Ye Dil Mera Episode 14 Story Review – Initial Stages of Marriage

Ohkay so, this episode of Ye Dil Mera was nothing short of a treat for Sajal Aly & Ahad Raza Mir’s fans. When it comes to the drama, the pace has slowed down considerably. I am pretty sure it is not because I watched the initial 12 episodes together, because it seems to be a fact that this & the previous episodes did not take the story forward. However, it is understandable that they are taking their time in establishing the foundation of Ana & Amaan’s relationship. This episode had a lot of sweet moments to its credit & it was nice to see the initial stages of a married life of Ana & Amaan.

Amaan’s Trying To Set The Boundaries

Ana & Amaan are not only getting to know each other better, they are developing understanding too. Ana is learning new things about Amaan each & everyday. Amaan is also doing what it takes to make Ana comfortable. I feel all the things Amaan does for Ana are because he wants to capture her utmost & undivided attention. It is like he wants to work on what the future might hold for Ana because he knows when he will bring Meer Farooq down, it will be Ana who will get affected the most, therefore he is doing everything to become Ana’s priority. This entire episode focused on Amaan’s continuous attempts of distancing Ana from her father. He is taking care of her, showering her with love & attention so that the thought of missing her father does not cross her mind.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 14 Story Review - Initial Stages of Marriage

Amaan’s hatred for Meer Farooq is another story, but this episode shed a light on how Ana was bringing out the more humane side of Amaan. It was like she was unconsciously getting Amman familiarized with the emotions that he thought he was incapable of feeling anymore. The more he gets to learn about her, her fears & how emotionally attached she is to the people she loves, he stops & is forced to think. Amaan feels for her a lot. Although Amaan is not backtracking from his mission at all, but it is becoming very interesting to see how he is finding himself torn between his revenge & its consequences that will disturb his wife the most.

Ana feels at her utmost comfort with Amaan, she feels secure & safe – exactly how she felt with Meer Farooq & this is exactly why she has fallen for Amaan & she most often lets go of his questionable antics & behavior. For Ana, all the good things Amaan does overshadow the tiffs she has with him. Amaan has made sure to feed it into Ana’s mind that he likes being her favorite, he also expects her to just accept him the way he is. Ana doesn’t know that yet but she has slowly & steadily started to do what Amaan expects from her. Yes, she is opinionated & she lets him know when she is upset, but then she always finds a reason to believe what Amaan tells her. The love that Ana has for Amaan is the strongest force that is not allowing her to fall at the moment. She is happy & she is very much in love.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 14 Story Review - Initial Stages of Marriage

Ali Bakhsh is trying to be quite efficient. He has started to keep tabs on Sahira. It is his loyalty to Meer Farooq that keeps him going but yes, it does look like sooner or later he might start to feel suffocated with Meer Farooq’s attitude – especially now with Amaan being in the picture. All this while, it was interesting to note how carefully Amaan was playing his cards. He not only distanced Ana from her father for the day but also made sure to embarrass him in front of his friends. Amaan obviously is taking things slow but right now he only does what he knows he’ll get away with easily

Farhana has her concerns, she is finding it very hard to put a finger on what is bothering her. Also, it is obvious that she is actually feeling bad to be doubting a husband like Meer Farooq who has fabricated such an image in front of everyone that he was madly in love with his wife, it was like she wanted to but could not. I also wish they had shown at least a couple of conversations between Amaan & Farhana where he had spoken to her on those lines subliminally, because even though Farhana said after listening to Amaan, she was forced to ask those questions, I felt we did miss some important scenes there.

Some Sweet Moments of Ana & Amaan

This episode of Ye Dil Mera was sweet because of some very cute moments that Amaan & Ana shared. It is lovely to see how they are showing the life of a married couple, where they both are in love, doing one thing or the other to make their spouse happy. I even found their arguments very nicely & realistically done where it was shown that Amaan was trying to push Ana’s limits & making it obvious that he did not like being put in a tight spot because of her father. They both are getting to know each other, therefore these arguments & bickering is not only realistic but has been executed nicely too. Their conversations were beautifully written. Ahad & Sajal were brilliant; together as well as individually as Ana & Amaan. The post-dinner scene was badly edited, it was too obvious that the scenes were shot at different locations & were later edited & merged to make it look like a single scene, plus Sajal’s hairstyle was different in that scene & got back to how it was at a restaurant when she was in the car. The preview of the next episode showed that Amaan will further do such things that will make Ana question him but not sure if she is going to react to it just yet or not. Looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Perfect review Zahra!!
    I so wish that they start unfolding the mystery now. The pace is getting slow. As you mentioned, the continuity issues are still there.
    Ahad and Sajal were brilliant through out.
    I think Ali Bakhsh is not just loyal to Meer Farooq, he is in love with him 😂😂 Jab bhi Meer Farooq usay mamooli mulazam kehta hai becharay ka moonh ban jata hai, issi ne baaton main laga k Meer Farooq say uski Biwi ka Qatal karaya hna hai aur ab Sahira se peecha churanay ki bhi bharpoor koshish Kar rha hai and above all abhi tak Shadi bhi nai ki Ali Bakhsh ney 😂😂

    • Hahaha lol, thank you so much PP for a fun comment. :) I am not sure if you have seen CBA’s reviews of MPTH, you’ll get what I am saying then. After Mateen Sahab’s love for Danish, we’re going to see another love angle in Ye Dil Mera of Ali Baksh & Meer Farooq. :D Oh yes, Ali Baksh is still single…kafi nazuk surat e haal hai.

