Ye Dil Mera Episode 19 Story Review – The Ultimate Question

Ohkay so, this episode of Ye Dil Mera seemed never ending. The gazillion commercial breaks of Hum TV along with poor audio quality & delayed timing of Hum Tv’s Live Streaming doesn’t help the drama-watching experience either. This is something they should pay heed to for their overseas viewers who tune to watch the drama while it is airing in Pakistan simultaneously. It was good to see the rest of the characters for a break because in the previous few episodes, it was more or less only Amaan & Ana in the picture. I think the story-tellers have taken their sweet time, therefore they should now pick up a speed & cover the rest of the story by showing Amaan’s revenge & solve the mystery around Nilo Baji’s death.

The Ultimate Question

Let me begin by asking a serious question, Farhana Khala ka sabun slow hai kya? Please don’t tell me a curious soul like Farhana stumbled upon Nilo Baji’s last & final letter almost 2 decades after her death? This has to be the most unconvincing & unrealistic development in the story or maybe the writer had something else in her mind but the director couldn’t really do much more than to ruin the timing & everything surrounding this important detail? The viewers did get to see how Farhana Khala was obsessed with Nilo Baji when she came to Pakistan, so it already is pretty explanatory that Nilo Baji & mystery surrounding her death was always at the back of her mind, so why wasn’t she looking for answers before? Yes, we can also give her a benefit of doubt considering that she got married & was probably raising 2 children, who are more like na maloom afraad in the story, so she got pretty occupied with her marital life & motherhood in general but still? If they had shown it to be a span of a few years, it still would’ve made some sense but 2 decades?

Please don’t expect the viewers to buy the fact that a character as curious as Farhana sat still for almost 2 decades before she started looking for answers. She knew the details like how her parents came back unsatisfied, full of ambiguities about Nilo Baji’s death, so this factor stayed with her for all these years, but still she never decided to look into it & only grew more curious because she visited Pakistan & saw everyone’s reactions & hesitation in answering her questions regarding her sister? Another aspect that made this entire scenario far more unrealistic & unconvincing was that just moments before Farhana declared that she had saved these few things & oftens looks at them to connect with her family & recall their memories, so it just had to be this day after 2 decades going through a pile of few randomly folded papers she saw Nilo Baji’s letter? Please!

I am not sure if I should even expect Ana to show some redeeming qualities or maybe like in a typical Ahsan Talish fashion, she will miraculously grow up & take charge of everything in her life in the last 2 minutes of the last episode of Ye Dil Mera? The only interesting thing was that finally after studying Amaan’s behavior closely for a few days, she has finally started seeing him for who he is & is becoming suspicious. She stumbled upon her necklace & found it in a dustbin. It was enough to disturb her & I am glad she took that as a hint & didn’t just let it pass. Amaan’s strange attitude towards Ghouri also was quite off-putting for Ana. Ana also screened Farhana Khala’s calls & when she finally decided to receive one of them, she just didn’t really pay heed to how rattled she sounded on the phone. Once again, not too sure if the viewers should expect much from Ana’s character because after 19 episodes, the viewers should at least have that much clarity but in this case, it is quite ambiguous!

Amaan for now is pretty much in control of everything, at least so far this is what he thinks but other than that, nothing much happened apart from him shouting at Ana & then acting as if nothing happened. This side of his personality is realistic & makes a lot of sense because it is like after a build up, after he yells or screams, he channels out his pent up anger & then gets the breather to behave normally.

Meer Farooq is pretty much done with Sahira, this is why he is sending her away because he can totally foresee her causing more trouble to him in the future. Sahira will obviously get caught as suggested in the next promo but it seems even Meer Farooq will get to know some details about Amaan that will make him suspicious.

Move The Story Forward

Overall this episode of Ye Dil Mera actually didn’t have much to offer & neither did it take the story forward. The only development worth noticing was Farhana Khala getting to read Nilo Baji’s letter & her father’s diary but because of the fact that she was getting to do all that after 2 decades, it failed to leave an impact. Also, if their father could not share everything with his wife, wasn’t there someone else? A phupho, a chacha, his best friend, his business partner, a colleague or anyone random that he would’ve cared to share some details with? Even a psychopath like Meer Farooq has maintained a healthy relationship with Ghouri, so please don’t tell me that Farhana’s father didn’t have anyone except his diary? Forever alone?

It won’t be wrong to say that some of the scenes have started to seem repetitive, especially Amaan & Ana’s. Everytime Amaan blatantly lies in front of his wife only to later ask her if she was bothered about it or not? Ana not showing any signs of distress after being yelled at by Amaan? Sitting on a sofa aimlessly throughout the day & picking up the pieces by asking Imam-din questions about Amaan & his belongings? I really hope the next episode is promising & offers something substantial because it is becoming a teensy bit hard to maintain an interest in Ye Dil Mera at this stage. Anyways, goes without saying that Ahad Raza Mir’s performance was phenomenal. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • One good thing about this episode was at least Ana found things fishy. Why Farhana Khala never read her father’s diary before? They should have at least given an explanation like himat nahi howi aj tak unki dairy partne ki and all.

