Yeh Raha Dil Episode 21 Review – Not Too Happy!

Oh dear, never did I imagine that after watching an episode of Yeh Raha Dil, I will fall short of words & never did I imagine that I’d get to see any such episode of Yeh Raha Dil which wouldn’t really appeal to me. Sadly, this was one such episode of Yeh Raha Dil that I absolutely didn’t enjoy watching & it almost ended up becoming a burden to sit through this because all the situations that are now unfolding in the story are not making much sense. I don’t really want to say this but this & the last episode made me feel that certain things are only being added to drag the drama & reach a certain number of episode. What made me think on these lines were the scenes that were never-ending & the conversations that became so repetitive that I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I am sure those who like & understand Hassan’s character would have enjoyed the entire ‘comedy’ that was pushed in by showcasing his confusion & nervousness when he was trying to convey the new-found love that he has for Hayat because for someone like me, who doesn’t enjoy his character, I found it a bit too boring. If they had introduced Hassan as a confused soul right from the beginning, I think now all that he is doing wouldn’t have looked so odd & it wouldn’t have looked like he is not being himself because all that I knew about his character was that he was a very rigid & a sorted human being who knew his priorities & limits. Bringing flowers to his workplace & roaming around with a bouquet in a school full of students doesn’t really scream wise to me & all this while, I thought Hassan was all about wisdom & sensibility. Yes, right now it is being shown that when one is in love, they tend to do things which even they themselves never have imagined but once again, I don’t really understand how all of a sudden Hassan has fallen so much in love with Hayat that he is doing everything that is against his personality & nature? If they had shown him developing feelings for Hayat on his own, everything would’ve made sense but to see him doing all this on someone else’s testimony is unconvincing!

I really thought that Sidra being the one who knows what Hayat feels for Zaki would go & inform her that it is Zaki who has started all this & it is Zaki who is encouraging Hassan to propose to Hayat but in stead, she also joined in the drama & ended up pushing Hassan towards Hayat a bit more? I am not sure if that was supposed to evoke some comedy or it was just a stupid judgment on Sidra’s part because if there’s one person who understands Hayat it is Sidra, so I don’t think such clumsiness was expected from her. All the conversations in which Hassan was involved were long, boring & repetitive. Yes, we get it, he is new at this entire idea of love & he is feeling like a fish out of the water but after a certain point, in stead of deriving some comedy out of this scenario, I started feeling bad for Hassan because for their own selfish reasons, both Zaki & even Sidra were pushing him towards the wrong direction, like it feels they are turning Hassan into a puppet to kill their boredom which I never thought would happen with someone in this drama!

Thankfully, the second half of the episode got interesting where the characters who I am actually concerned about were shown. Life has presented a fantastic career opportunity to Nida & right now just because she has Zaki on her mind, she rejected the offer but I am not sure how long she’ll be able to resist it considering how Jimmy will be manipulating her & pushing her to sign the contract. Right now, Nida’s priorities are different that is why she didn’t discuss this offer with Zaki but I also have a feeling that if Zaki had told her not to do it, only to rile him up, she would’ve gone ahead with the contract. I am interested to see how this will unfold because Jimmy most certainly is not going to sit quietly & see this opportunity slip away from him!

Even though Hayat’s concerns for her father are understandable but her conversation with Fatima seemed a bit too sudden & uncalled for. I think Hayat has always been quite cautious & has dealt with her new family members with a lot of patience & respect, so not sure why she decided to speak to Fatima just so casually that too about the matters that are so personal? I think if Hayat had picked on something, she should’ve spoken to her father first because Fatima is not at all answerable to Hayat. I also believe she crossed the line with her step mother because she had no right to interrogate her like that in the first place. I really believe if Hayat could eavesdrop on Fatima & pick on the details about her love affair, then they could’ve also shown Hayat eavesdropping on Nida & getting to know what her intentions are because that would’ve guaranteed a quicker & a convincing wrapping of things, which I most certainly am looking forward to at this stage!

This episode didn’t work for me at all. I am sure it must’ve worked for all those who like Hassan’s character. Honestly speaking, the preview of the next episode didn’t seem promising & for the first time while watching the precap I felt burdened that I’d have to tune to this drama to find out what is going to happen because at this stage all the loyal viewers of Yeh Raha Dil want to see the ending of this drama & it’s sad that they’d have to sit through a few meaningless & filler episodes to finally know how it ends. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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