Yeh Raha Dil Episode 23 Review – A Hit & A Miss!

Ohkay so, this episode was a hit & a miss for me. It started off really well & even ended on an interesting note too but I lost my interest in the middle somewhere. I really don’t want to say this but I never imagined that the team of Yeh Raha Dil would test the patience of the viewers. Some of the scenes are so long that you can easily see how they are relying on those conversations/situations to fill up the episode. I really think it’s about time for all the loose ends to be tied together to give this drama a decent ending. I keep on seeing some comments where people say it’s the 2nd last episode or it ends in a couple of weeks but sadly, I don’t see that happening & for that reason I am kind of disappointed. Enough with the dragging pleaseee!!!

I loved the first scene of the episode, not because of anyone else, but because of the DJ. His rendition of HUM’s OSTs was amazing, starting from Sang e Marmar to Mann Mayal to Yeh Raha Dil, he was epic. I loved how even when everyone was talking, he was busy with his dance moves to keep the party going. I wish he had come up with his version of Birthday Song too but chalo nevermind, at least he was a part of the celebration & I am glad that he & his team must’ve gotten the food & the cake, since he was quite keen on being fed on the day of Zaki & Nida’s engagement too.

Just when I was kind of enjoying the comical spin on how everyone was putting a pressure on Hayat & how she was feeling overburdened by it, I started feeling equally bad for Hassan because he of all the people doesn’t deserve this. Yes, he is a bit off & is quite slow to even realize that he is being played upon, but then again, he is not at fault & Zaki & even Sidra should be ashamed of themselves for giving Hassan all the wrong hopes. Also, even though I feel bad for Hassan & just when I thought I could tolerate his character in last episode, I found him intolerable in this one, like seriously, Hayat was clearly insulting him & he was seeing it as her expression of love, I know some people might derive some comedy out of it but that’s where it just stopped for me.

Finally Hayat confronted Zaki & just exactly what I assumed, Hayat promised to turn herself into a sacrificial lamb by getting married to Hassan so that she gets out of Nida & Zaki’s way so that Zaki has no option left than to get married to Hayat’s baby sister Nida. Seriously, please don’t ruin your character for us Hayat. I actually thought that Hayat like she claimed would seriously go ahead & tell everyone that she is not interested in Hassan but not sure why Zaki’s words affected her to such an extent that she decided that getting married would be the right thing to do? Like who says Hayat has to give the actual reason that since she loves Zaki, she doesn’t want to get married to Hassan whereas all she can say is that she doesn’t see a compatibility between herself & Hassan or that their mental wavelength doesn’t match? I really am not liking how Hayat gave in to this emotional blackmailing & got scared that before the truth gets out that she loves Zaki, she should get married to Hassan to hide everything!?!?!

Oh well, Hayat’s now trapping Fatima’s boyfriend because she wants to fix her parent’s relationship. It was interesting that Affaq apologized for his behavior & told Fatima clearly that he doesn’t want her to leave. This was the best development that I saw in this episode. I think these baby steps will definitely melt Fatima’s heart & also the fact that Hayat is on Fatima’s boyfriend’s case, he will surely back out. The conversation between Hayat & Nida was interesting. It was definitely good to see Haroon & Azra back in the picture again, Haroon definitely knows all of Zaki’s weaknesses that is why he was being pushy that Zaki should get married to Nida straight away, without any delays. So, looks like Tabrez made an appearance again, I really hope his character is brought back to wrap things up & not to drag the story further. I think this is another thing that will change Nida’s perspective of Hayat when she will see Hayat standing up for her & fighting with Tabrez to save Nida’s integrity. I think Nida is going to get a lot of chances to see Hayat’s niceness & she will also get a lot of chances to back out in order to allow Zaki & Hayat to be together. Well, a lot of chances but let’s see when everything will be materialized because it’s about time guys!

Overall, this episode was alright, like I have mixed feelings about it. All the actors are doing a great job but to be honest, I am getting annoyed by Zaki’s character, yes, he has his reasons as he wants to teach Hayat a lesson but then literally fooling someone into believing something is really shallow. Hayat didn’t ‘use’ Nida in the first place, she only secured Nida’s place in Zaki’s life & made sure to give her what was hers, so Zaki really can’t put both the things on the same pedestal. Also, I will dislike Hayat’s character if she will agree to get married to Hassan. Yes, right now Hayat has said it in the spur of the moment & is not thinking much about it because she has Affaq & Fatima’s relationship on her mind, but I really hope she keeps on avoiding this topic & doesn’t go ahead with it because I would hate to see her turning into a sacrificial lamb. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil & yes, special thanks to Ehtashamuddin for another amazing performance. I hope when the couples get married by the end of the drama, he is the one who gets to perform on their wedding functions too, like I seriously want to see him again. :D

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