Yeh Raha Dil Episode 20 Review – New Twists & Turns!

Ohkay so, got a dose of Yeh Raha Dil after 2 weeks but I so wish I had enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed all the previous ones. Yes, this episode did have a few developments to its credit but it was a bit too slow, also, I am not sure how I feel about the new twists in the story, obviously things will be convincing & there’d be a reason for everything that is happening now, but I am not feeling these new developments but let’s see.

I really wish Nida gets tired of this hatred that she is brewing in her heart, I really wish that happens because even after getting engaged, she is still insecure. It is like even Nida herself knows that Zaki is not into her & he only got engaged because he was pressurized, so in stead of trying to make things difficult for Hayat & in stead of trying to win the lost battle, she should stop stalling & face the reality. I wish that one fine day Nida wakes up & realizes that everything that she is doing is not worth it because it is not making her happy & it is not even making Zaki happy either. Nida even has noticed the change in Zaki’s behavior, like he doesn’t call her, so in stead of putting the entire blame on Hayat & holding her responsible for Zaki’s attitude, she should analyze things herself because even if Hayat won’t be in the picture, Zaki still wouldn’t be the same like he used to be.

So, Hayat was finding it hard to function ever since she returned from the engagement ceremony, because her heart wasn’t at ease due to the confession that she made. Hayat could also sense that Zaki was trying to put her in an awkward position, more like he was trying to take his revenge that is why she was feeling uncomfortable. At least, it is good that Hayat has stopped running away from the reality & is herself acknowledging the feelings that she has for Zaki but she has put herself in this situation, so there’s nothing that she can do now. Hayat actually thought that her problems will be over once she Zaki & Nida will get engaged but she has no idea what Zaki’s upto!

So, Zaki has assigned himself this new task, where he is now going to do everything to make sure that Hassan & Hayat get hitched too. Yes, Zaki has his reasons & he has an ulterior motive but I really didn’t understand the sudden shift in Hassan’s attitude, like at one hand he is planning to go abroad to pursue his education since he is so focused & on the other, he seems more than ready to start a commitment with Hayat whom he couldn’t even tolerate just a couple of weeks ago? I wish there was a little more insight given to us in regards to Hassan’s feelings towards Hayat because this sudden change in his behavior where he is acting like a teenager in love or a teenager excited with the idea of being with someone is a little hard to grasp. Hassan was always shown as someone who was very focused, rigid & knew what he wanted from his life, so for him to believe a stranger like Zaki & open up to him just so easily that too concerning the matter which is actually quite personal is a bit hard to digest. Zaki’s motives are clear, he just wants Hayat to go through the pain that he went through, which is getting committed to someone who you don’t really love as he knows that Hayat loves him & not Hassan, so we do get that side of the picture clear but Hassan’s side is not only out of focus but a bit too blurry as well!

Well, one thing that I really liked in this episode was the conversation that Haroon had with Azra, about everything regarding Zaki & Nida’s future, like he knows that Nida isn’t made for a joint family system so when she will be herself after marriage, Azra will be the first one to complain, so he already told his wife that he doesn’t want Zaki & Nida to share the home with them because it would only ruin their relationships. Another thing that I liked was how subtly Haroon shared his feelings about Nida’s career, like without putting her down or without saying that he disapproves of her choices, he only put forth what he expected because he knows his son a bit too well & he wants Nida to give Zaki the utmost attention that he needs. I think the writer definitely should be commended here for putting very basic things forth with a different perspective & in the most respectful manner, like he actually showed that this is also a way to go about something, which is commendable.

Overall, this episode was a bit slow but the preview promised some drama, however I will say that I am not actually looking forward to Hassan’s track or his involvement in Hayat’s life because for the first time I feel I can predict that Hayat will be left with no choice than to accept Hassan’s proposal only to further assure Nida that she ain’t snatching Zaki away from her, which is bit too much because I feel Hayat is turning into a sacrificial lamb, which she never was but let’s see. I still am not too keen on Hassan’s character because right now it is becoming a bit evident that he is being used to stretch the drama further, so I wish things get sorted a bit quickly & we get to see the ending that we all are waiting for. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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