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Yeh Raha Dil Episode 02 Review – Thoroughly Enjoyable!

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07 Plain Frame 3

Ohkay so, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode of Yeh Raha Dil. What I’m loving about this drama is that they are showing us the issues & the problems that all the main characters & their loved ones are facing while still having a comic relief throughout the drama because it makes things a lot more interesting, light-hearted & entertaining. I think this approach makes a drama a complete package where the problems are highlighted as well but are balanced out with a little bit of wit & humor. While watching this episode, I couldn’t stop thinking that it is the same director who has directed Dil Banjara too but he couldn’t extract such effortless & casual kind of acting from Adnan Malik & Sanam Saeed, but look what he has done here that he has literally brought out the best in a newcomer like Anam Ahmed who was actually quite weak in her previous drama. I think as much as it depends on the director to bring out the best in the actors, it also depends on the actors to do their best by following the lead of the director because I can’t emphasize enough on how much impressed I am with Anam Ahmed’s acting in this episode & in this drama in general.

So, Nida’s family-like friend Jimmy (Adnan Jaffer) got introduced in this episode & looks like he is not only a designer but is Nida’s manager too because he literally makes most of the decisions on her behalf as he knows what her worth is. Just like any practical man out there who is well aware of how the fashion industry works, Jimmy grew overly concerned for Nida because he knew that she couldn’t afford to get married at such a stage in her life where she is at the peak of her modelling career. Jimmy is someone who can easily manipulate people by showing them the practical side of the picture, plus he knows that Nida has given him a lot of edge, that is why he openly voiced his disagreement at her decision of getting married. Just because Nida has lived quite an independent sort of life, away from her home, away from her parents, basically away from any kind of a safety net, she has become quite practical, that is why it took only a few facts mentioned by Jimmy for her to second guess herself & her decision of getting married to Zaki. There’s no doubt about the fact that Nida loves Zaki a lot & wants to settle down with him but she is also someone who won’t just go with the flow & follow what Zaki or his parents would want, in fact she is someone who believes in making her own ways & following them, so it will be hard for her to compromise or make sacrifices just because of the fact that she loves Zaki.

I really really like the relationship that Hayat shares with Salman. Once again, Salman was being warned about the audit that is soon going to take place but Salman somehow believes he will dodge the bullet. Just like Hayat, Salman is also someone who can easily persuade people into believing him, that is why he convinced his friend to lend him the money. It was nice to know that Salman actually has so much of respect for Hayat & treats her like a family because he feels indebted to her as she was the one who helped him & his wife when they decided to get married for which his wife eloped from her house. At first, I did feel that may be Salman’s wife won’t be too happy about Hayat & Salman’s friendship but it was so good to see her getting along with Hayat like a friend as well. I think it was quite sweet of Salman & his wife to gift Hayat a trip to Nepal, just because he understood that she is someone who should explore the world & should step outside of her comfort zone. I think it was quite thoughtful of Salman that just because Hayat told him that her novel got rejected because the publishers didn’t see any authenticity in her writing as she herself hasn’t visited those places that she writes about, Salman decided to do something about it. Seeing how Salman is, like how he thinks about his profit & wants to make money, I really wish that this gesture is purely based on his true friendship & doesn’t have any ulterior motive like where he must be thinking that this trip will help Hayat in a way that her novel might get published & she might start making a lot of money so that later he can mooch off her. This is a thought that has crossed my mind purely based on how Salman is in his professional life which is hidden from his wife & also his friend Hayat too but then, seeing how much he respects Hayat, I really hope it is just a friendly gesture with no strings attached.

So, finally Jimmy accompanied Nida to the dinner that she was invited for at Zaki’s place. Jimmy is someone who might pose to be all sweet & gullible but he surely knows when to push the buttons, that is why all the things that he kept on saying about Nida & even Zaki only showcased how his only intention was to stuff this meeting up so that the talks about Zaki & Nida’s marriage is left in the lurch. Zaki’s father, who already wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Zaki’s marriage with an independent practical girl like Nida got a confirmation when he had a conversation with her, like it was good to know that he didn’t mind Jimmy’s presence & neither did he judge Nida based on the sort of a friend she had, but he was more concerned & worried about his son as he is well aware of his restless & adventurous nature that doesn’t allow him to be content with what he has in his life for a longer period of time. I liked the fact that Haroon didn’t try to put the blame on Nida but only made her familiar with his own son’s short-comings.

Overall, this episode was amazing. I can’t even remember how many times I had a hearty laugh, which was so refreshing because I loved the humor & I loved the situational comedy. The conversations were so interesting especially the one that happened between Hayat & Salman in the beginning of the episode & the one that Haroon & Jimmy had as well. I love how casual & unapologetic sort of relationship both Salman & Hayat share, like in literal sense this is how friendships should be like & it is good to see two characters sharing such a bond. I must say the addition of Adnan Jaffer was a treat in this episode, even though he will be stirring some troubles for Nida here & there but the comic relief that he provided was amazing & I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know the name of the actor playing the role of Salman (I’d appreciate if someone could help me with that) but I like the effortlessness in his acting as well. The scenes where Salman, his wife & Hayat bonded were really nice too. I must say, I am so impressed & pleased with Anam Ahmed’s acting that literally for a second I thought she should’ve been in the article that Fatima & I just posted about the Top Fresh Faces of Pakistani Television, like seeing such an improvement in an actor is a treat & I really think the director deserves a special mention for giving all the actors such a brief to act themselves & be comfortable in front of the camera. I think Anam Ahmed on her own has worked really hard on her dialogue delivery, her body language, her expression & her over all acting because she now looks a lot confident while facing the camera & I can not believe she is the same girl who was the only weakling in Kathputli which aired just a few months ago. Anyways, overall I am pretty pleased with the drama, the plot & the characters. Yumna Zaidi makes all her scenes a treat to watch & Ahmed Ali so far has gotten a bit of a limited coverage but he made the most of the scenes in which he was present. I can’t wait to see the next episode & I think yeh Raha Dil is going to make us wait for Mondays from now on. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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