Zhalay Opens Up About Her Comparison With Priyanka Chopra

Zhalay Sarhadi is an amazing actress who has done numerous hit plays, her play “Rang Laga” with Faysal Quraishi was adored by the fans. Zhalay also worked in feature film Jalebi. The gorgeous actress is always compared with popular Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. This time again, when she was invited in Timeout with Ahsan Khan, she had to face Ahsan’s compliment that her face resembles with Priyanka Chopra. Zhalay Opens Up About Her Comparison With Priyanka ChopraTo Ahsan Khan’s compliment,”Why you looking like Priyanka Chopra to me?”, Zhalay first replied with sarcasm and said, “Ahsan Why are you looking like Adatya Pancholi”. Zhalay further added, “well, Priyanka Chopra is pretty, I don’t want to look like someone, I have my own identity, I m a big fan of her, I have to face this since I have come into the industry, one Indian publication has even published that I am Priyanka chopra’s body double”. She said that not only this, she has to face it somehow. She said that people even come to me and tell her that she resemble a with “So and So”, a random guy, she said that such compliments are always weird.Here is the video.Actress Amna Ilyas also took side of Zhalay Sarhadi and said that she also has to face it more often and her comparison is done with different people, some say that she looks like Zara Sheikh and some say that she resembles with a guy of the industry, “They say, I resemble with Mohsin Abbas Haider, even if they will say that I resemble with Ahsan Khan, I would mind, why they are comparing me with men”, added Amna. What do you guys think about Zhalay and Priyanka’s resemblance.Zhalay Opens Up About Her Comparison With Priyanka Chopra


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