Ye Dil Mera Last Episode – Story Review

Ohkay so, this episode marked the ending of Ye Dil Mera. Although this episode was durated for 36 minutes, the recap took around 7 minutes, which showed that they did not have a lot of scenarios left to cover. The rest of the episode was also filled with all the flashbacks that the viewers had already seen in the 7 minute recap, therefore they could’ve easily been skipped. Anyhow, as this episode progressed, it was obvious that the drama makers wanted to shift an entire focus on Ana & Amaan, that too after all that they had been through which ended up looking justified. Ye Dil Mera got an open ending & in any case the viewers will be more than happy to imagine that one day, Ana will go back to Amaan & start afresh.

Meer Farooq Zaman Died An Easy Death

The last episode of Ye Dil Mera had some positives as well as some negatives. The biggest flaw definitely has to be the death of Meer Farooq Zaman, which he chose for himself? What about all those who were waiting for the justice to be served? This was definitely an easier option that the writer opted for & did not put an effort into showing him facing the court & getting exposed in front of everyone considering how he was a renowned businessman of the country. Meer Farooq Zaman continued to commit crimes in secrecy & got lucky enough to choose to die in secrecy as well? This is definitely not the end of his character that I agree with.

Ye Dil Mera Last Episode - Story Review

This is an unconvincing approach that our drama-makers usually have when it comes to dealing with such issues, where killing a character or showing him losing his sanity are the only & two easiest options that are practiced. It is understandable that for Meer Farooq Zaman, he died the moment he got exposed in front of his daughter but that does not do any favors to the lives that were destroyed because of his selfishness. Ali Baksh too got an easy death & did not have to worry about accountability. Yes, the drama-makers can argue that Meer Farooq Zaman in reality was a coward who did not have the courage to take responsibility for the crimes he had committed but I will definitely say that they could’ve set a good precedent by showing that coward or not, psychopath or not; he along with Ali Baksh got punished by the law because they deserved it!

Ana & Amaan

The rest of the episode focused on a few scenes that were shot covering how Ana & Amaan moved on in their lives. Amaan realized that even though Meer Farooq Zaman was done with, he was unhappy because he could see how it had caused irreparable damage to Ana. To be honest, while watching this episode, I waited for Amaan to actually show it to Ana how sincere & eager he was but after she woke up, he was being his usual self; stern & distant, informing her of her father’s death coldly. That was definitely the time for him to show Ana his emotions to soften her heart towards him & more than him, it was Ana who deserved it after all that she went through. There was absolutely no one in Ana’s life who would now console her, so Amaan should’ve done that for her.

Ana’s decision of doing charity & building a school & hospital in Daryabagh came as a pleasant surprise, but what I really liked were the reasons which she explained to Nargis Bua. At least Ana does realize that her father had caused a lot of damage to a lot of people. I also feel she deserved to know about the ex-employee Humayun(?) as well as Sahira who were killed on Meer Farooq’s orders.

Ye Dil Mera Last Episode - Story Review

The scene of Ana & Amaan shot in Daryabagh was poorly executed. It was obvious that they had dubbed those dialogues & different shots were prolonged to compile it into a scene. These executional flaws & glitches have compromised heavily upon the quality of this drama & the impact it could’ve made. Anyways, Amaan continued to show his sincerity to Ana by repeatedly approaching her but Ana had a bigger picture in mind & Amaan at this point in time was not in it. She did however say that she will continue to cherish & value the relationship she has with her husband, which made it sound like Amaan still stood a chance.

The disclaimer in the end in the director’s voice made it look like Amaan was wrong in his pursuit of revenge, another thing which I do not agree with. Amaan never wanted to kill Meer Farooq Zaman, he never took law in his hands or did something absolutely out of the blue. Amaan always stayed in his limits & was dignified in approaching his enemy to bring him down. The drama makers did try to end it on a moral preaching that it is wrong when people try to intervene in destiny’s plan & end up losing everything because forgiving is always better than taking revenge. If this entire note is taken seriously, it will undermine Amaan’s PTSD, it will also make Amaan look like a culprit who could not forgive.

Amaan was totally justified in taking revenge because he never once wanted to murder Meer Farooq Zaman, all he ever wanted was for him to get exposed in front of the entire world as well as his daughter Ana, so that everyone would know who he truly is; a murderer & a criminal. This sort of disclaimer at the end of this story was absolutely not needed because it defeats the purpose of Amaan’s journey & the trauma that he went through after witnessing his family being brutally murdered in front of his eyes. Amaan on his own was right in feeling the void & emptiness but it was solely because Ana was not a part of his life anymore, not because he regretted avenging his family’s murder. They should’ve left it at that without giving it another angle such as forgiving is better than seeking revenge, which in this case was not because Amaan never contemplated killing Meer Farooq Zaman.

The End

This episode had its good & not so good moments. The overall execution could have been better. The aerial shots at the end of the episode were nice. I was definitely looking for some Ana-Amaan moments, hoping they will come together, pick up the pieces & help each other in moving past this nightmare but that was put on hold for some other day. The open ending is definitely not an issue here but the two things that made the ending unsatisfactory are the death of Meer Farooq Zaman & disclaimer about Amaan being wrong in his approach.

Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Aly should be very proud of themselves for giving such phenomenal performances in Ye Dil Mera. They definitely were the saving grace of this drama. Ahad Raza Mir especially was in his element throughout & gave Amaanullah’s character a very convincing treatment, especially his minute expressions & sudden change of mood throughout was a wholesome journey to witness in itself. Sajal Aly is a finest actor of Pakistani drama industry. The acting she displayed in the previous two episodes left everyone in an awe of her talent. The casting directors were lucky to have Ahad & Sajal on board for this project because if it wasn’t for them, Ye Dil Mera wouldn’t have been what it is.

