Yeh Raha Dil Episode 13 Review – Beautiful!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was a bit on the serious & slower side but I still had a great time watching it, because the writer has balanced it out by evolving the characters in such a way that we want to see more of them. The director has given each & every character an equal coverage which makes it a complete package. I like how with each passing episode we get to know more & more about the characters, like what they’re thinking about & what they’re going through, that is why their conversations are so important to be paid attention to because they put things into perspective. I love how Yeh Raha Dil has turned into a wholesome package, a complete family entertainment which just has such a good feel to it. I also like how it has both good & not teensy tiny bit so good characters because everything balances out & makes things even more interesting!

I will be completely honest, I still am not feeling the character of Hassan, like I do get that he is a very rigid, focused & serious sort of a person but yes, I enjoy his scenes because in them, we get to see the lighter more bubbly side of Hayat as she keeps on pestering him, in an attempt to make him understand that he has no escape from this & they all should try to co-exist. Other than that, when it comes to his character, I find him boring. I enjoyed how Hayat & Sidra kept on pushing all the wrong buttons because they knew it will rile Hassan up a bit more & that completely worked. Too bad that Hassan’s complaint didn’t make any difference & had zero affect on Hayat because she continued to do what she is good at, that was bothering him.

So, Fatima tried to make her daughter Nida understand that everything that Affaq was doing was seemingly for her but deep down, it was a plan that he was devising for Hayat to give her what was entitled to. Nida once again spoke about loving Zaki but she herself doesn’t understand if she is still in love or she just wants to steal him away from Hayat, since has has grown so insecure of her all of a sudden. I must say, I liked Affaq’s subtle approach for the first time, like he was taking care of his daughter Nida before anything else so that later he could ask for a favor from her. It showed that Affaq was trying really hard to be fair & just in dealing with both of his daughters, like even though his ulterior motive was to make Hayat happy but first, he wanted to take care of Nida so that she doesn’t feel unvalued or neglected. Fatima actually ruined Affaq’s plan because Nida might be naive, but Fatima isn’t & she knew exactly why Affaq was doing so much for Nida as he was actually planning to return everything to Hayat that belonged to her.

So, Hayat & Zaki finally got to have a serious conversation for the first time after Zaki opened up about what was in his heart. Zaki clearly told Hayat that he wasn’t interested in getting married to Nida anymore but I loved loved loved how Hayat put things into perspective for him. It isn’t like Hayat is playing hard to get or something, but she genuinely feels Zaki should get married to Nida because he was in love with her just a few days ago. Also, Hayat doesn’t want this friendship that they both share to be ruined, so for Nida’s sake & also for her friendship’s sake, which actually is very important to her, she told Zaki to think things through. I love how Hayat hasn’t reciprocated Zaki’s feelings, even though this is what I want to see happening eventually, but for now it puts Hayat in a very positive light that not even for once she has considered snatching Zaki away even after learning that he is not into Nida anymore & he has clearly fallen in love with her.

I think Zaki made a huge blunder by talking to Jimmy about Nida. I think Zaki should’ve taken responsibility for his feelings, like after Hayat told him to fix his scattered brain & feelings, he decided to take the matters in his hands but ended up approaching the wrong person. I do understand like I find it natural that since Zaki is so sensitive himself, he couldn’t hurt Nida by telling all this to her directly that is why he relied on Jimmy but it didn’t work. Even though Zaki did ask Jimmy to forget all of this, he is naive to not know that Jimmy will make the most of this situation.

I liked the preview of the next episode too where Nida will be making some moves to earn brownie points in front of Haroon, Affaq & even Zaki, like she will be playing mind-games with Zaki when he’ll be oblivious of the fact that Nida knows what he spoke to Jimmy about. I must say I love Ayesha Sana as Fatima in this drama, like she is so much fun, I just love how she rolls her eyes & emphasizes on smallest of details to put her message across. I also find it quite cute how Nida/Anam is always dolled up. The guy playing the role of Hassan is quite weak in acting, like even his dialogue delivery was poor & not that it makes much of a difference but since he had a lot of English words in his dialogues, he made it very obvious that he was finding it hard to say those words, so far he is the weakest link in terms of acting. I liked Ahmed Ali’s expressions in scene before he spoke to Jimmy, like it showed that he made a final decision & he was ready to convey it, those were minute but very clear expressions there! Yumna Zaidi as always was effortless & amazing. I missed Haroon’s scene or two though. Thank you so much Team Yeh Raha Dil for such a beautiful, feel good & beautiful beautiful beautiful drama, can’t emphasize enough. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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