Ye Dil Mera Episode 19 Story Review – The Ultimate Question

Ohkay so, this episode of Ye Dil Mera seemed never ending. The gazillion commercial breaks of Hum TV along with poor audio quality & delayed timing of Hum Tv’s Live Streaming doesn’t help the drama-watching experience either. This is something they should pay heed to for their overseas viewers who tune to watch the drama while it is airing in Pakistan simultaneously. It was good to see the rest of the characters for a break because in the previous few episodes, it was more or less only Amaan & Ana in the picture. I think the story-tellers have taken their sweet time, therefore they should now pick up a speed & cover the rest of the story by showing Amaan’s revenge & solve the mystery around Nilo Baji’s death.

The Ultimate Question

Let me begin by asking a serious question, Farhana Khala ka sabun slow hai kya? Please don’t tell me a curious soul like Farhana stumbled upon Nilo Baji’s last & final letter almost 2 decades after her death? This has to be the most unconvincing & unrealistic development in the story or maybe the writer had something else in her mind but the director couldn’t really do much more than to ruin the timing & everything surrounding this important detail? The viewers did get to see how Farhana Khala was obsessed with Nilo Baji when she came to Pakistan, so it already is pretty explanatory that Nilo Baji & mystery surrounding her death was always at the back of her mind, so why wasn’t she looking for answers before? Yes, we can also give her a benefit of doubt considering that she got married & was probably raising 2 children, who are more like na maloom afraad in the story, so she got pretty occupied with her marital life & motherhood in general but still? If they had shown it to be a span of a few years, it still would’ve made some sense but 2 decades?

Please don’t expect the viewers to buy the fact that a character as curious as Farhana sat still for almost 2 decades before she started looking for answers. She knew the details like how her parents came back unsatisfied, full of ambiguities about Nilo Baji’s death, so this factor stayed with her for all these years, but still she never decided to look into it & only grew more curious because she visited Pakistan & saw everyone’s reactions & hesitation in answering her questions regarding her sister? Another aspect that made this entire scenario far more unrealistic & unconvincing was that just moments before Farhana declared that she had saved these few things & oftens looks at them to connect with her family & recall their memories, so it just had to be this day after 2 decades going through a pile of few randomly folded papers she saw Nilo Baji’s letter? Please!

I am not sure if I should even expect Ana to show some redeeming qualities or maybe like in a typical Ahsan Talish fashion, she will miraculously grow up & take charge of everything in her life in the last 2 minutes of the last episode of Ye Dil Mera? The only interesting thing was that finally after studying Amaan’s behavior closely for a few days, she has finally started seeing him for who he is & is becoming suspicious. She stumbled upon her necklace & found it in a dustbin. It was enough to disturb her & I am glad she took that as a hint & didn’t just let it pass. Amaan’s strange attitude towards Ghouri also was quite off-putting for Ana. Ana also screened Farhana Khala’s calls & when she finally decided to receive one of them, she just didn’t really pay heed to how rattled she sounded on the phone. Once again, not too sure if the viewers should expect much from Ana’s character because after 19 episodes, the viewers should at least have that much clarity but in this case, it is quite ambiguous!

Amaan for now is pretty much in control of everything, at least so far this is what he thinks but other than that, nothing much happened apart from him shouting at Ana & then acting as if nothing happened. This side of his personality is realistic & makes a lot of sense because it is like after a build up, after he yells or screams, he channels out his pent up anger & then gets the breather to behave normally.

Meer Farooq is pretty much done with Sahira, this is why he is sending her away because he can totally foresee her causing more trouble to him in the future. Sahira will obviously get caught as suggested in the next promo but it seems even Meer Farooq will get to know some details about Amaan that will make him suspicious.

Move The Story Forward

Overall this episode of Ye Dil Mera actually didn’t have much to offer & neither did it take the story forward. The only development worth noticing was Farhana Khala getting to read Nilo Baji’s letter & her father’s diary but because of the fact that she was getting to do all that after 2 decades, it failed to leave an impact. Also, if their father could not share everything with his wife, wasn’t there someone else? A phupho, a chacha, his best friend, his business partner, a colleague or anyone random that he would’ve cared to share some details with? Even a psychopath like Meer Farooq has maintained a healthy relationship with Ghouri, so please don’t tell me that Farhana’s father didn’t have anyone except his diary? Forever alone?

It won’t be wrong to say that some of the scenes have started to seem repetitive, especially Amaan & Ana’s. Everytime Amaan blatantly lies in front of his wife only to later ask her if she was bothered about it or not? Ana not showing any signs of distress after being yelled at by Amaan? Sitting on a sofa aimlessly throughout the day & picking up the pieces by asking Imam-din questions about Amaan & his belongings? I really hope the next episode is promising & offers something substantial because it is becoming a teensy bit hard to maintain an interest in Ye Dil Mera at this stage. Anyways, goes without saying that Ahad Raza Mir’s performance was phenomenal. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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