Yeh Raha Dil Episode 7 Review – Adorable!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was adorable & I loved watching it because not only the developments were great but the way everything unfolded was beautiful as well. I must say the best thing about Yeh Raha Dil is the way the writer has made us fall in love with all the characters because they all seem so genuine & realistic, where they can be impulsive enough to act harshly but the very next moment can also feel the guilt for being so uncourteous. I love how the writer has added so many shades into all these characters & has given them a unique personality because of which when they all come together, they make it look like a cocktail which has so many different flavours. Isn’t it amazing to be able to see a drama which has so much of warmth in it & it just makes you smile throughout? This is exactly what I look for in a drama so I’m a happy viewer & reviewer. :)

So, Zaki obviously reacted without even thinking twice & told Hayat to leave when he spotted her at his property. Obviously Hayat left such a bad impression on him because of all the things she said to Nida & just because Zaki had such a hard time in making things right with his lady love that he didn’t want to take a chance as he knew that Nida couldn’t tolerate Hayat for a second & he couldn’t afford to give her another chance. I found it quite sweet how later Zaki realized that he was a little too harsh in dealing with Hayat & not only that, despite being talked out of it by Nida, he still thought that may be everything that Hayat said was true.

Hayat’s break down was so emotional & heart-wrenching. I loved loved loved the fact that Hayat never intended to play a victim card in front of Zaki nor she acted like a bechari or damsel in distress in front of him when she saw that Zaki came to help her out again. Hayat was in a state of shock when she got robbed & that was the moment when she gave up because she couldn’t take it anymore but luckily Zaki witnessed everything & realized that he actually made a mistake by not taking Hayat seriously. It was quite sweet seeing how Zaki comforted Hayat because he couldn’t even imagine that a head-strong & happy-go-lucky kind of a girl like Hayat could actually give up on her life to this extent that she was ready to face death. Hayat’s state of shock & Zaki’s compassion were the highlights of this episode for me because Hayat didn’t even realize how much she affected Zaki & how much he was actually worried for her that he not only brought her to his home but also gave her his space to make her feel better. It was probably for the first time that Zaki actually had some thoughts about Hayat, only because he saw her in such a state that he never could’ve imagined. Hayat always played the victim card for fun’s sake in front of Zaki because she tried to push her luck when she was in Nepal but she never really did it seriously as she is not the kind, may be that’s why Zaki understood that Hayat’s situation was far more grave than he initially thought it was.

I remember just in the previous review I mentioned that I was looking forward to an interaction between Hayat & Haroon & in this episode it happened just so effortlessly. I loved how Hayat came in front of Zaki’s parents & not only that, she casually shared a breakfast with them too. It was quite an amusing & non-serious kind of situation where Zaki brought a stranger in the house & then introduced her to his parents saying she was the owner of the house that his father just purchased. It was quite interesting that not only Zaki but even Haroon gave Hayat a fair chance to explain what she wanted to say & then brainstormed about it. Even Haroon’s assistant felt everything about this deal was suspicious because they got the property for less than what it was worth.

I must say Yumna Zaidi made me tear up in the scene where Hayat explains Zaki that this place belonged to her & how she owned it because she was familiar with all the smallest little details about it. Even though Hayat’s character is quite loud & boisterous but what makes it even more amazing is the fact that she is in touch with her emotional side to such an extent, like who would’ve thought that a carefree girl like Hayat could be so emotionally attached to her place that she would even count the walls or the stairs in her home? It was beautiful.

Another scene that I enjoyed the most was the validation & testimony that Zaki got through Hayat’s neighbor who warned Zaki about Hayat’s shortcomings & all the unusual habits. Even though Hayat thought that the neighbor aunty filled in all the wrong details but whatever she said was enough for Zaki to understand that Hayat wasn’t lying & she actually used to live there because no one else could’ve given out such honest details to him about Hayat.

Nida was obviously not too happy with how Zaki was trying to help Hayat, that too when her parents were coming to meet Zaki & his parents. Even though Nida might seem immature but whatever she says does make quite a lot of sense, like even though we all feel for Hayat a lot more but what Nida said about the possibility of Hayat trapping Zaki along with her friend Salman did sound realistic. Nida is protective of Zaki & she obviously wanted make sure that her intuition was heard by Zaki’s parents too, which actually turned out to be the case because Haroon did feel that Nida had a valid point.

The final conversation between Hayat, Zaki & his parents was quite interesting too. Hayat is manipulative but she is not conniving, like she is someone who resorts to emotional blackmailing, even though she had all the reasons to be emotional & she actually was emotional but in stead of making it difficult for Zaki & his parents, she tried to throw in some drama to convince them. Looks like Hayat & Zaki are going to spend a lot more time together & I can’t wait to see how their track together unfolds but for now, I am thoroughly enjoying their friendship.

Overall, I had a great time watching this episode because it was like a roller-coaster ride of emotions where they made us smile & then got us emotional as well. Some of the readers did mention the possibility of Hayat & Nida being sisters & I was pleasantly surprised at their prediction because that seems to be the case because as the preview suggests, Nida’s father is actually Hayat’s father & through this home, he will be able to get in contact with Hayat, I am interested to see how Nida & even Nida’s mother will take the news of Hayat being related to him. Things are going to get quite a bit exciting. As always, all the actors did a wonderful job; Ahmed Ali, Anam Gohar, Azra Mohiuddin, Arjumand Azhar Hussain but the one who took the crown in this episode is hands down Yumna Zaidi, for portraying the shades of Hayat’s character & all the emotions that she went through so flawlessly. I am enjoying Yeh Raha Dil so much & can’t wait for the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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