Farhat Ishtiyaq did her best but a lot of things could’ve been skipped & added to make this drama even better. Ahsan Talish is an intelligent director but it is too obvious that execution of this drama was not as good as it should’ve been. Different storyline definitely played a huge part in its popularity. Adnan Siddique, Mira Sethi, Zarnish Khan & Paras Masroor also played their part really well & supported the best way they could. Naima Khan was good as Nargis Bua as well. I will thank all the lovely readers for keeping the discussions on Ye Dil Mera’s thread alive, it was always a pleasure discussing every minute detail of this drama with you guys. Please share your thoughts about the last episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Good review!!!!! Yessss agar aman khud mir Farooq ka qatal karta to end wali lines theek thi aur Ana ka behavior bhi justiced. Why do I think thora sa haq had better ending than ye dil mera🤔🤔

    • Thank you so much Nazeeha. Appne bilkul sahi kaha, aggar Amaan badlay ki aag mai khud hi qatil ban jata tab ye baat sahi hoti ke badla lene se behtar maaf kar dena hota hai. Also, phir Ana ka usay maaf na karna bhi justified hota. I haven’t watched Thora Sa Haq yet, now that you say ke ending achi thi to abb to dekhna parega. :)

  • This episode was ok not great I think it was an average drama it would’ve been better if they finished it earlier your review as always is great your reviews were better than this drama. Who do you think was the star of the show? Have you decided which drama you will review now? Well I would advise you to review Dushman e jaan its going good but its upto you

    • Stars of the show definitely are Sajal & Ahad, followed closely by Adnan Siddique. Yes, this drama should’ve been wrapped up within 25 episodes. Thank you for appreciating the reviews. I am still thinking, need some time. Thanks.

    • Absolutely, should’ve just ended much sooner. This last episode was totally useless. The drama was already over for me last week. This episode added nothing, xcept showing artificial ending..

  • This episode started off with the worst end to Meer Farooque, that I felt the only saving grace for this drama would be a Happy Ending to Amaan and Aina. But as the end approached, the scenes along with the dialogues became umbearable.
    You were right in saying that this disclaimer proved no meaning in this drama. The ending could have been way better. The drama is left incomplete because the ending did not serve justice to the entire storyline.

    P.s. I am a silent reader of this website. And honestly, I thought that you would curse the ending more than anyone else.

    • Thank you so much Madiha for reading the review & commenting. :) Honestly speaking, I have grown to like open endings now & I think it is great that the drama makers are being experimental & are courageous enough to do so. Being someone who staunchly believes everything’s going to fall in its place, I am happy to assume that Ana will go back to Amaan one day because this is what they suggested. :)

      I am glad I am not the only one who felt this way about Meer Farooq’s death as well as the disclaimer which literally put a question mark on the entire theme of the drama? How can they expect a boy who has witnessed the murder of his family to NOT take matters in his hands, that too when he was very mature & wise about it the whole time? This disclaimer especially in a story like Ye Dil Mera was uncalled for.

      • Assalam o alaikum! I’m the permanent viewer of your articles. I always learn and enjoy reading your reviews.I am myself a writer, write articles, blogs and assignments. I want to write articles for please guide me the process. I am hoping kind response. 🙂

  • The ending is not good! I wanted Aina and amaan together not separate like why did this happen? LIKE JUST WHY!!!!!!!!!! and aina never got to know about sahira and the recap and flashbacks literally took up alot of the episode so there was not really that much to watch and MF just chose death for himself should have been worser for him. And great review Zarah!

    • Thank you so much Urwa for appreciating the review & for commenting. :) I am sure all of the viewers who wanted a happy ending for Ana & Amaan especially after all that they have been through are disappointed. I am happy to assume they will be together someday, exactly how I assumed Momin & Momina will be together someday when Alif ended. :D

      I agree, I was nodding my head in disbelief when I saw flashbacks after flashbacks that too after 7 minutes of recap. :/

      Also, I read your comment under one of the reviews today Urwa where you were kind enough to show support after all the negative comments that came my way. I just want to let you know it made me emotional & you made my day, today. :D Thank you so much, it means a lot. <3

      • It was Nothing Zahra. all those people were just so rude and some were even swearing at you. like dude, you got a problem get the hell outta here no one needs you. And I am happy to make your day!!!

  • Chalain g khair say yeh drama bhi apnay ghar ka hua …last week episode main sajal ki acting buhut achi thi …Aaj ki episode theek thi lekin kuch kami si lagti thi anyway I’ll miss detective farhana 😔 I think unhon nay daryabagh say direct amreeeka k liye seat karwa li hogi Aur ab wo apnay husband ka sar bhi nahi khayen gi k neelo baji ko kiya hua tha …..un k husband Ab sakoon ki neend soyen gaye 😌 aur haan ho sakta hai wo apni jasoosi ki degree bhi wapis kar dain k Ab uski zarorat nahi rahi 🤔

    Zahra aapka review parhti Aur enjoy karti hon buhut achay reviews hotay hain aap k Ab aap say next dramay k review main mulaqat hogi take care 😊

    Thora sa haq bhi khatam hua shukar hai ro peet k dono mil hi gaye 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Haha thank you so much AKB, itnay mazay ka comment karne ke liye. Waqay hi, Detective Farhana ko meinne aik khuwab samajh ke bhula diya isi liye unhain discuss nahi kiya. Wo aik hawa ke jhonkay ki tarhaan Amreeka via Sukkur se hoti hui Islamabad ai thin, aur phir hawa ke jhonkay ki tarhaan hi ghayab bhi ho gain. But I feel for her husband, abb to Pakistan mai aisa kuch nahi raha jiss ki wajah se Farhana Khala wapis anay ki karain, matlab abb husband ko roz chai banani paregi apni wife ke liye. :D

      Thank you Thora Sa Haq ki ending in a nutshell batanay ke liye, ye sab se asaan tareeqa hai drama jaldi jaldi dekhne ka. :D