      • Haha you are welcome ❤️
        I do watch CBA’s reviews and love them 😂 Waqai Bohat Nazuq Surat e haal hai 😂

      • Strange you have no problem with sajal and ahad’s cheap scenes but such issues bug you. Kafi nazuk surat e haal hei

  • This drama needed more detailed direction and screenplay. I am surprised at Sajjal and Ahad. They hug in every drama as if it is normal. They are not married and even if they were they should follow the limits which all Pakistani actors follow. It looks cheap. Sajjal’s clothing is not appropriate in this drama. Yeh Dil Mera is a family drama story and without these masalas families can easily sit down and watch it together. These scenes would’ve been sweet without all this.
    As if Khala’s bad acting was not enough, her husband’s acting is pathetic. This was a big drama, supporting cast should be up to the mark. All of a sudden Aina is cured. No more nightmares or visits to the psychiatrist. Valima was not shown. Not a single meeting of Meer with his beloved daughter. One meeting that happened was pointless. Aina said Bua told her about dinner that scene was badly edited. Ali Baksh should’ve been assigned the duty of taking out Aman’s call records and finding out other details. It is really hopeless how this marriage took place.

      • These Stupid “SaHad” fans have totally lost it. If someone is generally talking about deceny & PDA you label him a moulvi.
        Pathetic thinking

        • What Kiran pointed out is something which was being discussed by us while we were watching this episode. It looks so bad. We are normalizing and idealizing practices which are not consistent with our culture.

          • I have to admit. It does look weird. Either it’s the norm and everyone hugs. Or noone hugs. It does seem inappropriate. Especially the manner in which they do. It’s cheap for another reason – it’s exploitation of private relship for public good ..consumption. I am sure if it were another actor, they would not feel comfortable hugging this way.

    • She has not cured. Nightmares were never regular thingy. It happens when she watches something that relates to her past forgotten memories.

    • No, Ana is not cured all of a sudden. She has stated a lot of times that she feels secure with Amaan. Also, she recently got married to the love of her life so I feel she is just happy. I don’t think even in reality if someone has psychological issues or traumatic past experiences, it rules their lives every single day, every single minute. Everyone has good days & bad days. Sometimes a lot of things do not bother, or at times just a single incident is enough to trigger an upsetting emotion or feeling.

      It does look like Natasha was having a hard time delivering Urdu dialogues, hence the fumbles & unnatural acting. After watching Sunita Marshal’s interview recently & how she is not getting approached for projects these days, all I could wonder seeing this episode was how convincingly Sunita must’ve portrayed the character of Farhana. She’s totally capable of looking Ana’s khala – young with a lot of grace & personality!

      • I think you do not understand mental conditions well that is why your review is so straight forward as if you were summarizing the start of someone’s marriage. The people involved have mental issues don’t forget that. Your approach towards reviewing this drama has been immature.

        Stop deleting comments which do not Favor your opinion. So immature of you.

    • V well said about that intimate scenes, not feel comfortable no matter what the actual relation of actors are. As a norm in our society and religion even no married couples hug frequently in front of others. So making the audience comfortable with such scenes and encouraging them to do so in every day life is probably the agenda of media.
      I am really surprised by the people saying “just don’t watch it”, what do you mean by this, there is no warning attached to dramas like ” only for adults” how can you judge before starting. If you guys have any such prior intuition plz let us know so we can avoid such stuff.

  • Spot on review zahra. This episode surely was a treat to sajal Ahad’s fans, what we didn’t get in yakeen ka safari we are getting it here. Sajal looked so pretty throughout the episode. I hope in coming episodes the pace will move fast otherwise it is a brilliant drama.

    • Thank you so much Shifa. Yes, I am also eagerly looking forward to the next phase of the story when Amaan will put his plan into action. :) Sajal is gorgeous for sure. :)

  • True that this drama must be treat for Ahad and Sajal fans. But for others it was so-so. Seems the drama makers are also facing some psychological issues which is visible from handling of this drama since inception.

    Let’s see how they show secret behind Ana’s death, how was she murdered? Bua will definitely contribute. Meer Farooq’s second wife will also be killed, I guess. Episode was slow aur bas ab Amaan should speed up his revenge process. ;)

    • Yes, it seems he will put his plan into action from the next episode, or at least will begin the process. I think Ali Baksh will harm Sahira or expose her in front of Meer Farooq because he is already keeping tabs on her.

