Ye Dil Mera’s last episode – Pros and Cons

The super hit thriller pakistani TV play Ye Dil Mera, starring Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali (#Sahad) has just come to an end. But there are a few errors the writer must have missed and many annoying factors the viewers did not appreciate.

#1: No mention of Sahira

Sahira Arif waas Meer Farooq Zaman’s second secret wife who lived in Karachi. No one knew about her except Ali Baksh, who kept it hidden. Noor ul Ain should have found out about her dad’s secret wife, not just kept away from all of Meer Farooq’s secrets. Amaan never bothered to show Noor ul Ain the nikkah papers as well, so what was the point of asking sahira for them? This was a really important secret that wasn’t unfolded.

#2: Easy death for Meer Farooq

Meer Farooq Zaman has done many sins in his life: From murdering Amaan’s family to murdering Sahira and Nilofer, Meer Farooq has proved himself a cruel and heartless person. But he dies an easy death, really?

Farooq’s sins should have been known to the media and he should have been sent to jail. Or if not that, thenhe should have committed suicide becaus ehe cant bear that his beloved daughter hates him so much. Farhat Ishtiaq could have been more violent with the punishment but she chose to keep it mild.

#3: 7 minute recap + Flashbacks

Look Like there really wasn’t much of the last episode to watch. It started with a seven minute long recap to show the previous journey. And showed many flashbacks of Farooq and Noor ul Ain’s great moments together. We could have done without the flashbacks after watching such a long recap.

The last two episodes could have easily been put into one, giving the readers a treat of a 1 hour long last episode.

#4: Farhana Drama

Farhana is Aina’s aunt who is trying to find out how her sister died after getting suspicious during her visit to Pakistan. She wasn’t shown much in the last episode. 1 month after all the drama occurred, Farhana went back to Pakistan? Why? She should have stayed with her “behen ki akhri nishani” I don’t like how she went back to America because she should have stayed with her niece during the time she needed her the most. How could she go back to America? Farhana Khala need to take lessons on how to be a good aunt cause she clearly ain’t one.

#5: Dubbing Fiasco

Amaan and Noor ul Ain’s scene in Daryabagh was shot poorly. You could clearly tell most of Amaan’s dialogues were dubbed. The editing was not very good as well, which ruined the scene for me.

#6: Missed scene

in the promo for the last episode,there is a scene shown of Amaan talking to Aina. Amaan said: “Daryabagh se Daryabagh tak ka safar khatam hua.” This dialogue was cut from the scene and this isn’t the first time a scene was cut in this serial, which is very disappointing.

#7: Sad Ending

Many people were looking forward to the last episode of Ye Dil Mera for the happy end of Aina and Amaan, especially after getting Yakeen Ka Safar vibes from the hospital scene in the promo. Sadly their happy end did not happen and many people were upset. (even me)
Farhat Ishtiaq should have given Amaan and Noor ul Ain the happy end they deserve after all they’ve been through.

Overall, Ye Dil Mera was an entertaining thriller TV show. Farhat Ishtiaq strikes again with another amazing serial. Adnan Siddiqui definitely nailed it as the Evil Meer Farooq. Sajal Ali is brilliant as always with her acting skills. Ahad Raza Mir gave an unforgettable performance as Amaanullah with his killer expressions.

What did you think about the last episode of Ye Dil Mera? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

My name is Urwa and i am 12 years old. I am in grade 6 and live in Canada


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • i agree with everything, at least they could have moved the story 6 months later & shown Anaa going to Amaan’s place at the orphanage

  • Our drama writers are beginning to show a certain confusion in their scripts.They seem to be adding to the story as it is shown.Some scenes are needlessly prolonged while some finer points are completely ignored.The heroine’s aunt didn’t even know how to speak properly.And the lighthearted,hopping & skipping song they played at the start & end of each episode sounded absolutely out of place with the dark and horrifying theme of the drama.

  • Overall the drama was good/entertaining for us becaz our Pakistan ppl thoughts that time between 8pm to 9pm for some nice drama and everyone awaited extremely. Anyway all the characters was good and yes some of missing as yiur were mentioned but every one his own thoughts, bast of luck and waiting for another nice drama. Thank you.

  • Drama has taught nothing but how to take revenge
    Why wasnt mir farroq reported to the police
    Aman did everything so successfully yet boring at times
    There was no need of noorul a
    Ains khalas & maids role.never heard of such a happening in real life

  • Not being rude, but only twelve year old fangirls would want Sahad to get together in every drama. Its fine if Sajal and Ahad aren’t together once you know. Other than that, I agree

    • excuse me? I only wanted Sahad together after yakeen ka safar vibes from the promo. read my article I wrote properly first.