Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, this episode showed some slight progress in the story. Even though this episode was slow, I found it justified considering how they needed some time to show the different emotional states that Haadi was going through, however I feel like Uzma got a lot of unnecessary screen-time & half of the things she said didn’t leave an impact as much as they should have.

Mahnoor got the answer from Waqar that she was waiting for. I think Waqar doesn’t believe in wasting time. I thought he’d actually wait for Gaitiara’s confession & might as well back out from the commitment that Mahnoor thought he made but he didn’t do anything of that sort because in my opinion, he doesn’t respect his relationship with Mahnoor at all, because if he had an iota of respect for this relationship & also for Mahnoor, he wouldn’t have said all those things to Gaitiara just the night before when he finally decided to propose Mahnoor. I think just like for Mahnoor, her relationship with Haadi didn’t carry much importance, similarly, for Waqar, his relationship with Mahnoor doesn’t carry much importance too & I say that because even when Mahnoor tagged Waqar along to do the paperwork required to proceed with her divorce, Waqar spoke to Gaitiara eagerly & stealthily. If Waqar had respected Mahnoor (which she obviously isn’t entitled to), he would’ve told her straight away about who this special student of his was, what she was like & how she might have fallen in love with him because this is exactly what Haadi did when he received a confession letter from Uzma.

Once again, there was a lot of focus on ‘mard & mard ka bacha’ bit but I am sure the writer here has tried to use this terminology in sarcasm because usually people attribute egoism & unnecessary display of anger & authority to define the traits a man should & must possess. By showing a ‘man’ like Haadi, the writer here is trying to convey that this is what a man can be like, who has nothing to do with ego & who believes in granting people their wishes even if it means crushing their own dreams & walking over their desires, which most of times doesn’t favor a man like Haadi but there is nothing wrong in being like that. People aren’t familiar with these sort of ‘mard’ & don’t usually come across men like Haadi too, that is why Aneesa kept on telling him to do things he doesn’t believe in like slapping Mahnoor, just in order to prove his manliness, which once again he never resorted to as he knows & has this sense of self-affirmation that he doesn’t need to do all this to prove that he has some authority & power to rule over a female just because he is a male & has to go by the mindset that the society endorses. This is also one of the reasons why Mahnoor never saw Haadi as a man, just because he forgave her mistakes & had the courage to apologize for the things he never was responsible for, Mahnoor thought he wasn’t an ideal ‘man’ because he was too cowardly & gentle, that is why when she saw Waqar, she assumed that he was a perfect man that she was waiting for all her life & deserved to be with. Mahnoor will find out soon enough that Haadi was more a man than Waqar is because being a man can also mean being honest, sincere & kindhearted, which Waqar definitely is not & Haadi is!

I must say, for a father of an only child & daughter at that, Ikhtiyaar Sahab is a bit too cool-headed & relaxed. He now understands the feelings Uzma has or even if he doesn’t understand, he most certainly doesn’t mind seeing how his daughter takes care of the one she cooks for. However, I must say I like the relationship that Ikhtiyaar Sahab & Uzma share & it won’t be too long when Haadi will join their little family too as Ikhtiyar doesn’t seem to mind the feelings Uzma has for him.

Honestly speaking, throughout this episode I couldn’t stop thinking how things will change from now onward & how the lives of both Mahnoor & Haadi will be reversed. Haadi is going through a heart-break & has suffered enough pain but he will understand that everything happens for a reason & there will come a time in his life when he will thank Mahnoor for walking out of his life. Where Haadi’s life will take a U-turn for the better, Mahnoor life will also take a U-turn but for the worse as she has unknowingly driven herself to hell. She thinks just because Haadi walked out of her life quietly, she has scored a big win but she is a fool to believe that things will be smoother & easier Just like Waqar said ‘1 mahine ki mohabbat’ forced Mahnoor to take such a huge step, so she definitely is in for a ride & will see her worst nightmares materializing & things slipping away from her hands no matter how hard she will try to hold onto them. I am sure the way Mahnoor has insulted the love Haadi had for her, Waqar will insult the love Mahnoor has for him too. The way Mahnoor has hurt Haadi’s feelings, Waqar will hurt her feelings too. Also, I am sure the way Mahnoor two-timed on Haadi, Waqar will two-time on her too with Gaitiara & I can’t wait to see how she will be left alone & miserable.

Overall, this was a decent episode but a bit on the slower side. I like Haadi for the honesty he endorses & displays no matter how dire the situation is. I feel bad for Aneesa because she knows that things have messed up big time & she can not undo any of that. I am glad that they have used the first 10 episodes to reach the game changer & now we’re stepping into the second phase of the story where the roles will be reversed. Let’s see what do they have in store for us. Please share your say about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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