  • I think that sirf post dinner scene thora sa incomplete sa tha baqi sab kuch perfect tha. Mujhy nahi lagta ki story slow chal rahi cz they are showing it step by step. Before starting the actual revenge it is the need of the script that they must tell us about the nature plus the hatred of Amaan for Meer Farooq .agar yeh sub kuch skip kar ki amaan apny asli intensions show karta then sab kuch kharab ho jata
    And mujhy to ahad aur sajal ka har scene acha lagta hay. Jin ko inki romance py objection hay woh log meray khyal se aur dramas nahi dekhti. In ko point is liye kar rahy hain ki ye engaged hain and inko bath karny ka muqa chahiye.
    I think ghalti drama main affan and hira mani ka post marriage romance nahi dekha?

    • Haan jee bilkul. Abbhi filhaal ye focus Ana aur Amaan ki relationship pe isi liye kiya ja raha hai takay bataya ja sakay ke Amaan Ana ko kaisay control kar raha hai aur Meer Farooq se distance kar raha hai. To be honest, I didn’t find their scenes objectionable at all!

  • Saw ehsan talish today at hospital sitting on bench. So wanted to ask him about the improper editing previously done also but thought of not going because may be he was having some rough time there thinking something..

    • I am glad you decided not to approach him. Dramas aside, everyone has their fair share of personal life struggles & they should be allowed the space they need. I wish him well.

  • Hey Zahra,
    I love reading your reviews and your take on things is quite interesting.
    However I do believe you missed an important aspect of Amaan and Ana’s relationship in this episode. I felt like they way Amaan is treating Ana is typical of abusers and narcissists; the whole love-bombing and then slowly gaslighting her and making her question herself(hiding her phone and later blaming her of being careless was clear indication of this). So while he may feel for her he is setting her up and slowly testing her boundaries which is why their interactions come across as weird to me

    • Hello Anon. Thank you so much for appreciating the reviews. Actually, though I may not have used the actual terms, but this is what I did mention in the review that Amaan is testing Ana & creating such a trap for her where he’ll end up being her priority & not Meer Farooq. He is clearly showing signs of being a control freak.

      • You used terms such as cute and sweet. How can a control freak have a cute and sweet relationship with their spouse? Own your mistakes and stop deleting comments. Let us say what we want. If you do not want to reply that is your choice but don’t delete comments. What kind of rule is that? Explain. The reply to Anon was deleted. May I inquire why?

        • Hey Kanwal I think you are a doctor and have read your previous comments on this thread.
          The reviewers here are housewives with 1,2 children and seems like they havent seen any life out of their houses. Their drama selection is so poor, based on stardom and channels. Take YehDilMera MerePaasTumHo Alif for instance.
          They just shove their gutter opinions in everyone’s minds and so many desperate fans are here to second their opinion.

  • Thank you for the review. The story is really good but editing has some issues. I did not like Sajal’s black dress. They could have gotten her a better eastern wear. I believe the episode are bit slow only cause they are about to show something big soon.

    • Thank you so much P for reading the reviews & appreciating them. I will have to agree, the eastern wear Sajal has worn in this drama is probably the least impressive I have ever seen her wearing. May be they needed a better stylist or just decided to make her wear whatever was available, even if it was her size or not.

  • I felt there was not much progress from last week. I really wish the story will move on to ana and aman’s traumatic childhood. I also feel like sajal and ahad’s chemistry has fizzled out compared to their 1st drama. or maybe it’s just that I can’t connect much with the characters and don’t know what they are thinking most of the time

    • Yes, I am looking forward to the next phase of the story when Amaan will actually start tearing Meer Farooq down, but I guess they are just taking their time in showing the lovebirds & their initial marital bliss, but yes, time to move things forward.

  • Hi Zahra brilliant review as always! I was reading the comments of people here and although i am not trying to be the maulvi here but the amount of “actual” hugs in this drama is actually which i have not seen in any other drama! I dont mind seeing a hug but in all dramas i have seen that they do it in a very decent way n only if it is actually really really required!I have mentioned this before as well that in this drama they are banking really heavily on ahad and sajjals pairing and this pda seems quite forced just to please the audiance.

    • Hello Anon. Thank you so much. Yes, this might be a factor put into consideration by the makers that because Ahad & Sajal are a real life couple, they wanted to make the most of their chemistry.

      • instead of themselves, which i’m sure that they hug each other plenty in real life, they should think of what their viewers are comfortable with

  • Recently i have been watching Malaal e yar n the lead couple are very much being liked by the audience and they want to see some pda but they have actually chopped down alot of scenes or the scenes are shot from such angles which makes them quite decent! N in most of the dramas it is like this ! So although its Sahad still its a bit over !

  • Hey Zahra,

    Hope you are fine. I visit this site regularly but rarely comment. One thing that is torturing me is some freak, self appointed evaluator and some insane who is continually trying to get attention with her/his (I am sure name is fake) toxic comments. Kindly ban her its ruining the experience of otherwise a enjoyable thread.

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