  • What a perfectly written review Zahra!! You have exactly described what I felt, Couldn’t have put my thoughts into words better than this.
    First of all, instead of adding so many flashbacks, they should have combined these two episodes together, could have been a much better last episode.
    The scene shown in the promo last time, ‘Daryabagh sey Daryabagh ka safar khatam hua’ was not in the episode. Ana’s ‘sudden behoshi’ could have been executed better. I mean what was that!!
    Zahra, I couldn’t agree more about the disclaimer and Farooq’s death. I mean WTH!! I wanted an open ending, but the way it happened, Amaan is going to suffer more and got punished more than Meer Farooq. I mean, he just ended his life, while, Amaan will have to live with this guilt that Ana is alone because of his revenge. And as I mentioned last time, What was the purpose of Sahira and that peron from the office’s murder if Ana wasn’t going to know about it? Meer Farooq said that hit me with the bullet and bury me here because Neelofar is here!! So what about Sahira? She was his wife too and he got her killed too.
    I said this too last time, but what was Farhana khala’s purpose? Not that I missed her in last episode, but she wasn’t with Ana in the hospital. She wasn’t there to be with her baaji’s ‘aakhri nishani’ and left her alone? I mean seriously if you cut all of her scenes (even Sahira’s and Amaan’s friends’), how did that affect the ending everyone got?
    I didn’t like the execution of the last scenes too, could have been a lot better.
    Khair, despite its directional and writing flaws, YDM was a good riddance from Saas Bahu Biwi sagas. Ahad, Sajal, Adnan were brilliant. Had a great time watching the initial episodes and discussing it here. I know you received a lot of backlash from people but you still kept reviewing it. Thank you for reviewing it when we all requested you to. Good luck for whatever drama you choose to review next :)

    • Thank you so much PP for always being a consistent reader & for always been supportive & encouraging. I am glad you liked the review & we felt the same way about this drama. :)

      Honestly speaking, Farhana Khala was such a filler character that I did not feel like discussing her seeing how she suddenly vanished from the safa-e-hasti of this drama. You’re absolutely right, all these supporting characters got so much coverage but they still did not have any contribution towards the story – Farhana being a prime example.

      Yes, this episode too was filled with executional glitches, this is why it just didn’t leave an impact. Open ending is convenient because everyone gets to imagine their own version of ending but the disclaimer literally put a question mark on the entire theme of the drama as well as the injustice that happened with Amaan years ago. I know, Meer Farooq died an easy death but now Ana & Amaan are left doing the heavy lifting. Ana is guilt-stricken & Amaan is left empty-handed, that too when the writer & director have turned him into a culprit for not forgiving his enemy?!?!

      Thank you once again PP taking the time out for discussing the dramas. See you on the thread of some other drama. :D

  • Itnee ghaltiyoan k baad, ending aisee hee expected thee in logoan se. Jeep main daal ker usee jaga in donoan ko giradetay to phir bhee tasalee hoti. With issues aside, overall drama dekhney main maza aaya aur aap k intelligently written reviews ne maza dobala kerdiya.

    • Thank you so much. Appka comment itnay dino baad dekh ke acha laga. :) Waqay hi, kuch accident hota, like Meer Farooq aur Ali Baksh ke control se bahir ka bhi koi hadsa hota to lagta ke Amaan ka badla kudrati taur pe pura ho gaya, but yahan to mamla kuch aur hi nikla.

  • Both Ali Baksh and Meer Farooq for away scot-free by getting killed. They should’ve gotten proper justice. Btw, Zahra please review Zebaish and Muhabbat Tujhay Alvida too please.

  • Zahra your review really sums it all up nicely. I wish instead of watching the episode I would have just read this. This drama overall was good, but it shows that no matter how talented the main leads are, if the direction and script is not up to mark they can’t save it. I wish our producers stop taking advantage of our investment in the drama’s just so they can ride us around when everything turns nonsensical. I wish they’d think we are also intellectual people who deserve a drama which is consistent throughout. Every time this makes me more wary to start another drama, because we always get the same treatment no matter what. I think Ehd e wafa and Alif are the only exception to the rule and I sincerely wish we can get more drama’s like those.

    Thank you Zahra for your reviews. You are the best.

    • Thank you so much Seher for your kind words & for sharing your thoughts. :) I am glad we feel the same way about the end. This drama had a lot of potential but the way it was tackled & executed showed how they struggled to make it work. The acting & characters were really good but the director needed a better vision as well as a lot more important detailing was required by the writer.

      I so agree, they really should not insult the intelligence of the viewers by not paying heed to the plot-holes & just running the drama as it is. The viewers invest so much of time in these dramas, they deserve some quality at least. Thank you so much once again Seher, it means a lot. :)

  • Thank you for the review. I totally agree with you. In my opinion Aman had right to take revenge from Farooq. When Ana said you and my father loved me in same weird way, I felt Aman always stayed with in the line. Plus Farooq had caused much issues in Ana’s life. So I do not agree with the ending narration. I really wish they had showed them together in the end, working on social causes. I also feel both evil characters had easy escape. It would have been better they both stayed in jail where Farooq would die every moment knowing Ana hates him.
    Aman was a brilliantly developed character and Ahad gave amazing performance. Sajal is no doubt finest actress. Adnan Siddiqui, Ali Buksh and Bau did well too.
    Story was really good. I wish execution flaws were not there. It could have ended few episode earlier.
    Anyway, it remained my favorite show for weeks and I had looked forward to it.

    • Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts. Yes, Meer Farooq & Ali Baksh got a clean chit, without having any of their crimes exposed whereas the one whose life was ruined is now being made to look like a culprit only because he could not forgive the murderer of his family?

      Both Meer Farooq & Ali Baksh deserved to rot in jail so that they repented & regretted every minute all that they had done. Amaan will have to live with the baggage for the rest of his life, that too in loneliness & misery because Ana decided not to reconcile at the moment. Acting surely was great but the plot-holes were way too much to be ignored.

  • I totally second you.
    I did not like the ending narration. Aman had all the right for the revenge. His life was torn becuase of Farooq. And there was not point showing Ana telling him you and my father loved me in same weird way. Aman never crossed the line even though he planned to scare her and irritate her etc. But her father really damaged her.
    Farroq and Ali Buksh got easy escape. It would have been better they would stay in jail and Farooq dying every moment knowing Ana hates him.
    They could have showed the couple eventually reconciles and work on their social objectives. Rather than last scenes being imaginary, they could been real.
    Aman has been a brilliantly developed character and Ahad was amazing. Sajal is no doubt one of the finest. Adnan Siddiqui, Paras Mansoor and Bau were good at their part too. Story was intriguing. Removing execution flaws and extra scenes, this would have been great.
    This drama had been my favorite for weeks and I had really looked forward to the Wednesday slot.

