Zara Maaf Kar Episode 27 – Maaf Kar Do!!!

Ohkay so, this episode was another filler & I am still not understanding where the director should be working towards wrapping up the story, she is dragging everything & focusing on all those aspects which hold no importance in the eyes of the viewers because they weren’t the reason why people started watching this drama in the first place. I guess the director wants to push people to the limit & she wants to make sure that when the drama ends, no one else is watching this drama except her & she wants to enjoy it exclusively, that is why this drama is being dragged by the director to test the patience of its viewers. I swear, I am so disappointed in Amna Nawaz Khan that I just can’t explain. I now know that she is aiming to touch the 30 episode mark which is actually quite immature for a director of her stature who has tackled some amazing projects in the past with a lot of intelligence. Seriously, 30 episodes for ‘this’, I’m speechless!!!

Gaiti & Mehtab’s scene was so long & boring that even after I got over with a task of editing & arranging my Eid pictures, that scene was still going on. I just don’t understand that we, as viewers, who have no experience in the drama-making can tell that things have gone off-track, then how come the director who has been in this business can not really see that this drama is not working for people anymore? Where’s her experience? Where’s her intelligence? Where’s her insight? What is the point & what’s the motive behind dragging this drama? It is most certainly not chipping in the ratings & is not liked by the viewers at this stage, so why is she dragging Zara Yaad Kar & trying to turn it into a black spot of her career? I seriously have noooo interest in Gaiti & Mehtab’s family politics & their personal war. I am sure Gaiti will end up dying & it will be Mehtab & Aftab’s doing, that is why she got a closure with Waqar in this episode because the director didn’t want to keep that thing unresolved. Gaiti is a politician (?) but it looked like she became a politician out of fluke because her main focus was on getting Waqar & his love, so now when that is out of the picture, I am sure her motivation to live will die too!!!

Accha jee Anoushay ke abba jaan dunya-e-faani se kooch kar gaye, to hum kya karain? Qul parhain?
Like seriously, this is the amount of indifference that I have towards Anoushay, her Dad & her Naani or Daadi or whatever. I find it so so so so annoying that the director had made Haadi an important part of Anoushay’s family problems where her Granny is discussing their personal issues with him & he is giving them the utmost attention as if he has no other things to do or no Halala to tend to? Seriously, Haadi is seen all over the place, sorting other people’s messes while his own life is a mess in itself, so why doesn’t he give attention to his own life? The entire conversation about Anoushay & her step-brother & the distribution of the wealth & Waqar’s interest in Anoushay’s wealth was so unnecessary, like I don’t care about Anoushay’s character, so does the director really think that I will be bothered about how much money she will get & what her life with Waqar is going to be like???

May be even till the last episode, I was interested to see the fate that Mahnoor will meet but this episode put a kibosh on that aspect too because things have been dragged so much that they don’t interest me anymore. Mahnoor rants, Haadi listens, Aneesa taunts, Mahnoor yells, Haadi drives & Aneesa philosophies & that’s all there’s to it. This track should’ve been wrapped ages like million years ago but looks like dinosaurs got extinct but these guys survived due to their high level of intelligence (yes, I am taunting them hard)!

Haadi is once again concerned about Uzma’s marriage to Fahad, bhai tumhe kya lena dena hai??? Apne kaam se kaam rakho or should I say, apne halala se halala rakho. Haadi should just leave Uzma alone & let her get married to Fahad because he is far better than you Mr. Haadi or should I say, there’s no comparison. Anyways, I want this black spot to end ASAP & please let me know if there’s any news on the social media about its ending!!!

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