Zidd – Episode 14!

I just hope with this latest development in the story, they are trying to wrap up the drama because we’re no more in a mood to see more such baseless adventures of Saman. To be honest, the way Saman is stuck on Zainab really makes me question her mental capability because no sane person in the world would like to waste even a second with such a lunatic. Zainab has lost direction & purpose of her life & Saman isn’t helping her at all. She is just going with the flow & if she really thinks she’d be able to help Zainab by being with her then she’s sadly or rather idiotically mistaken.

It just took a week’s time for Zainab to snap out of grief of losing Micheal & Saman still seemed ohkay with it. I just don’t understand what’s going through her mind. Like yeah, they’ve given enough coverage to her zidd & oh another word that got introduced for her zidd in this episode was hadh dharmi, so yep, when they’ve shown us plenty of times what Saman is doing is wrong, they have completely forgotten to show the reasons as to ‘why’ she is doing all this. Yes, we all know she is stubborn but then what’s running through her tiny brain because every single time I see her dwelled into deepest thoughts, so care to share what thoughts are crossing your mind missy because the silence is boggling our minds & boiling our blood.

Can someone please tell why Qasim is so fixated with Saman? Well for starters, he’s completely gone mad because at one hand he is planning a big fat desi wedding for Rukhi & David & on the other hand he still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that her daughter’s already married to a gora. Why would a father do all that for his daughter when he isn’t happy with her choice & ohkay, if he is already doing it then why is he unhappy? Apart from Rukhi & David, the only person that matters or affects him the most is Saman but what for? I just don’t understand his incessant rants & rambles against her. Qasim really needs to get a life ASAP because if he continues to be like this, I wonder where he’ll end up.

I actually liked the way Omar took charge of the situation because as much as I might’ve disliked his character, I think that’s the only logical thing which was required to be done right now. He needs to break Saman’s stubbornness to bring her to the right path. To be honest, I was ready to take Saman as a headstrong, stubborn girl but I really didn’t think she would become so stupid that she’d hardly make sense when she’d speak. She says Omar never loved her, so can someone tell her that when she never really gave him a chance, how could he fall in love with her? She never really gave this marriage a chance to develop so the love word right now is out of question. For the sake of our sanity, I hope they finish this drama off ASAP where Saman understands Omar & they live happily ever after because we’ve been through a senseless & baseless ride already & I guess we’re done with it. Share your thoughts please.

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