    • Yes, a justification of some sort was definitely needed for things to make sense because just showing everything so casually doesn’t seem very wise for a drama & story like this.

  • Mujhu is episode main sab se achi cheez ana ka grown behavior laga and mujhy nahi lagta ki ana ne barey honey main jaldi ki cz jab se shadi huii hay tab se ana ki behavior main changes ho rahi theee.
    Secondly amaan ka ana ko daant kr sorry karna repetitive hay bilkul hay but lekin yeh math bhooleye ki uski sath mental issue hay tho aisy main har tarah ka behaviour expect kar sakty hain. Plus woh apny aap ko har tarah se cover karny ki liye bhi ghusa show karta hain and then usi ghussy ko apny normal behavior se cover up karta hay
    Farhana khala ka scene hamesha ki tarah boring tha. I think is script main farhana khala ko wesy add kiya gaya hay. Uski zarorat hi nahi the

    • Appki baat bilkul theek hai. Amaan ka behavior bohat realistic hai aur ye baat meinne bhi kahi hai ke jiss tarhaan uska mood aur behavior fluctuate hota hai, that perfectly highlights his psychological issues. Jee, abb to Ana ke behavior mai changes anay chahiyen, bas yehi ghuzarish hai ke drama khatam hone se pehle aa jayein to bari meherbani hogi. :)

  • Lagta hai aj ap ka mood acha nai hai Zahra. Itni tankeed😅.. But I can understand, especially because of the commercials.. they are absolutely never-ending!! Ruins the flow completely!!

  • Pehlay inki locket pay larai hui hai, phir Ghouri Uncle pay aur agalay din aubha phir Aina Amaan ka collar theek kar k usko japhiyaan daal rai thi😒 Farhana khala is plain annoying. Koi different story aa jae to handle nai hti in sey

    • Ana aik mashriqi larki hai jo apney shohar k pagal pan ko nazar andaz kertay huey subh usay galay laga ker rukhsat kerti hai.

    • Imagine if Sunita Marshal had played Farhana Khala’s role? She would’ve done a marvelous job. Natasha’s acting also has a lot to do with the fact that people are not being able to feel Farhana’s pain. Jee, Ana bohat masoom hain. :)

      • Waah Zahra Sunita realy could have nailed it!! Did u watch her interview where she said that nobody is offering her work? I wonder what are the casting directors upto!!

  • Your review is fantastic covered all pros & cons specially Farhana khala ka sabun slow balkay bohat hiii slow there are so many flaws in the drama that it’s losing audience interest I cannot understand the disappearance of Bowa jee she’s here before Ana’s birth and all of a sadden her unka zameer jaag gaya and she left Mir Farooq for no reason 🤓Mir Farooq being such a crook cannot understand many eye opening things like Sahira took his USB and transferred the Data for Amman???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much Seema. Farhana Khala’s character was so important but the way it has been tackled is in bad taste. Yes, Nargis Bua had promised Nilo Baji that she will always take care of Ana & after her marriage, she decided she should leave because she knows everything about Meer Farooq & Ali Baksh, but she tolerated them all these years for Ana’s sake. I also think Sahira had her own USB ready to transfer the data. :)

  • Hi.. Its my first time when i ve written to any critic.. So please ignore my mistakes…. Ur review was wonderful… Only certain things which i wanted to point out ive understood about the story… Farhana khala always remembered her sister.. And whenever she talked to her niece she talked to her about her baji and farooq bhai… As we have seen that unlike many men farooq always maintained agood relationships wd his inlaws.. If she had any doubts they were burried deeply… Because of the facade farooq had created regarding his love for his wife and absolute love for his daughter.. It was only after amaan had casually instigated the thought process of farhana that she is seeing everything in new light… Even the things she read or seen are now making sense to her… Otherwise she was also blindsided by farooqs devotion for his last wife and beyond anything else kind of love for her daughter

    • Hello Shafaq, thank you so much for joining in the discussion. Hope to read more of your comments in the future & no, there are no mistakes. :) Yes, you’re right when you say that Meer Farooq’s act did not let anyone doubt him. It reminded me of Farhana’s husband’s comment about Meer Farooq where he saw him as a very decent person. As far as it is true that Amaan’s insinuation has forced Farhana to think deeply about this matter but unfortunately, it was shown that she, for the first time, read her father’s diary & Nilo Baji’s letter, which makes it a little unconvincing considering the fact that her sister was always on Farhana’s mind & she couldn’t find a closure to her death.

  • Just because once the writer said that the director did not follow the script doesn’t mean everything is directors fault. Wherever we find shortcomings in the script we should criticize farhat ishtiaq not just the director. She can also make mistakes. Why blame the director for even parts which could be writer’s fault?

    • Yes, you’re right but it is a fact that the director with or without a vision can totally make or break a drama. The script of this drama surely is different but unfortunately, the directional flaws are far too many to not blame the director only.

