Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, mera matlab hai ‘accha jee’, this episode of Zara Yaad Kar made some progress but sadly the progress was not related to the story & rather it revolved around the progress that the characters made in terms of changing their perspective, priorities & thinking.

So, in front of Waqar, Mahnoor has failed to acknowledge the fact that she is married & she is making a point that she has nothing to do with Haadi. I must say, I feel disgusted to see a character like Mahnoor treating Nikkah as such a nominal thing. She is married but she is acting like a teenager who got infatuated with someone for the first time in her life & would do anything to grab the attention of the guy she has a crush on, but if only her relation with Haadi wasn’t such a sacred commitment because the way she is insulting it & reducing its value is nothing but disgusting. I really don’t understand what Mahnoor has seen in a guy like Waqar that she is ready to forsake her Nikkah for him. He hasn’t made any promises yet & he hasn’t even confessed his feelings, so what has gotten into her head? For Mahnoor, Waqar was just a shareef guy next door so I don’t really understand what did he do that now she is taking such a huge step of calling off her wedding because of him? As far as I remember, all Waqar did was compliment her for her beauty & that’s about it, how did she start seeing him as someone compatible to her or as someone who was an ideal partner for her? Is she really that stupid or desperate, well, either way she is annoying & one of the worst characters I have seen!

Mahnoor’s mother can see everything that is going wrong but she isn’t taking charge of the situation. She has started probing on Waqar & has subtly rebuked Mahnoor too but she needs to take a firm stand & tell Waqar to leave Mahnoor alone. Waqar’s servant told her his own story & that frightened her even more because she could see that there might come a time when she will have to go to Haadi as well in order to apologize on behalf of what Mahnoor has done to him.

So, Haadi has officially started counselling sessions & his personal counselor is none other than Ms. Uzma, who happens to be in love with him. For Haadi, he thinks sharing his problems with Uzma is the right thing to do because she will be able to help him understand women’s psyche better & Uzma hopped on board to lend her expertise to Mr. Haadi. I really don’t understand, Haadi knows that Uzma loves him & she has shamelessly spoken about it time & again too, so why doesn’t that thing make him awkward in front of Uzma at all? He can already see that Uzma is pretty serious about him & there he is sharing all the problems with her so that she can put it in his subconscious mind that Mahnoor is not the one for him. Yes, Mahnoor is pushing Haadi away from herself but being married to her, isn’t it important for Haadi to have a one-on-one conversation with her minus the falsafa & tell her directly about the things that have been bothering him & also ask about the things that have been on her mind too, because hello, that’s how husband & wife are supposed to work their differences out in stead of resorting to landlord’s daughter who loves you & also resorting to your mother-in-law who can do nothing for you & in Mahnoor’s case, resorting to your weird sa neighbor because you are too desperado. I find it funny that ever since Mahnoor & Haadi had a tiff, Haadi stopped talking to her at all & then he expects Mahnoor to be understanding, whereas he himself is acting like an immature kid who needs pampering.

Thanks to Ms. Counselor Uzma, Haadi has understood what the true meaning of love is, which is funny. Uzma told him to do everything that he will never do & this made him understand that all this while, he was loving Mahnoor the wrong way? Haadi grew a bone & allowed Mahnoor to take free rides from Waqar, which means he is trying to test her love & more than that, he also knows that this move could potentially mean the end of their relationship but more than being a realistic decision this is a decision that he has made in a great hope that ‘may be’ his wife will return to him? Sigh! All this while, in Mahnoor-Haadi relationship, I was taking Haadi to be the one having some sanity & sensibility, but nope, he proved me wrong!

Anyways, I must say I find it quite odd that Ikhtiyaar Sahab doesn’t see anything odd about how Uzma keeps on chanting Haadi’s name day & night. He was actually proud of the fact that his daughter was full of motherly instincts that she delayed going to college in order to make Haadi a breakfast? I guess being a single father, Ikhtiyaar Sahab is either too naive or too cool to be unable to see the feelings his daughter has for Haadi & to be allowing her to take care of Haadi as if she is related to him! Well, I must say, Haadi should bid Mahnoor good bye because he is now going by Uzma’s suggestions & because of that, he has allowed his ego to take over & that is why in stead of fixing things himself, he has left everything to run its course thinking that the result will be in his favor but he is gravely mistaken.

Well, if this is how Waqar is going to teach Urdu to Gaitiara then I am not going to take a chance & watch their scenes, not because they were slow & boring but because I am feeling threatened that I might forget my Urdu too, despite scoring high marks in the subject throughout my school life. Well, the way Waqar reacted to Mahnoor’s call in Gaitiara’s presence & the things he said to her in the preview of the next episode made it clear that Mahnoor means nothing to him. He is just saying the things he knows Mahnoor wants to hear & he most certainly doesn’t have any strings attached. He is in other words, helping her come out of the relationship that she has grown out of on her own & when that will happen, he himself will easily back out because since day one, he hasn’t made any promises to her. Waqar is only saying what Mahnoor wants to hear & that’s about it. Also, I must say I find it quite bizarre that being a working woman & being confident enough to step outside of the vicinity of her home, Mahnoor is too scared to commute to her office & her partner remains an ideal partner till he gives her a pick & drop service because the moment he will falter, she will find another guy who will be rendering the pick & drop service to her!!!

Overall, this episode was strictly ohkay. The conversations have so much of falsafa that half of my time goes by in wrapping my head around what is being said & that isn’t because KRQ’s dialogues are out of my league, but it is because that the story & the script on their own are so simple & predictable, that I am left wondering if there was a need to add such bhari bharkam dialogues in the situations that lack substance in the first place. Yumna Zaidi acted nicely in this episode but somehow I am not feeling the character of Uzma at all. She is a nice simple girl who is in love with a married man & that’s about it. There’s nothing that she’ll say or no advice that she’ll give that will change my opinion about her at all. Yes, it has been made clear since day one that she is compatible with Haadi & eventually they both will end up together, so yes, till now things have been so transparent & predictable that there’s no charm in the drama & I am not sure if that will change in the future either. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar, or should I say, baraye meherbaani appni raye is episode ke baray mai zaroor bataiyega.

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