Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 18 Review – Nice Episode!

Ohkay so, it was a nice episode of Yakeen Ka Safar. I am sure those who are the ‘viewers’ of this drama would’ve loved it but when it comes to me, being a ‘reviewer’ I have started to find this drama so situational that it doesn’t give me much to discuss or talk about in detail, like if I am being honest about it. While watching this drama as a ‘viewer’ myself, I enjoyed it thoroughly but now when I have sat down to ‘review’ this episode, I am not sure what needs to be spoken about & I think this is going to be the case with the rest of the episodes because everything has become quite situational which can be enjoyably viewed but not reviewed!

Overall this episode was nice & pretty decent. I know those who are associated with the field of medicine might find some loopholes but for someone like me who has no idea about how things roll, I actually liked the way how things were portrayed like the life of the doctors & what is expected from them. I think after a long time, probably after Dhoop Kinare we are getting to see a drama where they are showing the doctors’ perspective in detail & are highlighting the pressures they face in their day to day lives. Everything according to me was shown convincingly so I enjoyed watching it!

So, Zubiya got to assist Asfand & he has told her already that he expects nothing but the best from her. Asfand has assigned a lot of pressures to himself because his hospital is new & he wants to establish its name, that is why he wants the patients to get the best of treatment. Asfand doesn’t believe in committing mistakes because he knows that doctors can’t afford to do that as people rely on them when they are going through the roughest of times & this is exactly what he tried to convey to Zubiya time & again!

Zubiya is obviously finding it hard to meet Asfand’s expectations because being a newbie with no experience at hand, she is bound to make mistakes & that is what is ticking Asfand off. I liked the fact that Zubiya didn’t complain but tried to improve herself & she started reading between the lines to make things easier for herself but then again, even that wasn’t enough for Asfand.

The new development that I liked the most was both Zubiya & Gaiti coming across each other. They both will find a life long friend & it was interesting how their friendship developed where they first shared a few details & then later started confiding in each other. I liked Gaiti’s approach where she didn’t tell Zubiya anything about her being related to Asfand because like she said, she doesn’t want Zubiya to run away from her because she sees a friend in her that she didn’t have. Zubiya has come across a lot such people in such a short span of time who have an emotional baggage & deal with it on a daily basis, like first her colleague & now Gaiti, it will strengthen Zubiya & encourage her to face her fears strongly when she will see people with such big sorrows getting on with life normally!

Overall, this episode was pretty decent & straight forward. Not much drama happened but I liked the simplicity with the way things unfolded. The preview of the next episode however promised a bit of a drama where Rehan will finally speak up but to be honest, both Rehan & Sheema’s faces are so off-putting that I am not interested to see Rehan becoming a man & speaking in favor of Zubiya, in fact I am not happy that they both are going to make an appearance again! Looks like Zubiya will stuff things up again which will further rile Asfand up or may be, he won’t say anything to her going by the lecture that Gaiti gave to him regarding treating Zubiya with respect & love. It seems we are going to have a new entry; Maryam Nafees’s character, a victim of domestic violence. I am sure her addition in the story will play an important role but it makes me think ke kuch ziyada nahi ho gaya? If that was the case I wish they had compensated with 3 – 4 characters like Dr. Haroon to make things a bit light-hearted. I mean every other girl in this drama is or has been a victim of misfortune, hmmmm quite heavy I must say! Anwyways, Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Ali’s performances were good & I enjoyed their scenes together. I enjoyed Hira Mani’s scenes too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar!

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