Zakham Episode 19 Review – Another Sister In Law From Hell

Episode 19 of Zakham today was mostly focused on the new entry Nuzhat, who is a new face. I could find her playing Madiha Imam’s bhabi in drama Saanp Seerhi but I could not find her name. She is a bit amateur in acting, especially when in the same shot as the naturally talented Madiha, but she has managed to convey the essence of her character appropriately. Takbeer is very unlucky when it comes to having sisters in law. One is getting jealous of her from afar and begrudging every happiness that comes Takbeer’s way and second has now entered in her household with evil aspirations for her.

Farhan is still his usual loyal and optimistic self and is too good himself to see the wrong behind other people’s intentions. Seeing Nuzhat’s disdain for little Fatima, he was rightly angered, but he still apologised for raising his voice. The irony of fate is that a gentleman like him got married to the vamp of a wife and his sister who is as nice as him also was dealt a very cruel blow in the form of Khawar. Speaking of whom, he is nowhere to be seen, with no clue as to what happened to him.

Khalida and her husband are launching a new campaign to find Khawar, this time to ensure that Takbeer doesn’t get a chance to remarry. Her husband talks sense in one episode and then becomes like Khawar and Khalida in the next. He supports Khalida while disagreeing with her at the same time. Don’t understand what he really wants.

Takbeer’s and Musa’s families are shown gravitating towords each other  in the nicest of ways.  She was very sweet in looking after Musa’s mother when he was away.  His mother was also very grateful of Takbeer’s efforts and care for her. Musa has started becoming hopeful and expressed his love when driving her home. Takbeer on the other hand is still haunted by all that happened to her and is too fearful to dream of new beginnings with Musa.  The scene where she was looking at Fatima and then remembering the feelings between her and Musa shows how torn she is at this point in her life.

Overall it was a good episode though not too fast paced but still moving forward. Things seem to be falling into place, except for Khawar’s mysterious disappearance.

Share you opinions about the episode please.

Mehwish Mansoor