  • Well a total waste of time
    Contious reptition of scenes made it look so boring overall just individual performances but script got a big zero

  • I know you are right about Mir Farooq but you know our writers and their capacity. If they wanted to show court proceedings, they would have gotten at least 15 episodes out of it while keeping the mystery but our writers always choose the easy option because it requires a deep analysis and understanding of laws and lots of brain storming. I think we will never be able to watch a perfect court room drama by our writes. Btw i watched the social network today for the 2nd time and what an outstanding movie that’s. Since you mentioned about Mir Farooq so i can’t stop thinking about that Hollywood is waaaaaaaayyyyyy ahead of us.
    I was expecting this ending though. Sajal, Ahad and Adnan made this drama great otherwise it was a below average drama.
    Thanks for your brilliant in depth reviews. You are always spot on

    • Thank you so much Ahsan for your kind words. :) Absolutely, it is like a done deal that where our drama writers have to carry out some research, they cut it short by resorting to the easier options. This has been a repetitive pattern. I think the court proceedings could’ve been wrapped up in 2 episodes with Amaan presenting all the evidences he collected over the years which would’ve been enough to put the culprits behind bars. It is ironic that Meer Farooq had so much control over his life & other’s lives too.

  • Review zbrdast

    Meer farooq bht ana parast aur maghroor insaan tha isi waja se us ne khud ko maar deya ok its justified but disclaimer in last ..
    Seriously ? Didn’t expect this from farhat ishtyaq ..i think she z not mature enough ..
    Zulm k aagai sar jhukaana bhi zulm hai ..amaan kiyo badla nahi laiga ,zulm kai khilaaf kiyo nahi uthaiga ..
    Us ne ana ko use to nahi kiya wo ana se shuru se he piyaar karta tha …
    Poor approach writer sahiba ..
    Onwards i ll not watch ur dramas ..

    • Thank you so much Mild. Bilkul, mai bhi is disclaimer se agree nahi karti bilkul. Amaan ne jo bhi kiya aik hadh mai reh ke kiya aur uska aslee maqsad Meer Farooq ko expose karna tha, usay qatal karna ya Ana ko nuqsan pohanchana nahi. Is tarhaan ka revenge bilkul ghalat nahi hai.

      Ye disclaimer daal ke to inhon ne drama ki story pe bhi question mark laga diya hai kyunki story thi hi badlay ke baray mai, wo bhi aisa badla jo aik hadh mai reh ke liya gaya ho takay jiss ne zulm kiya hai wo apni ghalti manay, usay sudharay aur uska aslee chehra logon ke samne aye!

  • Gr8 review Zahra, I complete agree with you, infact Im totally disappointed by the last episode, it has spoiled the whole mood . I have been on the same page with you on the views on this show, a gr8 serial was ruined to some extent by Ahson talish, and saved to an extent by gr8 performances. The ending didnt make sense at all, it was slighly acceptable to have such an ending in Alif, but even there i was not fully satisfied. Here if Aman had dies, that would have been better than this pathetic ending. Ofcourse they didnt kill amaan, bcoz he doesnt kill anyone, and he never did any crime so he didnt deserve it. But Ana’s behavious didnt make sense, and her feelings for Agha jaan at the end, also the ending makes the whole track of second wife of meer farouq useless. I feel the editing has also messed up the serial. This is the first time Im not happy with the ending of farhat ishtiaq serial, and im sure that some extra smart people must have changed the ending to look more intellectual. Last 15 episodes of the serial had actual material of only around 6 to 7 episodes, mostly it was just dragged. Ahson talish should have seen baazigar or belapur ki daayan to learn how to direct a thriller.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I agree, this drama deserved to be wrapped up in 20-25 episodes. If the drama-makers; writer & the director had edited out the unnecessary material from the script such as focus & coverage given to the unnecessary characters & their conversations, Ye Dil Mera would’ve had a good fluidity in the narrative as well as would’ve made a megahit drama.

      Although the performances & the main characters were good, the overall execution was a dud which ruined the vibe of this drama. Amaan of all the people deserved a happy ending & after getting a closure from his past, he should’ve started afresh with Ana but she chose not to budge. I agree, this script needed a better direction & execution.

  • thank u for reviewing this drama, i loved reading them
    it would have been better if Meer Farooq Zaman had died of a heart attack, it good to forgive & forget small things but how does one forgive someone murdering your whole family, your right it was pointless adding the voice over cause we can all see what he lost while taking revenge
    at least they left hope for us that sooner or later they will get together

    • Thank you so much Shameem for always reading the reviews & taking the time out to comment. I look forward to your concise comments. :) Absolutely right, the disclaimer put a big question mark on Amaan’s journey & the pain & suffering he faced because of Meer Farooq Zaman. I am glad they left it open, I am more than happy to assume that Ana will go back to Amaan one day. :)

  • Hello Zahra, agree with your review. The last episode was such a disappointment honestly. It ruined the play for me and I will pretend I have not seen it. Not only was it stupid and sloppishly directed, it was actually like the entire play was saying one thing and the last episode was in altogether another world. Farhana khala, sahira and Amans family suddenly became unimportant. Agha jaan and his namak halal died like they never existed. What the actual hell?! I waited throughout this drama for Ana (or anyone) to actually feel what Aman went through in his life, how his childhood got ruined and console him for once. Lekan lagta aisa hai k is dramay k sab se main character k hi khilaf sab kuch tha. Na kabhi Bua ne, na Ana ne, na Agha Jan ne, na Farhana khala ne, aur end main na director aur na hi playwriter ne Aman ke dukh ko closure dia, uska dukh mehsoos kia ya validate kia. Kisi ne bhi end tak Aman k perspective se nhi dekha usko support nhi kia. Ulta ye bol rhe hain k maaf kardena ziada behtar hai??? Abay pagal wagal hogaye ho kia?!! Murder hua tha family ka, toffee chori kar ke thori gaya tha koi k maaf karden!

    Uske upper se end k scenes ki nakli si direction aur dubbing. Good heavens, how can a play be so intelligently written and directed for 20 episodes and then be left with this sotela salook in the end!

