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Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 02!

Zara Yaad Kar

Zara Yaad Kar

Ohkay so, honestly speaking I am not thrilled by what they have shown us so far & that is why I am not feeling this drama at all. Yes, it is good that things are a bit too simple but the story & the characters should’ve had more depth. May be I am judging it a bit too quickly as it was just the 2nd episode but as clichéd as it sounds, first impression actually is the last impression. I so hope that the team of Zara Yaad Kar goes out of the way to prove that proverb wrong though!!!

Uzma…ye Indo-Pak partition se pehle ki heroine 2016 mai kahan se nazil ho gain? Ohkay, let’s give it to her that she is a simpleton who has only dreamed of getting married & doing khidmat of her sartaaj, but I really think they will fail in justifying the reason why Uzma fell for Haadi; a married man in the first place? May be she doesn’t have much to do in her life & she doesn’t have an exposure & access to the outer world, that is why, the moment she saw a man or to be more precise ‘any’ man, she thought it was her HAQ to fall in love with him, irrespective of what his marital status is because honestly speaking, if a girl isn’t desperate, she will no where in her right state of mind’d fall for a guy who is already married & can’t stop speaking about how much he loves his wife. All this while we were given the impression that Uzma is so simple that she often refers to roti as chochi, but after this episode & all the passes she made at Haadi, I can say that Uzma itni seedhi bhi nai hai bhai, tacts pure atay hain banday ki attention grab karne ke waisay. I feel the Haadi/Uzma scene in the initial part of the episode was way too long, stretched & to some extent boring as well, it seriously looked like they were trying very very hard to convey that they both have some sort of chemistry going on but to me they both looked more like a bara bhai being looked after by his acchi wali choti behan. Also, not to forget the timing of their dialogue delivery was wrong & those pauses were awkward too!

Haadi, I most certainly do not understand that in stead of getting fed by a complete stranger, whose hand-made food is najaiz for you, why wouldn’t you honestly tell your wife that your body was aching & you needed her the most? What’s with this formality with your wife when you are just about to get married to her that you’d let a na-mehram feed you & take care of you but you won’t bother telling your wife about how serious your condition is? Yes, I agree, Haadi knows that Mahnoor won’t give him the attention & wouldn’t show the consideration she should at such a time but at least, sharing what he was going through with Mahnoor wouldn’t have harmed him. I guess, Haadi goes out of the way to make Mahnoor feel that she shouldn’t worry herself out in the matters concerning Haadi, that is why Mahnoor has become sort of aloof to his needs at times like these & that is only because of Haadi himself. Yes, I know Mahnoor on her own is quite immature but the way Haadi doesn’t rely on her & devoid her from attaining the sense of responsibility is basically his own mistake. He might think that this is healthy for their relationship but he is actually missing the point that at times like these, to let your spouse know how much you need her is more important because that will make her go out of the way for you. I think Mahnoor acts that way because Haadi has kept her in a bubble & doesn’t even tell what he goes through emotionally which somehow makes her look bad for being a bit indifferent to him but how will she connect to him when she herself doesn’t know what he is going through? I think all the things that Mahnoor said about Haadi being ‘shair & mard ka bacha’ only went to show that Haadi has never told her about his inner most feelings & she doesn’t know him in & out, that is why she thinks it’s ohkay to assume whatever comes to her mind about Haadi.

Even though Haadi has been making some wrong choices, Mahnoor is partially at fault too because even when she got to see how bad Haadi’s condition was, she continued with her taunts regarding how he got help from Uzma, whereas she was never heard saying a word about how, from now on, he should rely solely on her for any & everything as she was more than willing to take care of her husband. Mahnoor fails to understand the intricacy of this relation & the patience & attention it requires because her mind is too pre-occupied with thoughts about nominal things that she doesn’t think about the more important things & bigger problems.

Oh well, it was quite obvious that Mahnoor has bigger rather materialistic dreams in regards to her future but I so didn’t wish for her to be so typical. I knew that her attitude would change over time when she will start seeing Waqar as a better option but that day came too soon because she got to see Waqar’s home & all the ‘material’ that it contained. I must say for a guy who comes from a village that too on a sifarishi job as a teacher, his house was a bit too luxurious but yes, the way he spoke about his servant working at his ‘zameenain’ went to show that Waqar has a sound background & these facts about Waqar will automatically draw Mahnoor towards him. I knew the entry into Waqar’s personal space would change the way she speaks to Waqar but I didn’t know she will get so comfortable to be taking rides from him to her office so soon!

I so hope that the politician (please help me with his name) has something more to offer to the story because going by what they have shown so far, he will only act as a base for another female character’s entry who will come to Pakistan to learn Urdu from Waqar. I have a feeling that we’ll be getting to see an awkward triangle between the politician’s daughter, Waqar & Mahnoor, but let’s hope things aren’t so predictable.

Overall, this episode wasn’t too impressive may be because the characters are a bit too simple & they are acting quite typically as well but I still am going to give this drama a chance in a hope that they will change the way I feel about it & will give us something different out of a story that seems a bit too predictable for now. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

PS: I think I really need to talk about this Chai Mix named ‘Dostea’. I saw its advert a couple of days ago & my initial thoughts were that it must be a promo of some upcoming drama which will revolve around the wedding theme, more like Ainne ki Baarat sort of stuff but I was actually disappointed to see so many people becoming JUMPING JACKS because of a product & it being only an advert & quite annoying & loud at that too? What sort of a marketing strategy & planning is this? Who comes up with these hideous ideas that pack an unnecessarily large number of people in a room, make them dance like lunatics clad in extra heavy & super expensive dresses & that will help in selling their product out. Let me be the first to burst their bubble – Dear team of Dostea, no one will buy your product with the fear of getting a psychotic attack triggered by drinking your Chai Mix because no sane person would do that & Dear HUM TV (& other channels if concerned) please shorten the length of this headache provoker & the most annoying advert ever made in the history of Pakistan Television!!! I wonder where the creative people are & why are they not being hired by these companies. Bas nachwa lo paglon ki tarhaan aur samjho ke product bikk jayega. Tarang pehle kam tha na jo abb ye bhi aa gaye hain! Phew!!! I am so ticked off & annoyed that I can’t tell!

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