Yasir Hussain & Sami Khan In India

In an interview with Express Tribune a while back, Yasir Hussain revealed that he will be working on a Bollywood rom-com flick, ‘‘The director of this Indian film is a Pakistani guy Rizwan. I can’t disclose the title just yet, but for now I can tell you that it is being produced by an Indian chap called Gulraiz. The cast is essentially a ‘mixed plate’, which consists both, Pakistani as well as Indian actors. The shoot will take place in Mumbai and I will be flying off to India in about three days’ time for almost a week.”

Recently, Yasir Hussain and Sami Khan posted a few pictures to announce that they have arrived in Mumbai, India. Since Yasir Hussain mentioned that the cast of the said Bollywood movie includes both Pakistani and Indian actors, we can guess that Sami Khan and Yasir Hussain will be working on this project together.

IMG_20160721_153049 IMG_20160721_153014 IMG_20160721_153004 IMG_20160721_141247


And guess who they bumped into…

IMG_20160723_172654 IMG_20160723_172723




And they are right when they say, 'Writing is a form of therapy'.

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