    • Very true
      Even ending exclamation of the play made it worse.
      Amaan was the one who suffered the most . But end Mai usi ko ghlat bana diya. He didn’t any thing wrong never tried to take law in his hand.
      Why he is more suffering than the evils like meer Farooq and Ali bakhsh.

    • Hi Javeria, thank you so much for reading the review & for sharing your thoughts. :) LOL @ abay pagal wagal ho gaye ho kya? Haha. :D

      I will have to say I agree with each & every word of yours. Waqay hi mai, now when I look back, not even once anyone decided to speak to Amaan about how he was feeling or what he went through after his family died. No one dared question him about his sufferings, in fact aisa laga jaisay sab ko apna hi gham khaya hua tha. Nargis Bua did feel bad for Amaan but wo bhi ‘namak halali’ mai phansi rahin. When I first saw Amaan being extra-sweet with her, I thought in the end, she will vouch for him knowing how nice his family was but she chose to show a cold-shoulder too. Indeed, app ne sahi kaha, no one validated Amaan’s pain & in fact in the end, forget about the characters, even the writer & director made a point against him too ke maaf karna bethar hota hai? Why? Why was Meer Farooq so important or entitled ke us ne qatal bhi apni marzi se kiye, mara bhi apni marzi se aur abb usi ki marzi se usay mafi bhi mil jani chahiye thi? Doesn’t make sense at all.

      Amaan was absolutely justified & entitled to avenge his family’s murder. Jab Meer Farooq ne kisi ko nahi chora to wo kyu end mai baksha jata? I was shocked when I saw that Daryabagh scene in the last episode, like waqay hi mai sir se utarne wala kaam kiya hai.

  • Assalam o Alaikum. How are you Zahra?

    Thabk you so much for a brilliant review Zahra. I am here to rant about the ma’afi scenario so excuse me for a long comment.

    I am usually an advocate of maafi badly se behtr hy. But, in this particular scenario, kis bat ki maafi bhai? To forgive someone for the murder of your father, your mother and your sister just like that when the person doesn’t even think he did something wrong? Excuse me? Someone who is arrogant killed so many people and right till his last 4 breaths (lol) he was arrogant. He was cursing those people he killed and said “I shouldn’t have killed you with them? “ he never repent, he was his usual self just before he found out that Ana might know the truth. Instead of being ashamed of himself he was still getting people murdered. If it wasn’t for Amaan’s trying to expose him he would have carried on the same. To amaan usko kis bat k liye maaf krta? Agr scenario ye hota k meer mfarooq ny repent kia hy. Allah SWT se maafi mangi hy or Amaan k samny apna jurm khud qabool kr k us se mafi mangi hy or Amaan ny maaf nahi kia to ye disclaimer samj ata hy.

    I think director wanted amaan k meer Frooq ko ja k zabrdast ki mafi do. Wo kehta mujhe nahi chahiye maafi or amaan kehta k muje deni hi deni hy. In logu k mutabiq qatilo ko khula chorr do or mafian dety ro. Krny do unhe jitny mrzi qatal krny hain. Q k mafi to badly se behtr hy.

    • Meer farooq should have gone to jail and got punished for his sins. He got away easily. I found the voice over part hypocritical. On one side ana isn’t willing to forgive amaan when what he has done is nothing compared to what meer farooq has done. Amaan never went beyond his limits. He just got married to ana and even this he tried to stop it. I have an uncle who stole property, money from my dad. I still am finding it hard to forgive him. But here amaan’s whole family got killed. How can he forgive the monster?

      Should have kept an open ending. I dont think amaan deserves to live in guilt and loveless for what he did.

    • Walaikum Asalam Sidrah. Thank you so much for reading the review & for sharing your thoughts. No, you don’t have to apologize for a long comment, we all are sharing our disappointment & venting, so it’s perfectly cool. :)

      I so agree, bilkul sahi baat, ya to Meer Farooq ne mafi mangi hoti tab bhi Amaan ne uska qatal kiya hota tab samajh ata ke abb to Amaan bhi gham mai hai ke us ne gunnah kar diya. Amaan was so dignified in his approach & all he ever wanted was that Meer Farooq admits that he has killed so many people. Waqay hi, it’s like drama-makers ki nazar mai Meer Farooq Zaman was so entitled to everything that he continued to kill people because he wanted to, he chose to die an easy death conveniently aur in the end, mafi ka bhi wohi haqdar tha. Wo sab log jin ki lives tabbah ho gain iski wajah se, unka kuch nahi!

      Moral preaching in other scenarios is very much needed but in this case, it didn’t fit in especially when they tried to make Amaan look bad & negative for not being able to forgive the villain. :/

  • Ahad gave one of his best performances of his career. Sajal is always fabulous. She just keep on impressing in each drama. Im quite excited to see what dramas these two will sign up. Adnan was amazing as well.

    The ending made me realise how attached to the characters I am. They both were left broken and i wanted a happy ending for them. The lesson was great but amaan wasnt that bad as implied imo. But can they live together also. Amaan was regretting falling for his enemy’s daughter. Will he able to see her as just ana?. Anyways they both need heaps of therapy.

    Im glad I watched this drama. It was a new thing for pakistani dramas. Despite all its flaws I loved the drama. It was something different.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Maya. Yes, Ahad & Sajal were phenomenal as Amaan & Ana. I am sure everyone who was invested in this drama wanted a happy ending for them, not a typical happy ending but the kind in which they both could come together, pick up the pieces & build a healthy relationship. They both have suffered for a long time, they both deserved to be with each other now more than ever.

  • I didn’t like the episode at all, it was filled with back flashes. Very easy death of Mir Farooq Zaman, I would have liked to see him facing court and his friends and community as a culprit. Writer just ignored Sahira’s death despite of the fact that Sahira’s story was covering many episodes.she was equally important person in herself and her murder should have been mentioned.
    Actually writer every thing to be disclosed through Ana’s memory in second last episode and so the drama lost its charm. They should have exposed Mir Farooq Zaman step by step and first step should have been to expose His second marriage and Sahira’s murder.
    I am ok with open end but it’s execution could have been better. And I agree Zahra, Aman went for revenge for all the right reasons and didn’t go against law even once.
    Overall it was my favorite serial of the season and was definitely a good watch despite of Farhana khala’s too many unnecessary scenes.