  • Harsh and casually written review. Zahra you have not done justice to this drama. Your reviews have either been too casual or carelessly written. Sometimes praising everything and sometimes criticizing too much. You did not keep a balance while reviewing this play.

    • I also wish this drama wasn’t directed so casually with so many flaws & timeline issues, the reviews would’ve been less harsh. Chalain aisay hi sahi, casual directed drama ke casually written reviews. :) Fair?

  • Gr8 review Zahra. The only good thing in this episode was that Ana is now totally suspicious of Amaan, and is trying to find out the truth, it was enuff seeing her take the nonsense from Amaan. The teaser of next episode suggests that Gauri uncle and Farouq will talk abt Amaan and it wont be difficult for Farouq to find out the truth. Its childish of Amaan to behave in rude way with Gauri, is this the way of taking the revenge. Aoverall disappointing.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Yes, I felt some sort of relief when I saw the preview of next episode. It is good that now Meer Farooq will get some details about Amaan & will keep a tab at him. Amaan ki taraf se kuch nahi ho raha to chalain Meer Farooq ki taraf se hi.

      • Did anyone notice that on the way back from their honeymoon, while in car, Ana had a cellphone below her leg area….?
        Now where that cellphone came from? Direction flaws….

  • I feel it’s an unfair review. Today’s episode opened many things. Biggest being Aina finding clues against Amaan and her not buying into his lies. It’s a thriller, they can’t reveal everything in one go. All the revelations have to make sense, warns aap hi kahian gi keh story main loopholes hain. So relax, and watch it twice to understand the layers. I do it too most of the times.
    I loved Aina today, she didnt just sit home and cry about it, she went to Amaan’s office for answers. I am totally intrigued by it as it’s totally unpredictable. You can think this will happen, but totally something else shows up. So I am totally invested in it.
    The only thing I agree with you what you said about Farhana Khala and the worse part was that the diary she was reading was empty, nothing was written on it. Lol

    • I am glad you’re enjoying everything as it comes Sabahat. Farhana Khala’s character was quite an important one for developing Meer Farooq’s plot & revealing the mystery related to Nilo Baji’s death but not sure what it is, the way her character has been written or the way it has been performed that she is failing to leave an impact.

      Trust me, I was being called out for not talking much about the loopholes. I saw some this time, this is why I spoke about them, however I really wish they speed up the process of Ana’s growth & her taking charge of the situation by realizing & analyzing that her husband has some psychological issues. The sooner the better. :)

  • I agree with first half of the review regarding farhana khala. Her character doesn’t make any sense. I find her husband more reasonable at times. Cherry on the top is Naty’s poor acting.
    For the rest of the episode I think it was pretty good. Pace of the episode was fine too. Honestly, I’m satisfied with the growth in Ana’s character. Since, I have been dealing with a friend suffering depression I completely understand aman’s mood swings and ana’s suspicions.
    Sahira’s track has been handled carefully too.
    One glitch that I noticed was that in the diary it was written that nilofer’s grave is in Karachi although mir farooq lives in Islamabad. Director I would say messed up the whole timeline. It was his job clearly.
    Next episode looks even more promising. I feel aman might be in trouble soon. He cut off ties with ghori uncle a little too early.
    P.s. I’m 100% sure Aman deliberately left that necklace in the dustbin. Maybe he wanted ana to find out about it. Otherwise, he would not have been as relaxed as he was when ana confronted him.

    • Thank you so much Javeria. Yes, I did mention that I also find these mood swings & sudden fluctuations in Amaan’s behavior very realistic considering he has shown to be the one with psychological issues. Seeing his enemy’s daughter in front of him is definitely not easy for him either. I really hope Ana takes a charge of the situation soon.

      Yes, Sahira’s track has been taken care of properly whereas Farhana Khala’s being dealt with poorly. Yes, Amaan definitely thew the chain in the dustbin of his studio, but he didn’t expect that Ana will go through his personal space like that.

  • Throw out the stilted actor who acts as farhana’s husband. Constantly Suited and booted aimlessly in his own home and too stiff to give a realistic performance. Boooo….

  • I am an avid reader of Zahra Awan’s review , she tries to balance the pros n cons of the episode which she does it with microscopic eye. Myself a Canadian-Indian but very fond of Urdu dramas hence today I am opening myself too , just to pen down a little related to the episode . Ana, is too cute today also , the only drawback if characters are to be talked Farhana khala is really a huge pain to watch , yes Sunita Marshal would have been a good choice , what is done cannot be undone , Right !
    Overall drama is too slow though it started well like any other mystery movie but seems to lost its track . Hats off ! To Agha character how powerfully it’s performed.

    Waiting for more reviews for other dramas in line .

  • Why is not pyar ke sadkey being reviewed???? What a fresh air of breath! Only drama I am looking forward to besides Alif

  • Perfect review as usual. I have a question here. Yeh hug krna itna common kiun hota ja rh hai dramas Mei. Please Pakistani dramas ki decency ko kharab na kren. I know they are a real life couple but phir b. What’s your thoughts Zahra.

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