Yeh Raha Dil Episode 11 Review – So Far So Good!

Ohkay so, even though this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was all over the place but I say that in a good way, like I liked this episode for the fact that they didn’t just make it all about Zaki & Hayat’s feelings for each other but in stead shifted the focus on a lot of different things & the situations that the characters were going through. I liked how they showed that everyone was busy in their own paths now & everyone was trying to do something for themselves. Despite being a bit slow, this episode still worked for me as there are quite a lot of characters so to see their tracks unfold was still interesting.

Affaq was trying to pick up the pieces, seeing his current wife being interested in someone made him realize that his decision of getting married to her was wrong as she was never interested in him as a person. Affaq also visited his parent’s graves because it looks like now that he is back, he is trying to connect to his roots, his people & all those that he left behind in the pursuit or establishing his business & financially stabilizing himself. Affaq is so over this marriage because he knows that his wife can walk out on him any minute, so keeping that aside & despite being hurt, he is now focusing more on Hayat as to how he can help her & help redeem himself in front of his eldest daughter.

Nida continued to be unreasonable, because now it looks like Zaki has become Nida’s obsession, her zidd, probably because this thing is hurting her ego that Zaki can leave her for someone like Hayat who is completely different from her. I think more than being interested in Zaki, Nida is more interested in defeating Hayat because she can not see Hayat getting what belongs or belonged to her. Well, as much as I didn’t expect Jimmy to give Nida some sensible advice but he took me by surprise when he talked Nida out of harming Hayat & told her to win Zaki & his family over with love. It was quite amusing how he suggested Nida to impress Azra by gifting her a lot of clothes, as he thought this would melt Azra’s heart away.

So, Hayat got a call from the school where she will get back to her old job but looks like she has a competitor there already. I found it quite interesting & amusing that Hayat once again met a guy & ended up leaving a bad first impression on him. Hassan seems like a very straight forward & simple sort of a person who is dedicated towards his job & since he has worked so hard, he already has made a name for himself but Hayat couldn’t really absorb it & ended up calling him an idiot. The entire conversation between Hayat & Hassan that revolved around the word ‘idiot’ was funny & the timing of both the actors was perfect. The way Hassan was irritated by Hayat reminded me so much of Zaki because this is exactly the impression that Hayat left on him too, which then compelled me to think that we might have a love triangle on our way but to be honest, seeing how light-hearted & fun this drama is, I most certainly don’t mind!

So, Affaq wants to help Hayat & it is so good that even he knows how dignified & self-sufficient Hayat is that she won’t accept his token of sympathy, that is why he is forced to find ways to help his daughter stealthily & indirectly. I love Hayat’s character for the fact that despite having Affaq back in her life & despite knowing that he wants to redeem himself, she never once thought of relying on him or asking for any favors. It definitely feels good to see a character like Hayat on our screen who believes she can sort the mess of her life by herself & doesn’t sob over it in front of people to seek sympathy from.

Zaki can’t get Hayat out of his mind & may be that’s why he has started maintaining some sort of distance from Nida. Zaki didn’t even have a conversation with Nida but she was the one who was looking desperate to make things work like planning her wedding with Azra. Honestly speaking, just yesterday I was thinking to myself that in our dramas, they do introduce the characters & hint about their careers in the initial episodes but later they forget everything about it, so I was pleasantly surprised to see them showing Zaki back in his culinary school & Hayat back to her counselling job as well as her writing, like it is good to see that our characters have a life other than standing in the porch of their homes or sitting in their TV lounges, having a conversation with one another, like this sort of detailing adds some realism to the drama!

Overall, this episode was interesting but a bit slow, but what uplifted my mood was the preview of the next episode because looks like there will be a conversation between Haroon & Zaki about Hayat once again & I am looking forward to that. I think Nida’s mother will try to knock some sense into Nida’s head too, which is much needed at this stage. I also want to see what Hassan has to offer & how he will change the dynamics of the story. All the actors did a wonderful job & the new addition in the form of Hassan is interesting too. I always have a big smile on my face whenever I am watching Hayat or even Zaki, like Yumna Zaidi & Ahmed Ali have done a phenomenal job, have not only nailed these characters but made this drama a treat to watch as well. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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