    • Thank you so much Tooba for reading the review & for sharing your thoughts. :) I agree, it would’ve been better if they had exposed Meer Farooq Zaman gradually in front of everyone. It is like despite being a horrible person, he was a winner & had all the sympathies of the writer because in the end, the disclaimer was in his favor too.

      Amaan who suffered so much was made to look bad because he avenged the death of his family. Sahira’s character was an important aspect of the story but she was treated as an after-thought. It is so sad that no one found out about her existence & the role that she had in Meer Farooq’s life. All the victims & sufferers were treated like an after-thought & suddenly, it was all about Meer Farooq Zaman being forgiven! It seems the writer herself got confused at the end & decided to add an angle of morality, which didn’t fit this scenario.

  • I can easily say that your review echoed what was on my mind, word by word!

    First and foremost, half of the episode was dedicated to flashbacks and recap which took away the charm, some of them were even shown twice. It was a good idea to focus on the new equation between Ana and Amaan for the rest of the episode, but the execution of the Daryabagh scene wasn’t very good either. The voice over they had for this scene made it just worse as it looked out of sync.

    Apart from that, the episode just briefly touched upon their new life. Abdur-rehman baba was seen taking care of both Ana and Amaan’s house. I always liked the way he speaks, there is an earthen touch to his language.

    The open ending was ok, however, the moral preaching as you mentioned in the review wasn’t needed. Amaan didn’t do anything extreme to hurt anyone that he is shown wrong. In fact, Meer Farooq and Ali Bakhsh got away easily by just getting shot right away. The end to their bro-mance was rather abrupt. I mean, you do so much and then just get shot. Ali Bakhsh was so loyal to his master that he shot him and then shot himself. I pity on Ali Bakhsh though, he dedicated entire life to his Sahib, obeyed all his orders and eventually got an end like this. I really really wanted to see them in jail rather than dying an abrupt death.

    The moral preaching was unnecessary. The entire drama was based on revenge and then suddenly they decided to preach that revenge is not the way. Ironically, they showed Ana is not ready to forgive Amaan while preaching that forgiving is better. They could’ve done this briefly and then shown Ana forgiving Amaan or atleast getting along with him in the end to pick up the pieces. Surely, moving on wouldn’t be easy for Ana, hence a time lapse and then it could’ve been shown. Also, Ana never got to know about the employee and Meer Farooq’s second wife and her murder. I wonder why there was no police involved in any of these cases. Anyhow, the open ending made sense but the preaching did not.

    P.S. – Where are these episodes shot? The locations were beautiful!!

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for contributing to the discussions & reading the review. :) I absolutely agree, Ali Baksh & Meer Farooq Zaman deserved to be tried for all the crimes they mercilessly committed without even repenting. There were so many loopholes & plotholes that if they had given a proper ending to these two characters, it would’ve compensated for all the glitches related to their track. I agree, how come there was never an investigation on Meer Farooq Zaman. Chalo we can give it to him that he was quite resourceful that’s why he got away but Amaan was doing so much & he gathered all the evidences but in vain because in the end, no one got to find out about it, not even Ana.

      Ana & Amaan deserved to be together because they both had suffered for so long that too because of Meer Farooq Zaman, but in stead Amaan was left to suffer a lot more. Ana just like her father made her own decisions & stood by them, whereas Amaan lived a miserably life when Meer Farooq was alive & continued to live a miserable life after he passed away. It seems the drama-makers had more sympathies with Meer Farooq because of which they turned Amaan into a culprit for not having a heart big enough to forgive him.

      They have shot it in Shogran, Kaghan Valley. It sure is a beautiful place. :)

      • Thank you Zahra for always sharing your views on the comments! It was good interacting and discussing this drama with you and other viewers. I wonder if they’re planning a sequel to this, that they’ve left it open ended.

        • Thank you so much Sheetal for taking the time out to read & respond. :) I am not sure if they will go for a sequel or not though because although there was open-ending regarding Ana & Amaan’s track, the rest of it got a closure. Usually Pakistani dramas also do not have sequels. :)

  • aina nargis bua ko chance de skti thee but amaan ko nahi.. Amaan ne to us k saath achai ki uski life ki sachai dikha di.. nargis bua ne kya kiya thaa jo unko maafi mil gyi.. life lesssons k liye dramas hi reh gye hain… :-(

    • Masuma, appne bilkul wohi baat ki jo meri Ammi discuss kar rahi thin. :) Unhon ne bhi same yehi baat ki ke Ana Nargis Bua ki ye baat bhula sakti hai ke unhon ne bhi sari zindagi us se jhoot bola, but Amaan ko maaf nahi kar sakti?

      I personally feel Ana ne maaf kar diya tha Amaan ko, bas wo guilty thi aur sharminda thi isi liye us mai himmat nahi thi Amaan ko face karne ki, ye jannay ke baad ke uski family ke saath uske father ne kya kiya.

  • Isn’t it ironic that Meer Farooq died easily whereas Amaan continues to suffer?! You have put it rightly he has stayed in limit, but our drama makers do not forgive those who are not morally wrong!!!

    • Thank you so much Javed. Oh yes, Amaan who was the biggest victim in this entire equation continued to suffer but the one who did not even show any remorse chose to live the way he wanted & died the way he wanted conveniently. Easy way out.

  • Zahra mam
    Zabadast very weldon ye dil mera ka review perfect hai.
    Kal raat main ne thora sa haq last episode ka last scene daika
    First happy ending for the first time in thier career ayeza and imran abbas but baaz log keh rahay hai k ab inko koi drama saath nahi karna chahiye but main kehta ho q nahi karna chahiye but love triangles and rona dona nahi koi acha sa script because both are talented ap ka is baray main kiya opinion hai plz share your opinion

    • Thank you so much Ayaz. Meinne abhi tak last episode nahi dekhi but abb dekhoongi time nikal ke. I totally feel Ayeza Khan aur Imran Abbas ko bilkul aur dramas saath karne chahiyen. Unki pairing sab ko achi lagti hai but waqay hi, abb inhain kuch different aur challenging karna chahiye. Aisi script aur drama jo different ho aur sab ko yaad reh jaye. Koi Chand Rakh aur Thora Sa Haq type typical aur mediocre stories se guraiz karna chahiye.

