took a leap of 5 years but even then they showed that every single character was stuck in the past, which actually happens because no matter how hard you try to run away from your past, it does come back & haunt you. Gaiti is stuck in the past too, Zubiya even though has moved on but still is facing the brunt of her past mistakes & Khalil’s entire present & future has been laid out in a way that it will remind him of his past till his last breath. However, I will say that the pace has slowed down considerably. Things were quite intense when the story was focusing on Daniyal & Noori’s track but after that, everything has become one-dimensional. I feel the story of this novel was appropriate for 16-18 episodes but since HUM is known for dragging the dramas, I am dreading the thought of it not ending before 24-25 episodes.

So, Khalil couldn’t recover from the accident that he met & this was basically a punishment that he got, to reflect on his past mistakes & seek forgiveness for all that he has done. Even before the accident, Khalil had realized how wrong he was but now for the rest of his life, he was going to get reminded of all that he has done. Zubiya was there to support her father emotionally because just when she hit the rock bottom, Khalil was the one who stood by her & now it was Zubiya’s turn to return the favor.

I was disappointed to see zero growth in Sheema’s character, like she is enjoying all the bounties of life so not sure why she has to be so so bitter that too with her husband being in charge of the finances now? Why’s there a need for her to be so indifferent to Abbi? Initially she used to be mad at Abbi because he was the one who dealt with everything & Rehan used to work as an employee but now her husband is doing everything so there’s no need for her to be so negative! Looks like Rehan has started to forgive Zubiya or if not, he has started to think on those lines because he has seen how hard Zubiya has worked to redeem herself & how she hasn’t given any reason to anyone to doubt her! Even though Sheema is just a side character but seeing the coverage she & her turbo tongue gets, I wish she tastes a spin of karma too to realize how wrong she is!

Asfand is busy with his routine & looks like he avoids coming back to Pakistan, may be because of the note at which he left in the first place. Gaiti, Usman & his wife along with Saim are busy in their own world but it was commendable how there was this undertone of sadness in their scenes, as if something is still missing from their lives & they are incomplete but are still living their life as it came. As usual, even after 5 years, Gaiti’s mom was only focused on Gaiti’s marriage but I loved when Gaiti gave her a shutup call!

Khalil wants Zubiya to get married & for that reason he contacted Mahjabeen, to apologize & also to suggest Zubiya’s marriage with her cousin but it couldn’t happen as Mohsin is already engaged. I liked the scene where Zubiya for the first time broke down in front of her father, it’s like she has been bearing this burden for so many years but now she couldn’t take it anymore & felt weak because she realized that all of her efforts have gone to waste as people are not ready to forget what she did. Another thing worth noticing in this episode was how Zubiya snubbed her colleague, it’s like she now has an trust issues & she wouldn’t trust any guy easily. Also, it looked like Zubiya didn’t want to give anyone any chance to make any assumptions about her, that’s why she firmly said no to the guy who offered her a ride to her home!

Overall, this episode was decent but it was quite slow. I really wish they now move the story forward & especially the characters forward in such a way where their past is not attached to them anymore & we get to see them living life in their present because the focus on everyone’s past has been overdone now, to the point where at certain point I felt that the 5 year leap was not serving any purpose whatsoever! I’m hoping that the dynamics will change with Asfand’s re-entry. I really think the producers & the editors should consider cutting down on the slow pace of the drama by editing out all those unnecessary scenes & finishing it off around the 20th episode mark because there isn’t much left in the story & the long scenes & conversations make it even more obvious! Sajjal Ali & Ehtashamuddin were the stars of this episode, I loved their performances. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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