Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz’s Picture Is Getting Serious Hate From People

Once again, the couple is receiving enormous hate on their picture.

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are vacationing in Miami. The love birds keep on posting cute pictures from their trip.

Recently, Yasir posted a picture with Iqra in which Yasir is holding Iqra in his arms.

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hello Miami πŸ– πŸ’• @iiqraaziz

A post shared by Yasir Hussain (@yasir.hussain131) on

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hello Miami πŸ– πŸ’• @iiqraaziz

A post shared by Yasir Hussain (@yasir.hussain131) on

This picture got mixed comments. Some people loved the picture while others judged the couple for posting this picture and vacationing together.

Here’s what people have said about Iqra and Yasir’s picture!

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People called the couple ‘chichora’ and suggested them to get married.



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After receiving all this hate, Yasir turned off the comments section so that people stop throwing hate on him and Iqra.

People love to hate celebrities. This is not the first time the couple has received hate on their pictures.

What are your views about this? Share with us in the comments section.Β 


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  • Really guys….just get married…if you are celebrities for us Pakistanis then atleast respect our culture, its just as unethical to go.honeymooning before marriage as it is to work in a whitening cream ad. Peace. No offence intended. Just a humble request. Get married before all of this…

  • Akhir ye log kia show karwana chahaty hai youth ko??k engagement k baad behoodgi k had kar day??ye kia duniya ka pehla couple hai?aur b log hai engagement kia wo to shadi k baad k social media per iss tarha apni ezat nai uchaltay

  • i’m not surprised, it they are going to behave like they are not muslims then they will get feedback full of hate, why don’t they just get married like normal people

  • Ye dono akhir ks ma’ashrey or tehzeb ki numaindagi kr rhey han? Ye sb to shadi k baad bhi ho skta tha. Mje to Iqra ki amma pa afsos ha k unho ne beti ko itni dheel q di ha?
    Yasir sahab agar apse such suna nhe jata to pr na aesi herkatein kya kro or na he khud dosron pa ultey sedhey tabsarey kya kro.

  • These are not hate comments, this couple is hurting the sentiment s of their fan. Honey mooning before marriage is unheard of in our society …they r subtly promoting live in relationship s ..may Allah guide them .

  • Actors promote art and culture. .I don’t understand what kind of culture these two actors are promoting. .you should be a good example for the society. .I really admire Hamza Ali abbasi and ahad Raza Mir how gracefully they have handles their relationship. .

  • I don’t think so that they will marry….. Cause whatever surprises occurs after marriage, they are already got them.. Now look like nothing is New between them…

    • I like it.. 😁😁Ppl! u have real lives at the back of camera too, ur not national’s role models or have take any such responsibility, the values also include to stop bothering about ppl’s personal life style n their choices unless they personally do cause u a harm, kindly ppl get a job ur self to take about real problems rather teaching ethics n morals of ur so called ‘society’, (karachi ma kachry ka masla hy, is py futwy lagaein, polio ma abi jee rahy hu, sharm nahi ati, stone age ppl), n its they brainless ppl unfollow them on social media n avoid watching them on TV, tumhry subscription sy Disney land ka ticket paper b nahi miltaπŸ˜…πŸ˜….

  • We need to stop looking at people’s pics if we don’t like them, because they both are doing this on purpose. Some people like to do what irritates others. I think we all have said enough. At the end we should all be seeing our own deeds. We have done our deed by telling them numerous times to not portray Pakistan like this. This is not our culture or religion!
    They’re having their time and posting these pics on purpose. So stop commenting, because they enjoy negative comments as well as positive ones!

  • We Pakistani are strict adherent of lslam,there is no place for such shamelessness in our society ,stop promoting western disaster or leave this country.

  • Yar what is this…. Jab yagi log dramo ma aisi harkety krty hain to log inko bht appricait krty hain….. Kash logo ko smajh a hat

  • Mujy ye samj nai atti en logo ko achi thra pata k hammy log kaisy psand karain ge itnay achy drama ker k logo k dil jeet liye or abbassi harktain ker k nafrat kuch sharm hotti ha kuch haya hotti ha shadi k bad b assi pis public place per nai show karwaty ye bed rooms tak he limits hoti bhr hal ohchaaa couple 2019

  • Where are they getting funds for ‘vacationing’? Yasir is no where seen near television for how long. Iqra does few projects here and then but haven’t seen her since her last project. These are paid advertisement for sure, and if it’s their mean of living then they should seriously move our of our country as these vulgarity is not acceptable here.

  • I think everyone should take care of themselves first.We are no one to criticize them. Since, it’s between them and Allah and also, we need to focus in managing our lives according to Islam and on the top of everything we are not sure about whether who is the loved one or best for Allah.

  • Astughfirollah hazar bar ye tu Saraa Sar haram Kam hy Nika se pehlay es terha ki phisical bonding my god. In per tu muftiYan Kira ko fatwa Dena chaye kya ye Muslim hn
    Ye kon sa Islam in ko tu sang Sar ker Dena chaye plz plz

  • I cannot believe , that iqra chanda can do this ,because all their fans love him for their cuteness and traditional work throughout tv drama suno chanda ,after this type of behavier ,i am unfollowing iqra on insta, and youtube ,HUM awards is not so important then career loss ,this is my opinion .from now i am going to boycott the iqra aziz dramas and everything else .

  • Another Unmarried couple creating havoc in our culture and society. Vacationing before marriage. How much time does it take to perform a simple NIKAH? But why do the halal thing? Having married life before marriage. Please don’t call yourself Muslims after this time yasir and iqra. We won’t accept it anymore

  • Dear writer, frstly u should correctify ur statement that “cute pictures” if it seems to u cute so it would be useless to say some thing on this forum which already is in favor of their anti-islamic acts.yasir and iqra are not leaving in non-islamic state. They represent us as whole nation.bina shadi k hume ye sb kr k dikha rhe matlb zrort hi nhi shadi ki. Or isko social media pe share krne ki logic smj nhi ati. Ye harkaten kin logo ko pasand ati hongi??jo so called muslims hen. Jinko srf dunya ki zndgi chahye. Behayai ko promote krna chorden plz.

  • Wish they would learn a lesson from the Duke n Duchess of England. They had all the more reason to dress up their own way but they opted otherwise.
    On the contrary these hipocrites belong to nowhere.
    (kwa chla huns ki chal; apni bhi bhol gya)

  • Vulgar. Teaching and preaching people to follow their footsteps. Their Motto is ” No need of legal and religious marriage “. Question is if this will be done by Yasir’s sister or mother?

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