Yeh Raha Dil Episode 12 – A Breath of Fresh Air!

Ohkay so, this was such a nice episode of Yeh Raha Dil filled with so many beautiful & emotional moments. I am loving the emotional ride that Hayat’s life has turned out to be but what makes me love her character even more is the fact that the bechari factor hasn’t crept in till date & it seems highly unlikely for it to happen, which makes me sigh with relief. With each passing episode, we get more & more chances to fall in love with the characters because the writer has made sure to give clarity to their thoughts, because of which you understand their feelings & their struggles.

So, Affaq is trying his level best to mend ways with Hayat because he knows she is not in a mood to give him an edge. However, Hayat did show a few little signs to Affaq which did highlight the fact that she was alright with the idea of having him around, that why despite saying no, she budged & accepted his requests of giving some time to him out of her busy schedule. Even though Affaq is trying hard to break the ice but Hayat is dodging the bullet, however, it was good to see her sharing some emotional moments with him like visiting her mother’s grave & listening to his philosophy of how he wants to improve as a human being & wants to fix things. I am sure Affaq doesn’t want to throw a curveball yet but once he will learn that Hayat has grown comfortable with him, he will definitely let her know that he wants to buy Hayat House for her as he is not too happy with the situation she is currently facing.

I love Hayat’s attitude, like she steals little moments out of her life to make herself smile. The way she pestered Hassan Sir & then tried to come to peace with him was cute, like she knows she has stuffed up & has made a mistake but it still didn’t stop her from trying to fix the damage. Hassan didn’t get much coverage which I didn’t mind because I am not too sure what to make of his character as of now considering how reserved and uptight he is. It is good to see Hayat getting back on track where she has made herself capable enough to make a living for herself again, even though she is not too happy with the changes that have been made for her but still she is taking care of herself on her own!

That was another beautiful conversation that happened between Haroon & Zaki. I think it goes to show what a gentleman Haroon himself is & what sort of expectations he has from his son where he doesn’t want him to wrong anyone. Haroon is aware of the fact that Zaki has developed feelings for Hayat but still he wanted Zaki to be mindful of the fact that Nida will be hurt in the middle of this, which was something that Haroon will never approve of. It would’ve been so easy for Haroon to encourage Zaki to ditch Nida considering how even he thinks she is not suitable for Zaki but he didn’t do that. Also, another thing that makes me respect Haroon’s character a bit more is the fact that he has never once said bad thing about Nida, even though it is obvious that he is not too fond of her personality but still, he has always made a point about Zaki’s shortcomings & has believed that Nida must be a nice person but she is not compatible with Zaki. How many parents think like that, in our dramas I am saying? All these conversations are so refreshing to hear where no girl is being targeted for no good reason & in fact everyone around them is seen reasoning decently as they have a completely different perspective.

So, like I discussed last week, looks like Nida is not into Zaki as much as she is into the idea of defeating Hayat because she can not come to terms with the fact that Zaki can leave her for a girl like Hayat. It goes to show that Nida never really understood what the meaning of true love is because for her Zaki is just a possession that she wants to keep to herself. For a change, it was soooooo good to hear a woman not ripping another woman apart, like Nida’s mother Fatima didn’t hold Hayat responsible for what Zaki was feeling for her, otherwise in our dramas it doesn’t even take a second for a mother of any character to shame another girl for being the culprit. Even though I didn’t expect such wisdom from Fatima but it goes to show that she is putting her experience to good use & that is why she wants to knock some sense into Nida that if Zaki is not into her anymore, it is not because of Hayat, but because of Zaki himself. It didn’t come as a surprise to me when Nida said that if it would’ve been someone else, she wouldn’t have created a fuss but just because it is Hayat, she wants to battle it out!

So, finally Hayat & Zaki decided to break the ice, it was such a cute moment where all of a sudden they went from being awkward to super comfortable with each other where they got back to their old self bickering their hearts out with each other. Hayat finally decided to rely on Zaki & just because she deemed fit, she turned him into a landlord, which he technically is, therefore according to her, he should be the one taking care of Hayat’s necessities as she is the tenant. This was much needed because I was missing their conversations & I smiled throughout that entire scene because it was perfect, in terms of acting, dialogues & direction! We finally have Hayat & Zaki back together & I can’t wait to see more.

Overall, I loved this episode as well. I will thank Mustafa Afridi personally for adding such refreshing touches to this script where no female is being torn apart or is being shamed for being a female. Haroon never badmouths Nida & even Fatima despite feeling for her daughter didn’t blame Hayat for anything unnecessarily. Even though Fatima has all the more reasons to be against Hayat considering how she is Affaq’s daughter from his first marriage & how she can also be entitled to Affaq’s wealth & property but still, Fatima kept everything aside & kept it strictly about Zaki’s emotional attachment towards her. I think we need more writers like these who despite bringing in such scenarios present a completely different perspective. I was tuned to this episode through HUM’s live streaming & I don’t know which drama’s promo it was, like I wasn’t bothered to pick on the detail but I heard a girl saying this dialogue ‘paida hote hi maar kyu nahi diya mujhe’ & while I was cringing so hard, all of a sudden I got to hear such conversations in Yeh Raha Dil, which made me happy that we have writers like Mustafa Afridi in our industry, who are proving that no girl should feel ‘paida hote hi maar kyu nahi diya mujhe’. Anyways, Anum Gohar, Yumna Zaidi, Arjumand Azhar Hussain & Ayesha Sana, all of them have done such a commendable job. However, Yumna & Ahmed take the crown, especially for acting out the last scene of the episode so brilliantly & effortlessly that too with such perfect timing. Well done guys! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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