Yasir Hussain & Iqra Aziz Enjoyed at Ormara Beach with Friends

Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz has been a sensation on the Internet since the two started dropping hints at various events and openly being their support system. Yasir Hussain then blew the mind of the town by proposing Iqra Aziz during the Lux Style Awards. The romantic duo finds themselves tangled in controversies very often but still do what they love to go without thinking about anyone else. 

Iqra and Yasir post their pictures on social media to share them with their fans. Some bless the couple while there are many who pass negative comments to them. The couple loves to spend quality time with each other. They shared their pictures all the way from Thailand earlier this summer and now the couple can be seen enjoying a trip to Ormara beach with their friends and family. 

Their pictures went viral over the internet and now they have become the talk of the town again. Here are some beautiful pictures of lovebirds along with their friends. Have a look! 

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 1

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 2

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 3

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 4

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 5

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 6

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 7

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 8

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 9

Yasir Iqra Aziz Ormara Beach 10


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  • Yasir & Iqra are behaving before formally is against the norms of society this not London or America. This is Pakistan and be treated as FITNA in our society. Being celebrate one can not go beyond limit.

  • Lost all respect for Iqra and Yasir Hussain. If you choose to behave in this manner there’s no need to throw it around the internet.

  • I think they are married. she was wear a wedding band with her engagement ring. I do not know why they claimed to be engaged not married.

  • Totally shameless couple. Also very strange the way the media and internet news outlets are giving so much attention to this awara couple. My request to all Pakistani news outlets: Just ignore these people. We don’t want to know what clothes Iqra is wearing or what new besharmi ki activity she is performing with her boyfriend. If she has no shame and persistently publicises her illegitimate relationship, please stop bombarding us with this. Find decent, good Muslim role models to publicise, so people can find inspiration and in strengthening their Islamic values.
    This media spotlight on this couple makes us think of a larger Western agenda of promoting shamelessness and haram relationships in the Islamic republic of Pakistan. May Allah protect our iman in these times.

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