Yeh Raha Dil Episode 16 Review – I’m Floored!

OMG, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was absolute perfection, like it gave me so many beautiful moments that I actually lost count of them. Week after week, I am all praises for this drama & it is absolutely incredible how the team of Yeh Raha Dil has succeeded in achieving these heights, be it in terms of direction, writing, acting or dialogues – everything always hits the spot. While watching this perfect episode, I wished I didn’t have to review this episode because that way I would’ve enjoyed it even more without concentrating much about what needs to be discussed or spoken about. Anyways, long story short, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was love!!!

So, how often do we come across such a sister who wants to do everything to make her younger sister feel at the top of the world? Even though Nida has done everything to guilt-trip Hayat & anything good that Nida says or does come from her heart but then again, is her plan evil? Nope. Is her plan destroying someone’s life? Nope. I really think the writer deserves credit here for bringing in such a unique scenario where if you look at it from the surface, you might think of it as another sister rivalry story but when you magnify into it, you get to see the intricacies. Hayat really understands the gravity of the situation, also, it was quite interesting to see how she was feeling burdened from both the sides, where she can see how happy Nida is, so she doesn’t want anything to happen that might ruin Nida’s happiness. Also, from another side, just because Hayat knows Zaki is not in love with Nida anymore & she is the reason why Zaki is behaving this way, she is feeling guilty. I really enjoyed watching this entire episode of Hayat’s guilt because it was conveyed with so much of clarity & perfection.

I absolutely loved Hayat & Zaki’s conversation at the beach, like it showed that both of them were right in their own accord. Zaki is being transparent with Hayat at least, yes his mistake is that he hasn’t come clean in front of Nida yet but at least he has mustered up enough courage to share the truth with Hayat. Hayat on her own was right where she was trying to convince Zaki to go back to Nida as she is still in love with her. I am sure, even if Hayat would’ve known that Nida was faking this entire sisterly relationship with her, she still wouldn’t have given an edge to Zaki because she is quite dignified. Right now, Hayat might not know about Nida’s true intentions but what she knows is that her sister loves Zaki & that is why she wants to do everything to bring them together. I liked the comfort level that Hayat has developed with Zaki after his confession, like every time he says something on those lines, she just brushes it off her shoulders casually & continued sharing her perspective with him, as if she is trying to make a point that his feelings don’t matter to her because right now she is focused on what Nida wants & what’ll make her happy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting of Hayat, Nida, Zaki & Jimmy. Even though Nida found out that Zaki went to that Dhabba with Hayat before but she ignored it. I think it is quite smart of Nida to be quite cautious, where she is being extra careful to not do anything that might give Zaki any reason to say what’s on his mind out loud. Nida could sense that Zaki might finally let the cat out of the bag but she didn’t allow that to happen. I think this showed another cute side of Zaki where he was now trying to tell Hayat that he likes everything that she likes, like this is usually what happens when you’re in love, you try to adapt to all those things that your beloved enjoys. Jimmy & Nida were exactly reacting how Zaki reacted when Hayat brought him to this Dhabba but now he was trying to show Hayat that he enjoys everything that she likes, which was cute.

Oh well, shall we talk about that ‘I love you’, I seriously don’t remember the last time I saw a confession this beautiful. Hayat was furious, Zaki was trying to calm her down & just when he hurt her, Hayat let go of her anger because she genuinely felt bad for hurting him & that’s when Zaki turned it into an opportunity to confess his love to her. Zaki’s tears, Hayat’s speechlessness & then Hayat’s attempt of ignoring what she just heard & Zaki’s pain when Hayat didn’t reciprocate his feelings, everything was done so subtly but just so beautifully. Both Ahmed Ali & Yumna Zaidi gave their 100% & their chemistry as Zaki & Hayat is just incredible. Haye! Such a beautiful scene, which I am going to watch again after completing this review, haha!

Well, even though this episode had so many amazing dialogues but I always enjoy the ones that Haroon has in store for us always. I loved how he was teasing Zaki because he knew he was already in a difficult situation. ‘Ishq-e-Mazaji appko Ishq-e-Haqeeqi ki taraf le gaya hai’, ‘tum apne appko shayad Allah ki rah mai waqf karne walay ho’, lol, Haroon tried to push Zaki to the limit in order to motivate him to do the right thing. It was amazing how Haroon was all praises for Hayat because he knew that she is a tough cookie to crack & she is giving Zaki a run for his money. I found it sweet how Haroon actually prayed for Hayat to accept Zaki’s feelings because he sees her as a better partner for Zaki than in comparison to Nida.

Overall, this episode was incredible & beautiful, it was filled with such amazing moments that I thorougly enjoyed watching it. Another aspect that I enjoyed the most was how they shed a light on a relationship that Nida & Hayat are sharing, like even though Nida is faking it but it is good to see them spending time & developing understanding with each other because this way, Nida will actually realize that Hayat is not into Zaki & she never initiated anything. Even though Jimmy did side with Hayat but Nida chose to overlook what he said as she chooses not to trust Hayat at this point. The writer added another dimension to Hayat’s thought process by showing a session that she had with her student because Hayat immediately put herself & Nida in the similar situation, it’s like that student helped Hayat to understand Nida’s perspective even more because she could see how heart-broken Nida would be if Zaki will ditch her citing his love for Hayat as a reason. The level of writing of this drama is phenomenal & I love how effortlessly Mustafa Afridi has penned out such intricacies of these type of relationships. The director has done full justice to the script & the amount of hard work that has gone into keeping things simple & straight forward goes to show his grip on the story. All the actors once again nailed their characters in this episode but special crown goes to Ahmed Ali & also Yumna Zaidi for acting that ‘I love you’ scene beautifully. Yumna looked beautiful & Ahmed like Hayat said looked like a pakka filmy hero. The preview of the next episode obviously promised a lot of drama because looks like Zaki will take Haroon’s words seriously & take the second step forward. Oh yes, I think I enjoy the male version of the OST more in comparison to the female version, so let’s hope they don’t use the latter one more often. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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