Yeh Raha Dil Episode 14 Review – Makes Me Happy!

Ohkay so, first off, you guys need to have a goofy smile on your face, that’s a pre-requisite for watching & enjoying this drama because without it, you won’t be able to take this sweetest drama as it comes. I love how every single episode gives me so many reasons to smile. Every single scenario, every single conversation, every thing just fits so perfectly & shows how everything is just right rather perfect in this drama. For someone like me who is a huge fan of romantic comedies, Yeh Raha Dil is a treat to watch & I am so happy! :)

So, Jimmy revealed everything to Nida & they both devised a plan to stop Zaki from ditching her. I will say that I liked Nida’s approach where she spoke to her father & just decided to go with the flow as she wants to be around Affaq, Hayat & especially Zaki. It was quite interesting how Nida in stead of creating a fuss about what she heard, decided to play a mind game with everyone around. However, does this make Nida evil? The answer is a clear cut no because it only makes Nida a bit insecure & jealous which are such emotions that everyone at certain point in their lives do experience. I think it shows the insight of the writer where he tried to show that things can be tackled in a certain way too. I will speak a little more about Nida in the ending part of my review.

Oooooh, so we finally got to know that Zaki succeeded in pulling Hayat’s heartstrings & that is why she was emotionally disturbed as for the first time in her life, she was forcing herself to do something which she doesn’t want to, which was pushing Zaki away. May be this is the first time that a guy like Zaki, who is so considerate has confessed love to her & also because she is so comfortable around him that she feels attracted to him but just because she knows there’s Nida in between, she has to stop herself from growing closer to him. I loved that entire scene where Hayat just cried everything out without saying a word to her friend because she doesn’t want to disclose this secret to anyone right now. At least it is good to know that Hayat has started thinking on those lines too but right now, she is stopping herself & rightly so.

I loved Haroon & Zaki’s conversation. I think more than Zaki or even more than Hayat, it was Haroon who was happy that Hayat was going to get Hayat House back. I loved how he encouraged Zaki to go & propose to Hayat because he knew that she’d be on cloud 9 so she might accept his proposal. Haroon not only told Zaki to approach Hayat but he also directed his focus towards his own feelings because Haroon knows Zaki is still a little confused or even if he has made up his mind, being a soft-hearted person, he will never be able to reject Nida easily. At least Haroon knows that his son needs some guidance, encouragement & support in order to make the right choice, that is why he is being persistent. In the initial episodes, we only got to see Haroon as a father who didn’t have much faith in his son but who would’ve thought that as the episodes will pass by, we all will end up enjoying Haroon’s character so much because he is such a perfect father.

So, Hayat got all the surprises in one day & her reaction was obviously quite natural where she was unable to absorb everything that was happening. It was quite sweet how Zaki was there to celebrate such a big day in Hayat’s life & what was even more important was that the moment Hayat felt uncomfortable, she reached out to Zaki to just share what she was feeling. Even though I don’t have any issues but I really wish the writer shows that Affaq is not too naive to be falling prey to both Nida & Fatima’s planning, especially Fatima’s since he knows that before coming to Pakistan, she wanted to get divorced, so at least he should be intelligent enough to read between the lines as to what is it that is stopping Fatima from leaving Pakistan & delaying the divorce. Also, I hope if not anyone else, at least Haroon is able to decipher Nida’s ulterior motives & at least he is able to warn Zaki to beware.

Well, to be honest, I think Nida will end up changing after she will get attention & love from Hayat. I think the writer deliberately revealed a little but important detail about Nida that she spent a chunk of her life in a hostel, where she felt alone & isolated, so this is the reason why she has become so cold & distant that she doesn’t get emotional a bit too easily especially when it comes to her family members. It also showed that Nida yearned & longed for a companionship which she couldn’t get so may be now that she will stick with Hayat for a completely different reason, she will end up changing her perspective because of the attention that she’ll get & also because of the sisterly bond that she will share with Hayat. Hayat has such a nature where Nida won’t be able to fool her or have ill feelings towards her for so long & this will change her entire personality for the better. I have this sort of a feeling because Nida throughout the story has showcased this trait of hers a lot of times where she does get affected emotionally at times & also that she is not a completely evil person, so I am sure she will change & will feel ashamed that she was trying to fool Hayat & frame Zaki.

I did pick on a little detail which I think was added by the writer to bring it to our & Hayat’s attention which was the Principal’s mention of her mother’s rift with Affaq. When she saw that Hayat was a little shattered, she tried to talk her into forgiving Affaq & told her not to think too much about what transpired between her parents, which actually did suggest that she knew a little more about the divorce that took place between them & most importantly why? Also, seeing how affectionate Affaq is, how easy-going he is as a person & also after seeing Hayat’s mother, I am not too sure why she seemed a little unusual to me, like I don’t know how to explain because even though they have shown her near the end of her life but I feel she was the one who had issues in this marriage & not Affaq. I don’t want to give Affaq a clean chit & I am definitely not giving him one because he is walking an extra mile for Hayat that too after 20 years especially when he stumbled across her by chance, but somehow I feel he wasn’t at fault as much as Hayat’s mother was. I remember even Affaq hinted about not wanting to delve into the details from the past as he didn’t want to ruin the memories Hayat had of her mother & tarnish the reputation of the deceased but still, I am sure there’s more to their divorce that hasn’t been revealed but has been touched upon slightly to stir some curiosity & it surely has worked!

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode because it was filled with so many flavors, there were emotional moments, there were fun moments, some interesting conversations, some meaningful ones, like it just had everything! Things are looking good for Hayat but are a bit shaky for Zaki as he hasn’t been able to speak to Nida & I am sure seeing how Nida is busy being a part of one small happy family, Zaki will be even more hesitant as he wouldn’t want to ruin these moments for her. Nida’s plan is definitely working at the moment so let’s see when & where will she stop. Still not feeling Hassan’s character & honestly speaking, every time he comes into the picture I feel like forwarding his scenes, may be as the preview suggested, he will loosen up a bit as Hayat will try to befriend him but still, not too impressed with him. All the actors like I always say did a wonderful job. I will definitely say that the way the director has kept things easy & casual in this drama gives it a very nice & warm feel, like you can relate to these characters & understand them because they seem genuine. Last but definitely not the least, the captain of the ship; Mustafa Afridi deserves special appreciation for another perfect episode. It is amazing how he has added so many minute details that give us an entirely different perspective & effortlessly force us to read between the lines. I can’t emphasize enough how everything about this drama is simply amazing. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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