  • Acting of the two main characters was phenomenal I agree, however, the last two episodes should’ve been compressed into one, much time was wasted showing flashbacks as the situation was established in the earlier episodes so no real need existed for a review. I am not much of a Drama watcher, but some good stuff does have one glued to the screen in anticipation as to what next. I do wish that the last scenes which were scrolling with credits could’ve been shown before the credits. I like happy ending. Having said that somehow conclusions are always a problem in our dramas.

    • Thank you Asma for sharing your thoughts. I will totally agree, it is unfortunate that our drama-makers have not figured out how to end the drama on a strong note. They always give unsatisfactory endings. Ye Dil Mera’s pacing was wrong & this drama did not need 33 episodes. The flashbacks & unnecessary focus on side characters killed the impact of this drama.

  • This drama was good but not great. Why though?
    It had a great cast and good characterisation (Minus Detective Farhana)
    Interesting storyline
    Good writer
    Then why wasn’t it excellent?
    P O O R D I R E C T I O N

  • I couldn’t have put it better, your reviews always sum up everything I have to say. The disclaimer at the end just ruined the whole story plot and was just off.
    Is review it going to review zebaish, the teasers look quite interesting so far

    • Thank you so much Ayesha for your kind words. I am glad we felt the same way about the way Ye Dil Mera ended. :)

      Yes, I am considering reviewing Zebaish. Just have to watch the first episode to make up my mind. :)

  • Such disappointing end, ending of Meer Farooq and Ali Baksh wasn’t as disppointing considering that it is a normal thing in our dramas that villain either commits suicide or loses consciousness but what was unacceptable was ending of Amaan and Ana’s track and the last note about revenge and forgiveness. Amaan deserved to be happy in the end more than anyone else. If the story actually progressed like Amaan eventually ending up killing Meer Farooq himself then this end might make sense. The only thing he did was to make her fall in his love and marry her for which he even gave her option of backing out but at that time she couldn’t understand. I can’t understand what was purpose of whole Meer Farooq, Sahira and Amaan’s track. Did Amaan succedded in getting Nikahnama’s copy only to blackmail Meer Farooq. This track could be used intelligently by actually showing Meer Farooq’s real face in front of his friends including Gauri and entire business community . He ended up ending his life only after getting exposed in front of daughter that doesn’t make much sense. Also if Sahira’s murder had to play no significant role in the story than what was purpose of that just to show that it doesn’t take a second for Meer Farooq to kill anyone. You are so right about disclaimer, it actually puts question mark on theme of drama.
    It has become normal thing that amazing drama gets ruined because of ending or being too much dragged. But in this case disclaimer, giving a wrong message took away all the impact this drama could have.

    • Thank you so much RB for sharing your thoughts & for reading the review. :) Yes, totally, if Amaan had crossed the line morally or ethically, this disclaimer would’ve made sense that now even Amaan is unhappy because he killed someone. All we see is how Amaan always stayed in his limits & only wanted Meer Farooq to get exposed as well as confess all the crimes that he had committed.

      Even when Amaan got married to Ana, he never once thought of harming her, despite firsthand experiencing how vile her father was & what he did to his mother Humera. Amaan in the end was only unhappy because Ana was not giving their relationship a chance, whereas he was in the clear when it came to his revenge because he never approached it the wrong way.

      Sahira’s character ended up being a filler whereas it had so much of potential. I also at one point wished for her to survive the gunshots only to come back & expose Meer Farooq Zaman. To be honest, the way his character ended, maza nahi aya because the way he killed people brutally, it all should’ve come back & bit him harder. Yes, this is what they always do, give a very typical end to negative characters but I guess I was expecting a lot more from the team of Ye Dil Mera.

      • Yes you are absolutely right Amaan never tried to physically aur mentally torture Ana. Sahira’s character despite having potential was just waste. She being survived would have made things more interesting. Yes Meer farooq ke end ka bilkul maza nhi aya, they ended his track within 2 minutes without him even accepting his crimes. Not just Amaan’s family and Neelofar’s murder, he was responsible for Sahira’s murder as well. From the start Amaan was shown as extremely intelligent and sharp, he should have exposed him in front of the world. It would have been much better if instead of dragging it and show past story repetitively, they made some developments regarding sahira’s murder and Meer Farooq getting punished for everything he had done.

        • Yes absolutely, they actually could’ve used all these characters & events to turn this drama into a real thriller but I guess they got too caught up in shooting between different locations & extreme weather conditions that they didn’t bother developing the stories accordingly & decided to just get over with whatever was written in a simplified manner. I feel all the characters were treated as an afterthought & those who died were just done & dusted as if they never existed.

          Also look at how much coverage Farhana’s character got but in the last episode, she vanished as if she never existed. Sigh! So much time was wasted on unimportant characters & those who had the potential were gone to waste.

  • Very well written review! 💯
    I was thinking the same.
    The end of mir Farooq was neither compatible with his character nor a punishment for him.
    I wished that he’ll face the pain of disclosure of his crimes in front of the world and Anaa. He’ll go through in real hell day and night.
    And at least Anaa should apologize to Amaan for not believing him.
    And exactly she must be came to know the murder of sahira and humayon.
    Really the ending exclamation of director was so annoying.
    Made the victim as suspect.

    • Thank you so much Erum for reading the review & for sharing your perspective. :) Meer Farooq Zaman definitely should’ve been exposed in front of the entire world considering he was quite renowned in the business community. It was an easy death & he lived on his terms, without a regret & died on his terms too? Why! His ending should’ve been the way Amaan wanted, that would’ve made him satisfied a lot more knowing that his efforts did not go to waste & he got justice in the end.

  • Thanks Zahra for your great much needed review.

    I also agree that Meer Farooq Zamaan dies a very easy death. And unfortunately he didn’t even resent all the killings he did. But perhaps he was just one of those people who would never have a moment of realization.

