Zara Maaf Kar Episode 26 – The Torture Continues!

I watched this episode in a hope that it will be the second last episode & things will start to wrap up but looks like that’s not going to be the case because the director has still not given up on the fact that this drama is making no sense at all. Talk about a drama being deprived of character development, character evolvement, purpose of the story, purpose of the conversations, in short everything! This drama is clearly past that stage where the writer could rely on the philosophical dialogues to keep the interest of the viewers alive but it looks like Amna Nawaz Khan is still not getting the point.

When we signed up to watch this drama, we were looking forward to the story of Mahnoor, Haadi & Uzma, & more than that we were looking forward to see the ending the character of Mahnoor will get, but ever since Amna Nawaz Khan took over as a writer, her confusion, her cluelessness & the loss of direction is seen all over this drama especially after the 20th episode mark. It is so obvious that Khalil ur Rehman Qamar wrote this drama while making the characters of Mahnoor, Haadi & Uzma the focal point of the story but when he decided to leave, Amna Nawaz Khan failed to understand his thought process & thought that she will be able to pull it off by continuing the drama as a writer, but she failed miserably & I repeat, she failed miserably. Amna Nawaz Khan all of a sudden brought the side characters of Anoushay, Anoushay’s Daadi, Gaiti, Mehtab, Aftab & Waqar in the limelight, while completely forgetting the fact that the story was never about them & it was about entirely different characters & the purpose of the drama was never to show the politics within the family of politicians or it was never to show how lifeless, spoiled & batameez an immature girl like Anoushay can be. Amna Nawaz Khan thought that she will be able to pull this drama off as a writer by pushing the main characters in the background but she was sadly mistaken!!!

Mahnoor spoke to Waqar & everytime I see Mahnoor making an attempt to arrange her temporary Nikkah makes me laugh out loud at her pathetic-ness & desperation. Mahnoor still fails to see that she is not a victim in this situation but just because Haadi lacks some backbone & Aneena’s mind is too tangled up in her own philosophy that both of them fail to knock some sense into her mind that it is not Mahnoor who is the victim here, in fact she has victimized everyone around her. Mahnoor conveniently blamed Haadi & even Aneesa for being rude & for not being considerate enough but then has she ever thought about the fact that what did she do when they were considerate & when they loved her? Haadi reacted like Haider for a second & I thought finally he has reached his limit & will make a decision now but his mind got diverted seeing the plate of confectioneries that he forget about all of his problems!

Uzma’s philosophy about love is firstly something that I don’t agree with & it was so lame that I rolled my eyes so hard that they’re hurting now. I don’t think I have ever rolled my eyes while watching any drama as much as I have done while watching Zara Yaad Kar because it is quite amusing & lame at the same time that the dialogue writer, whoever he or she may be has relied so much on the falsafa that even the falsafa itself is confused about the falsafa that it churns out. Time & again we are told that Haadi loves Mahnoor, that is why he is putting up with everything but then I guess the writers of Zara Yaad Kar have forgotten that love brings happiness with it & any love that doesn’t make the one in love happy, then the love dies quickly & as we see Haadi is not happy with Mahnoor & the way she treats him like a doormat doesn’t make him happy either, so where is this love shove coming from bhai???

This episode was just a waste of time & the preview of the next episode left me baffled & infuriated because it suggested that the drama is not going to end next week too. I am not sure what has gone into the heads of HUM Channel’s heads because it looks like even they are unable to deal with this torture & their lack of interest in this project is evident because looks like Sanam is replacing it next week. I am not sure what is happening because if this is what they had to do, then why didn’t they cut this drama short & ended it this week? The story, the characters & the purpose of this drama is something that is lost & is not making much sense, but the way HUM TV is dealing with this project shows that even they are not interested in this drama anymore. I am not sure when is it ending because I was told that 27th episode will be the last one but it doesn’t seem to be the case. I so wish they had ended this drama today because there is practically nothing left in this drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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