    Although I was longing to see the couple together, I did like the fact that the drama was left open-ended and that too in a positive way. After so much, it just didn’t make sense that could so easily come together. No matter how evil, Meer Farooq Zaman was, he was her father after all. And they did show her remembering her good times with her father after she woke up at the hospital.

    Unlike a lot of you, I quite liked how at the end, the director says that one shouldn’t be vengeful. I just wish though that he put it into words that didn’t make Amaan look that bad. Regardless of the fact that Amaan just wanted justice and didn’t necessarily want to kill Meer Farooq, the whole purpose of his life was built around avenging the death of his loved ones. It’s not like he fell for Ana & then found out who she was. He intentionally went for her because he knew who she was. He knew his entrance in Ana’s life would eventually hurt her to the core. And the truth is that Allah’s justice is the best and sweetest. So why take it into your hands? Revenge is never satisfying.

    • Thank you so much Sana for reading & sharing your thoughts. :) Just today I was discussing it with my sister that they did not show even a single moment of realization or repentance of Meer Farooq Zaman, it showed that he was a cold-blooded murderer who found no remorse in ruining people’s lives. I agree, the open-ending was the right way to show Ana & Amaan moving on.

      I also felt while looking at Ana that although she loved Amaan so much, she felt guilty of what her father did to him, that is why she was unable to face him & decided not to go back to him because facing him was hard as she was proven wrong & her father did turn out to be a murderer. She loved him so much but could not find the courage to be around him.

      Your perspective on Amaan’s revenge is interesting & I’ll be honest, it didn’t cross my mind, but like you said & I agree, they should’ve made it a bit more elaborate so that Amaan didn’t look bad. The way they worded it made it look like Amaan shouldn’t have done that & was wrong in his approach. Indeed, the road to revenge is never easy but Amaan was very much in the clear because he never did something morally or ethically wrong. :|

  • Poor wrap up of drama.

    What about Agha second wife murder story?

    Incomplete ending :|

    Could not expect this from Farhat Ishtiaq………..sad

  • Really good review. I was so dissatisfied with the last episode that I missed some details that I am glad I got to read here. Thanks.
    My questions:
    Why did little Aina have an accent?
    Why didn’t Khaalaa stay while Aina was in the hospital?
    They should have shown Khaalaa, Bua, and Aina together getting closure.
    Why didn’t Aina and Amaan work together to support the orphange and school? It would have been such a nice ending to see them team up to help their community. And also be emotional support for each other. They could have started all over again with each other.

    • Thank you so much patientviewer for reading the review & sharing your thoughts. I agree, Khala just vanished into thin air as if she never existed. The way this drama was wrapped up showed that they actually did not put much thought into giving every character a proper closure, this is why they went as far as giving it an open-ending. Yes, Amaan & Ana both deserved to be with each other, especially now more than ever because they both were victims & understood the pain more than anyone else, but sad, it wasn’t meant to be.

  • Hi, I’ve really enjoyed reading all your reviews for this drama, you always analyze it well :)
    I completely agree when you say the disclaimer was not needed, in fact, like other comments mentioned, it completely disrupted the flow of the whole drama. Asking Amaan to forgive is asking way too much of him. He lost everything because of Mir Farooq. His family, his safe environment, his childhood. Plus after his family was killed, his life went even more downhill because of his abusive and neglectful chachu who didn’t bother to give him any comfort/treat him like a human, whereas of course Aina had trauma seeing her mother murdered but at least she was taken care of well after that by Agha Jaan, Bua, etc. (Looking at both of their stories, I’m still not sure which one is worse, living a fake life in comfort like Aina was or suffering alone all this time knowing the truth like Amaan was.) He needed revenge, it was his life goal and asking him to forgive the man who destroyed everything is too much.

    Also I know it’s a stretch but I would have really liked it if Ali Baksh turned against Mir Farooq in the end haha, it would have been satisfying to see his own loyal servant being fed up with him. I remember in an episode before the wedding Ali Baksh told Mir Farooq that he was trusting Amaan too early and Mir Farooq said something like “you’re just a servant, understand the difference between Amaan and you” and another time later Ali Baksh said “I don’t think Amaan likes me” and Mir Farooq responded “why would Amaan take interest in you, you’re a servant” and after both times, Ali Baksh’s face showed hurt so I thought over time he would grow to resent Mir Farooq and turn against him, alas, he was too loyal

    • Hi SH, thank you so much for taking the time out to read the reviews, it means a lot. :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well. I know right, the disclaimer literally put a question mark on the theme of the drama. Honestly speaking, what made the ending far more disappointing was knowing that the writer kind of sympathized with Meer Farooq more & wanted the victim to be kind-hearted enough to forgive? Why? Why was Meer Farooq so important in this entire equation? I have seen this generally that the writers usually tend to get sympathetic towards the villains more & the victims are left in the lurch & are treated as an after thought. As one of the commenters beautifully mentioned that that Amaan’s pain was never validated & no one bothered asking him about how he was doing? It was always about Meer Farooq, therefore the writer didn’t mind making the ending about him being forgiven too, which is super sad!

      Oh, that would’ve been a perfect plot twist, especially the kind that no one saw coming. Honestly speaking, this thought did cross my mind once too that may be Ali Baksh will stop being loyal to Meer Farooq & that will be a change or growth in his character but all these characters were pretty one-dimensional, except Amaan’s because he had so many layers & shades. Ali Baksh was pretty loyal, even died when his master died! :/

  • The ending is so disappointing!!
    Yes Amman should not have use Anna as a pawn in his revenge plan, but he doesn’t deserve to be alone! He also needs love.
    But I just don’t get how is he expected to forgive someone, who not only killed his whole family but who also almost raped his mother, (where because of him he ended up having a horrible childhood)
    Yes Anna needed some time, but still the director should have shown them at least meeting again some years later.

    • Yes, it is unfortunate that the one whose life was ruined was now being made to live guilt-stricken & lonely. Amaan truly fell in love with Ana & I guess Ana should’ve analyzed that Amaan never once tried to hurt or harm her, yes because he was suffering from depression & PTSD, he often got a little harsh towards her but that had nothing to do with the fact that he didn’t love her or wanted to cause her pain. Ana’s character chose not to grow after all. I feel the writer was more sympathetic towards the villain.

  • >